MASTER SHEN-LONG | A Brief Explanation of the True Significance of Amitabha
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A Brief Explanation of the True Significance of Amitabha


In Chinese, “Ah-mi-tuo-fo,” or “Amitabha” in Sanskrit, the true significance in profundity and inconceivableness is measureless and boundless, infinite and unlimited. Today I shall take a cursory glance to disclose and demonstrate one or two aspects of it for the time being. “A (ah)” means infinite; it expresses all phenomena but does not produce it, it is the source of the truth. “Mita (mi-tuo)” means capacity or quantity, which means measureless of both sentient and non-sentient beings. “Bha (fo)” is our inherent enlightenment, supreme perfect enlightenment and enlightenment of inconceivableness; it represents great enlightened beings with thorough understanding of life of the universe and truth in reality, hence named as “Buddha.”

A person with the quality of Amitabha represents one who completely possesses infinite life, wisdom, compassion, brightness, and vow power, etc. immeasurable merits and virtues of which is the self-nature and title of all Buddha and all beings inherently; this also represents unique and superior Amitabha Pure Land and its title of the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss with myriad meritorious grandeur and stately Amitabha. Now, when we chant Amitabha, we chant our self-mita-nature simultaneously, and also chant the fundamental mind-nature of all Buddha and all sentient beings with neither producing nor annihilating, immovable and unchangeable; permanent and everlasting brightness covers everywhere. It is the supreme nirvana merit and enlightenment virtue, the Maha-Prajna (all-pervasive wisdom).

While chanting Amitabha you must concentrate your attention on the syllables of “Amitabha (Ah-mi-tuo-fo),” at the right tempo, your body and mind should be calm and composed. If you can pursue this unrelentingly and become well-versed in this skill, then you can definitely eradicate the unenlightened condition, to attain Chanting Amitabha Samadhi, knowing the time of your death, being the master of yourself to go and be born in Amitabha Pure Land and becoming a Buddha in whole completeness. Shakyamuni Buddha became Buddha by chanting Amitabha (see Buddha-dhyana-samadhisagara Sutra and Amitabha Sutra). All of the Buddha also became Buddha by chanting Amitabha.

The method of chanting Amitabha unifies and commands all Buddha teachings, and contains the vow powers of all Buddha; thus evidently the power of the forty-eight vows of Amitabha are beyond comprehension. Chanting Amitabha to becoming Buddha is inconceivable. All Buddha proclaim and praise the method of chanting Amitabha, and the forty-eight vows of Amitabha are eternal and inexhaustible; it is inconceivable. Thus, Tathagata of Vairocana praises Amitabha as the highest, most revered one of light, the king of all Buddha (see the Sutra of Infinite Life).

The method of chanting Amitabha is so marvelous and absolutely special, easy to practice and convenient to do at any time and place. To have the mind to chant Amitabha, you should make the vow sincerely to go and be born to Amitabha Pure Land and become Buddha, then return back on a merciful ferry to save all beings universally. This is the career of Tathagata; it is the life of normal human beings.

Wishing that all people, who see and hear this will all initiate the mind of bodhi (enlightened mind), it benefits yourself and also others, not only become self-enlightened but also you will help others to become enlightened.

From the above statements to attain through personal experience: “chanting Amitabha can result in becoming Amitabha”, that it is the most beneficial function of the supreme Prajna (wisdom), it is the indestructible Prajnaparamita (the perfection of wisdom).


Tai-Yi   Shen-Long

Xiao-Yao     Comprehended in the present







念佛法門統攝一切佛法,含容一切諸佛願力,如是可知彌陀四十八願不可思議!念佛成佛不可思議!諸佛宣說讚歎念佛法門及彌陀大願、窮劫不盡、不可思議!因此之故,毘盧遮那如來即讚歎【阿彌陀佛】乃光中極尊、佛中之王也 (出於無量壽經)!





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