MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 115
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 115

(Last week we ended with, “How come? A baby is a human also. A person returns to this life, and one used to have this habit in the past. All performances of the parents, brothers or sisters enter the baby’s head.”)


As previously mentioned, there is strong conflict, everyone has dissatisfaction, and all want to strive for relative superiority. Because of this, the child is influenced imperceptibly. After becoming influenced if one has wisdom they will not drift with the tide. If one does not have wisdom, then one will just echo what other people say. Since childhood, one is influenced by their parent’s way of thinking and behaviors. Going to school in the future, one is influenced by the school. In the future entering the society again one will be influenced by the society. In the future, after a person is grown, they will be influenced by the country and finally by self-influences. Then there is a problem, if everyone is like this there is no channel for everyone to communicate. Why? Everyone is self-inferior and further leads to arrogance, or one is over-proud of oneself that leads to inner self-inferiority; this is for sure.

Why? Because one has not seen the true facts about the universe, so one surely has the feeling of inferiority. A long time with feeling inferior, it seems strange that people are in competition between each other, then one arises with arrogance. This is the phenomena of our lives, regardless the individual, the country, or the entire human race there exists these two phenomena.

Humans refer to the Chinese character “人” with one left-slanting downward brush stoke representing feeling inferior and a stoke to the right representing arrogance. One lives in this world and is under great pressure. After finishing work acting feeling inferior and highly thinking of oneself, returning home one still needs to act with family members. After the performance, one acts with oneself while sleeping at night. Feeling inferior and arrogant stirring every day without end.

Just talking about a child being born, one’s previous life was already influenced with feeling inferior and being arrogant. For instance, we talked about the influence of 50%, this life continues to be influenced 100%. Some even exceeds 200%, 300%, or 1000%. Looking at those historical characters of East and West in our world, the leaders are the so-called tyrants, and they all have excessive inferiority and arrogance. Again, to look at these so-called great men, so called ruler with a clear brain, they all have one phenomenon, precisely they covered and concealed all their feelings of inferiority and arrogance. A better one does self-introspection. The not so good ones, it becomes the pressure of one’s daily life. People under them as either a subordinate staff or citizens are uncomfortable. Therefore, we need to start from the structure of humanity and the nation, down to a personal dream at night, none is inseparable from inferiority and arrogance.

How does it become this way? Precisely because of the first, under the impression there is unevenness in the universe, always feeling others are being unfair to this “self-I” or that these people should listen to me. In any event, this is an extreme polarization.

I rarely see individual edified by contact with high morals or great learning. I have probably seen one in this life who is truly in harmony with the rest of the world. This so-called “being in harmony with the rest of the world” is not the same as a hermit who lives in seclusion from society as stated in Chinese biography. He works in the same society and gets along with everyone, but his mind is very peaceful and harmonious.

 I asked him: “How to achieve this peace and harmony?”

He says: “It is quite simple. Others battle and I do not. Others might think it is insulting, I do not think that way.”

I say: “This is marvelous, it is obviously an insult, how can you think it is not an insult?”

He then analyzed it for me, and he said: “First, who insults you?”

Nice words, I said: “There is clearly someone who scolds you over there and talks about you there; how can you say there has nobody?”

He says: “This requires wisdom. Humans are a combination of cells, metabolizes daily, going through four inevitable stages (birth, aged, sickness and death) daily; where is a person there?”

Of course, you need to have the wisdom ability to understand what he is saying. He is talking about: If we remove all the cells, the human flesh will be rotted and scattered. After analyzing the bone, grind it down, there will be nothing left. Just like a car, grouping all parts together is a car. When disassembling it by taking away the wheels, axel, doors, instruments, and engine, how can it be called as a “car”? People are the same, people are like a car. After removing the head, four limbs, the cells and bones, where is the person? He is using this method, this is his primary.

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(八)  忍辱波羅蜜

(上星期講到: 為什麼?他也是人。人轉世,過去生他有這個習慣。父母、兄弟、姊妹在他面前的表現,全部都輸入他的腦袋了。)


剛剛講過這時代 – 鬥爭堅固,每人都是不平,都要爭高下。因為不平、爭高下,小孩子無形中就薰陶。薰陶以後,如果有智慧,他不會隨波逐流。他如果沒有智慧 – 人云亦云。從小受到父母的思想行為的影響,將來上學就受到學校的影響,將來社會又受社會影響,將來大了受國家的影響,最後自己影響自己。就形成了一個問題,每個人如果都這樣,每個人溝通的管道就沒有了。為什麼?每個人都是自卑而自大,自大而自卑,一定的。



剛講出生的小孩,前生就是薰陶到了自卑、自大。大概譬如我們講薰陶了百分之五十,這一生繼續薰,搞到百分之百。有的甚至超過了,百分之兩百、三百,百分之一千。看歷代的這些歷史人物,我們世界上東方、西方這些歷史人物,上面領導者所謂暴君,全部都是過頭的自卑、自大。再看這些所謂的偉人,所謂腦筋清楚的執政者,都有一個現象,就是所有自卑、自大,他把它蓋起來,隱藏起來。好一點的,他自我反省。如果不好的,變成他每天生活的壓力,在他屬下、做國民的人就難受了。所以要從大的,從人類、國家架構,講到個人晚上作夢,離不開自卑跟自大。怎麼來的?就是因為認為宇宙當中有不平,老是覺得人家對不起「我」,這是第一;或者是這些人都應該聽我的。反正就是這極端 – 兩極化。









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