MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 11
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 11

(Last week we ended with, “There are many intelligence beings in the universe beyond the earth who come to our world, but we have no awareness of them. Why are we not aware? Because, they look the same as we do.”)


This so-called “intelligence being in the universe beyond the earth”, is precisely advanced science and technology.

Speaking of science and technology, what is high technology? It is having no attachments in mind, one can transform to whatever one wants to be. Furthermore, that transformation turns into benefiting all living beings. One will not act for oneself because one’s greed has already ceased.

Just like Amitabha building the Bliss World, how did he build it? He builds it with power of mindfulness.

How do we build our world? It was built brick by brick gradually, by delusional thoughts and attachments.

Amitabha builds the Blissed World not for his own usage, it is for the use of all living beings.

How to use? He is hoping that you go to an undefiled environment to recover your pure fundamental essence; it is as simple as that.

He uses his power of mindfulness. What sort of power of mindfulness? Infinite compassion and infinite mercy. He uses this power of mindfulness which exists the no-self “I”, and there only exists the “infinite I” and not the limited “I”.

If your mind expands gradually, after your mind capacity becomes more and more wide, your phenomena of “birth, aging, sickness and death” does not exist. People within your surroundings or who are related to you will also be affected.

Then in that case, I give an example of the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land:

Where is the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land? It is right here. It penetrates all materiality and spirituality of the universe. So long as there is life and space, it pervades all. Because it is the finest ion. When your mind is purified of defiling illusion to a certain extent, you can see its penetration through your mind and body.

How come we do not feel it?  It is extremely subtle.

Why? Our mind is too rough.

How rough? Every day we have too many delusional thoughts and attachments, therefore it is imperceptible. If you chant Amitabha with concentrated attention and seek no demand, then you will feel this.

The initial feeling, for instance, you will see light, feel your body refreshed, or see images of a Buddha Bodhisattva; this is only preliminary.

If you have severe desirous intentions, when you see light or some shapes or forms, it means that you are possessed. So-called “possessed” means you are being tormented, precisely is your greedy intention; would I see it again next time?  If you see it next time or every time, it means that your greedy intention is too strong.

If you are without any intentions, after seeing it your mind remains purified and without any fluctuation, then this is true and normal. If you can be relaxed today, regarding many matters without demand gradually you will understand the phenomena of life in the universe; this is known as “cultivation practice”. “Cultivation practice” is not merely worshiping Buddha or chanting Amitabha at home. No, that is only one of the methods.

What is the method of “practice cultivation”? It is practicing “activating your mind with arising thought”.

When you activate the mind, thought is aroused and then goes into action. This mind activation with arising thought continues daily from the past infinite existence of world periods until now. If you activate an enlightened mind with arising thought of enlightenment, then your energy of reincarnated birth and death from past infinite existence world-periods ceases. It is exactly the same as when the Sixth Patriarch saw his bright features of pure self-nature inherently. His phenomena of birth and death across infinite existence of world-periods ceased, and from that moment on he became the master of himself with pure body and pure mind.

People who come to listen to Sutra explaining, want nothing else but to have a bit of brightness (lucid) in mind. If a person has high wisdom, one would want the whole brightness not only a bit.

Wanting brightness is simple to achieve. The mind thought exists no darkness, that is brightness.

What does darkness refer to? It does not merely refer to “greed, resentment and ignorance”. I believe true darkness is the “attachment”, that is all.

To exist with many thoughts of “greed, resentment, ignorance”, or “killing, stealing, excessive lust attachment” does not matter, you must not hold on and not let it go; let it be. Just like boiling water, when you open the lid and see the bubbling water in the pot and how it rolls uncontrolledly, you struggle. There is no need, turn off the burner and then it stops. So, you need to understand how to use this manner.

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(一)     無住和四智







怎麼用? 希望你到這個沒有汚染的世界,恢復你沒有汚染的本體,就這麼簡單。
















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