MASTER SHEN-LONG | Eradication Of The Unenlightened Condition
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Eradication Of The Unenlightened Condition

Master Shen-Long, Eradication Of The Unenlightened Condition 破無明, 1999. Ink on xuan paper, 4.5 x 7 ft.

Explanation by Master Sheng-Long: 

Eradication has two meanings: (1) Precisely to fully understand the reality and truth of life in the universe and all kinds of everything. (2) By means of enlightenment power to personally realize your own endowed Buddha-nature and to achieve the purpose of becoming a Buddha in perfection, self-enlightenment and to enlighten others. 

The Unenlightened Conditions refers to the unknown; when you do not understand life in the universe and the truth of arising from conditional causation in myriad affairs and all things, this results in arising affliction to cause karmic-retribution, reincarnation in the round of mortality, and being unable to free yourself!

This painting presents “life in the universe” as a defiled world with afflictions, and the empty space in the middle expresses how enlightenment power can break through the darkness of reincarnation in the eternal cycle of birth and death. Immediately it can manifest the unlimited brightness of the true form of life as it is.  It symbolizes how after destroying afflictions, you can realize the truth of your inherent endowed Buddha-nature and eternal life, therefore the title is called “Eradication of the Unenlightened Conditions”!