MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 107
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 107

(Last week we ended with, “Then let me tell you something, the moment our body and mind has purified of defiling illusion, with regards to all beings, a phenomenon will be discovered. It turns out that all beings are a Buddha or Bodhisattva. If you feel this way, congratulate yourself because it means that you have compliance with moral precepts.”)


The “discipline precepts” emphasize undiscriminating and no attachments.

Mentioned a moment ago:

The precepts of Hinayana: Reasoning over individual concrete phenomenon and is regardless of one’s mind thought.

The precepts of Mahayana:  Reasoning over one’s mind thought and is regardless of the phenomenon.

Regarding the “precepts of Mahayana”: If thoughts arise in the mind with greediness, aversion, ignorance, arrogance, or suspicion then one has broken the precepts. Therefore, it is hard to observe the “precepts of Bodhisattva”. If you are not a true Bodhisattva to ordain with the Bodhisattva Precepts, there exists fault. Now, do not dare to speak of one who can observe the Five Precepts (prohibition against killing, theft, excessive sexual misconduct, lying and intoxicating liquor). Myself, is unable to complete the “Five Precepts” and have no other choice but to chant Amitabha wholeheartedly.

The Great Master Ou-Yi (蕅益大師)stated at that time: ” After the Southern Song Dynasty, the authentic Bhiksu does not exist”. This indicates no one observes the Bhiksu precepts, no one can observe the Bhiksu Precepts.

His disciple Master Cheng-Shi declared, “I observe the Five Precepts, it must be observed completely”.

Now in our era, it is not possible to observe the Five Precepts fully, to observe one precept would have problems. Just to observe the precept of no greediness is impossible. As a result, all beings of this period of degeneration and extinction of the Buddha teaching, will obtain salvation by chanting Amitabha.

In the future, the Patriarch and the most virtuous one will manifest in our world just like us, and not have anything for how we conceive of compliance with precepts proficiently and rigorously. Of course, internally they have compliance with precepts proficiently and rigorously; however, the outward appearance they are easy going with all beings and with conditions exempting violation of the precept. One acts in accordance with the condition, absolutely not prim and proper to keep up the appearance to have a look; there is no such thing.

There is no one in our society now who has no pressure. Everyone has serious pressures.

Where is the pressure from? One does not observe the precepts.

Why does one not observe the precepts? One does not know what precept means.

We go to the ordination for the Refuges; have they explained clearly what precept means? No.

The “Precepts of Mahayana” refers to the pure radiance of self-nature.

The “Precepts of Hinayana” needs to complete respect-inspiring behaviors —it needs to complete 3,000 forms of respect-inspiring behaviors and 80,000 imperceptible practices of such behaviors.

Who can attain full observance?

Therefore, in this era, things need to be made easy, to observe the precepts need to suit to the condition. How? All beings chant (mindfulness of) Amitabha, to destroy “greed, aversion, ignorance, arrogance, suspicion”; this observes the precepts truly.

Why? In the head of all beings they only have Amitabha who represents being purified of defiling illusion, equality, radiance, compassion and being the master of oneself; this observes the precepts.  This is how it becomes.

The School of Esoteric Buddhism: Cultivates the bodily unity in the form of worship, oral unity in chanting, and mental unity in faith, then the three are in correspondence with Buddha; every thought moment must be maintained in this state; this is precept observance.

The Diamond Vehicle (Vajrayana): There is the Precepts of the Diamond Vehicle—it is the precept of inherent imperturbable stillness of self-nature as Surangama Samadhi.

School of Pure Land Buddhism: Chanting Amitabha, chants to “one-pointed concentration without scattering”, to attain the state of “one mind undisturbed in enlightenment” and the unenlightened condition has been eradicated; that is Surangama-Samadhi, the same.

School of Zen Buddhism: Exploration and the study through Zen meditation to achieve supreme enlightenment to attain the state of there is not a single thing originally, where can dust be provoked. It is the same.

The great Surangama-Samadhi observes the precepts until the state of pure and radiance, one does not have burden exist.

Our society bears burden so heavily, if cultivating oneself in right practice bears further burden, then that is too much. Why does burden become so much more? It is caused by one’s discrimination, attachment and erroneous thinking.

Therefore, we repeatedly explain these three phenomena:

Attachment is from “greed”

Discrimination is from “aversion”

Erroneous thinking is from “ignorance”

How about “false speech and intoxicating liquors”?

“False speech” refers to when the true situation is one way, one interprets another way. “False speech” is unrealistic and dishonest language which everyone violates 24 hours each day. For instance, where there is a matter that you do not like, you slack off and explain as one pleases. This is “false speech”. “False speech” is the same as the precept of theft. We violate this anytime and anywhere; this is the trouble. “False speech” will end up to the hell world and then the trouble is big.

Therefore, my feeling is that if you chant Amitabha sincerely, you will get full marks for the “Five Precepts”, then “false speech” will not happen and there will not be any violations. Also, you will not break the precept of theft. After removing “theft and false speech”, then “excessive sexual misconduct” will vanish.

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( ) 持戒波羅蜜

(上星期講到: 那我來講個事情,真正我們身心清淨的時候,對於一切眾生都會發現一個現象, 原來一切眾生都是佛菩薩。你要生出這種感覺,恭喜你,你有持戒。)













「小乘戒」是威儀具足 – 三千威儀,八萬細行要具足。



怎麼方便?眾生念一句佛號,「貪、瞋、痴、 慢、疑」打掉,這是真「守戒」。

為什麼?在眾生腦袋裡只有阿彌陀佛,它是清淨、平等、光明、慈悲、自在;守戒。是這樣來的。修密,「三密相應」,你要能念念「三密相應」,守戒。「金剛乘」有金剛戒,「金剛戒」是自性本定之戒 – 《首楞嚴》。淨土宗,念佛,念到「一心不亂」,得「理一心不亂」破無明了,是「首楞嚴三昧」,一樣。禪宗,「參禪」大徹大悟,「本來無一物,何處惹塵埃」,一樣。



所以這幾個禮拜反覆講了三個現象,執著 – 貪﹔分別 – 瞋﹔妄想 – 愚痴,就是這三個。




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