MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 10
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 10

(Last week we ended with, “One is material things, and the other is spiritual things; so, you are afraid.” )


The Sixth Patriarch Hui-Neng, does he have any fears?

No more phenomena of “birth, aging, sickness or death”; he has nothing to fear.

How did he achieve it?

I repeat this again: His mind is not bound by any tie, so his mid initiated naturally and uses freely, regarding to all matters without attachment.

It is uneasy for us to achieve, it is extremely difficult especially for the modern generation.

How can we be without any attachments?

I need to apply for a job to make a living, “Do I not need to apply for work? Do I not need to look for a job?  I need to earn money.”

It all initiates from “I”, but the Sixth Patriarch has removed this “I”.

All of you think about it, after the removal of “I”, what is the “true I”?

The “true I” is a phenomenon of being the master of one’s self, it is to have perfect insight of being the master of one’s self.

The meaning of having perfect insight,is when all phenomena are under your scope of observation without hindrance.

To have perfect insightto explore and study Dhyana (Zen) is the same way. It is to be absent of the mind, idea, and consciousness; then you undergo an experience of what is the state of being unbound by any tie. This is called “exploring and studying Dhyana (Zen)”.

If your mind does not fully understand the theories and methods of Buddhism, to practice cultivation is wasted. The theory stated from the Diamond Sutra:

All conditioned phenomena are unreal and false. 

What is unreal and false? Everything is phenomena and all does not last.

Then what lasts? Being without attachment, delusional thought and discrimination. Letting go of all afflictions and worries, your body and mind recovereding pureness, equality, enlightenment and compassion; This is real. This is the “I”, my true-self. The external “I” is the unreal “I”.

Why? This body of ours is an unreal body, it will spoil. Let alone waiting until death to cremate and burn it off or rot. It is deteriorating now, the metabolism of our cells works around the clock, trying to make it stop and it will not stop. But one who has seen the true facts of the universe, or the person who has truly let go; their cells no longer have variation. Strangely, our body flesh will gradually become transparent.

Why does it become transparent? Because the germs inside do not have attachment.

All of you need to think, do you know why germs no longer have attachment?

It is because your notion of thinking has not pressured them to do things they do not want to do. Through the ages, no one has illustrated this clearly.

Why? Because that terminology had not been established yet unlike now.

You know the Sixth Patriarch’s enlightened eyesight can clearly see what the germs look like; but there was not any specific term to describe it.

Why? There was no terminology for it. Buddha states in one of his descriptions as “micro dust” which means “delicate dust or delicate micro-organisms” referring to germs.

When your body and mind let go and becomes unrestrained, germs and cells relax accordingly. After relaxing, amazingly there is no more sickness.

Why? Its abnormality has ceased. After the abnormality is gone, the phenomena of aging and sickness no longer exist.

In fact, if the spirit of the Sixth Patriarch had not left his body, the spirit would keep until now. Just like Shakyamuni Buddha, if his energy left his body he would not enter Nirvana. If it did not leave, he would continuously be.

Why did he leave then? Because he complies with mankind’s general belief that all people are supposed to die eventually. Therefore, he displays the same way as we are.

Why? If his performance is too extraordinary, then other people will say, “You are Buddha, the difference with us is too wide. It is no way for us practice cultivation like you.” So, he demonstrates the same as we are.

There are many intelligence beings in the universe beyond the earth who come to our world, but we have no awareness of them.

Why are we not aware? Because, they look the same as we do.

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(一)     無住和四智

(上星期講到:遇到很多事情覺得很恐怖,為什麼恐怖?怕失去:(一) 怕失去生命。(二) 怕失去你心裡面最執著的東西。一個是物質,一個是精神,你怕。)




這個難, 對我們而言;尤其對我們現代人太難。




















為什麼?他表現太特殊了,人家講: 你是佛,跟我們差別很大,我們沒有辦法修。他是示現跟我們一模一樣。



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