MASTER SHEN-LONG | Chanting Amitabha In Whole Completeness To Become Buddha 念佛圓通
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Calligraphy by Master Shen-Long

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Chanting Amitabha in whole completeness to become Buddha


The Chapter of Chanting Amitabha in Whole Completeness to become Buddha by Da-Shi-Zhi (Mahasthamaparata) Bodhisattva

that is:

 The Supreme Teaching from above the Crown of the Great Buddha’s Head, on the Esoteric and Profound Cause of Tathagata, through Practicing Cultivation to Realize the Truth to become Buddha in All Disciplines of Salvation of Various Bodhisattva- Surangama Sutra


It is the full title of the《Surangama Sutra》. This intuitive certainty seals the truth of all Buddha, that is the origin of all living beings, the esoteric and profound of all things, the most unexcelled enlightenment above all enlightenment. To have mindfulness of the Buddha (Amitabha) and chant Amitabha, mindfulness and chanting into the truth, when mindfulness and chanting Amitabha without hindrance, one attains the state of Surangama, this kind of unexcelled nirvana merit and enlightenment virtue, who can truly conceive it! This is the understanding and viewing of Buddha, which is unknown to the other Nine states of existence (hell, hungry ghost, animal, human, Asura, Devas, Pratyekabuddha, Arhat and Bodhisattva). Only between Buddha can understand the key facts within, even some who have attained “the Absolute Universal Enlightenment Bodhisattva (Samyak-Sambodhi)” still have problems to thoroughly comprehend the nirvana merit and enlightenment virtue of chanting Amitabha method; never mind those people of functional teaching schools, Hinayana schools or common folks!


However, all living beings who chant Amitabha can become Buddha at this moment, this method of chanting Amitabha is above all other methods, the esoteric practice above all other practice, the core of the center core, ingeniousness above all others; and even the entire control of all gates to enlightenment, it is the unexcelled Dharani. It agrees with every moment to help all living beings; all Buddha praise it and all living beings rejoice. This is the king of all Buddha’s original vows, and an incomparable way of practicing the cultivation above the crown of Vairocana Buddha’s head too!


Presently in the age of degeneration and extermination of Buddha teaching, the will of people is confused; the living beings that slander the Buddha teaching are as many as the sands of the Ganges River. Especially for one who has slandered the method of chanting Amitabha, their sin will be punished in Avici Hell. Because of this, more people who are unaware end up in the realm of Hell, down to only a few with sincerity to chant Amitabha. Furthermore, one can practice in accordance with the steps of “faith, comprehension, cultivation and self-realization”, to attain superior quality to go and be born to Amitabha Pure Land, that is just as the feather of a phoenix and the horn of a unicorn; if there exists one, it is truly rare and hard to come across through the countless existence of world-periods!


Nevertheless, the ignorant and ordinary unenlightened man and woman can chant Amitabha to foresee the time to go and be born to Amitabha Pure Land before it happens; in past generations, all had this and the numbers were quite large. Up to the present, we heard it from time to time, moreover to see especially the apparent auspicious phenomena; those relatives and close next door neighbors who saw it with their own eyes, the range of influence of this leads us to deeply think about and reflect upon ourselves. Thus, making up their mind to chant Amitabha is far more than only just a few. When comparing between the accomplishments of this method to enlightenment (chanting Amitabha) with other schools’ methods, it far surpasses them.


However, the chanting and mindfulness of Amitabha are convenient and easy to do, covering all natural capacity of either superior, medium or inferior, and encompassing all people potentially sharp or slow. The key is to merely have your mind and concentrate attention in chanting and to make the vow to go and be born in the Pure Land of Amitabha. With this kind of faith and vow eternally unmoved, after a certain duration of time then your “delusional thought, discrimination, affliction and attachment” will all naturally disappear. In this life, you realize the self’s true colors immediately, or self-see Amitabha and are pre-marked with Buddha attainment in future by Amitabha, entering the omniscient ocean of perfect wisdom attained by Tathagata upon attaining Buddha-hood and have unlimited Transformation Bodies to help all common people in perfection! In regards to the self, you are having Bodhi (perfect wisdom) in perfection, and will help others eternally detach from the reincarnation of suffering. Benefiting both yourself and others, you and others are one and undivided.  This is simply because the name of Amitabha fulfills all, which is truly inconceivable!


And yet, looking back at this method of chanting Amitabha in whole completeness to become Buddha, you should follow the sincere mind and genuine practice of Da-Shi-Zhi (Mahasthamaparata) Bodhisattva:


To have mindfulness of the Buddha (Amitabha) and chant Amitabha, when this chanting efficacy is at the utmost degree, Amitabha manifests that which is to come and you surely see Amitabha.  


You shall universally encourage all living beings to execute the method of chanting Amitabha and mindfulness of Amitabha, to attain the state of unifying with Amitabha in mind for 24 hours without any distracting thoughts, or whole-heartedly concentrating without scattering. Then going and being born to the Amitabha Pure Land to attain one of the nine classes (divided into upper, middle and lower) in each of the three ranks (superior, medium and inferior), it will be desirable within the days. The three elements of “faith, pledged vows and practicing cultivation” are one pass operation. Since this is the case, then we should not fail to live up to our soul/spirit to pass on this enlightenment way of chanting Amitabha in whole completeness to become Buddha, to bear a heavy responsibility with a long road, to continue the teachings of all Buddha’s original cherished desires. This is all because of I, a sole unenlightened ordinary person with a sincere mind to accomplish; so-called when seeing one true and all is true, when one has enlightenment and one is enlightened in all; how could one dare to fool others!


The Buddhist Gatha:


Buddha teaching without someone to explain, although one has wisdom and still cannot comprehend it,


Buddha teaching without a person to realize the truth, one cannot detach from the suffering sea of birth and death;


The Buddha-Dhyana-Samadhisagara-Sutra states: all Buddha chant Amitabha,


Chanting Amitabha in whole completeness to become Buddha, all Buddha’s original cherished desires are free-flowing,


Eight religious schools and ten divisions of the Profound School, none of them exceed the method of chanting Amitabha,


The major objective of the Dharma-Flower Sutra and the Flower Adornment Sutra is guiding and turning towards the teaching of Amitabha Pure Land,


The amazing indestructible Buddha-nature in the Surangama Sutra even more confirms the Chapter of Chanting Amitabha in Whole Completeness to Become Buddha by the Great-Strength Bodhisattva (Mahasthamaparata),


The Tripitaka is categorized in three baskets (sermon collections, rules collection, and philosophical treaties collection) of 12 volumes, and still chanting Amitabha is the primary number one ingenious method to enlightenment.


Tai-Yi Shen-Long




                                                                        Praising at the Studio of Esoteric Spirit








偈曰: 佛法無人說,雖智莫能解,佛法無人證,難脫生死海,





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