MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 116
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 116

(Last week we ended with, “When disassembling it by taking away the wheels, axel, doors, instruments, and engine, how can it be called as a “car”? People are the same, people are like a car. After removing the head, four limbs, the cells and bones, where is the person? He is using this method; this is his primary.”)

A further step in thought about the human soul, to which he said: “It is also unreal. An ordinary person cannot see it clearly. It is not easy for an ordinary person to see. An ordinary person, if you ask him if there is a soul? One thinks about it but cannot figure it out. “ 

An average person talks about the “self-I” and it refers to a concept of “self-I”. For instance: 

You ask a person: “Where did you go today?” 

He replies: “I was here or there. This “I” is a concept – abstraction. The soul is also an abstraction. Once the abstraction is analyzed, it is entirely the attachment of humans. Therefore, the theory of “I” is no longer established, others and I are un-established, then who insults you?” 

            But I say: “Obviously I hear there is a scolding noise.”

He replies: “After you analyze the noise it turns into a wave. After the wave has ended, nothing exists, just like air. The scolding content is like music with the ups and downs of sounds with the phenomena of arising and ceasing.” 

This is smart and means that he has wisdom. His worldly wisdom is near enlightenment, but not yet. When you are truly enlightened, you see that it really does not exist. But he is not, and it is just the accumulation of his life experiences. He explained that after a few years of practice, he has a good balance in mind regardless of how others criticize, praise or pick on him. His mind gradually relaxes. 

After relaxed, he said: “The pressure is reduced. The  most apparent phenomenon – I sleep well. Working hard every day without feeling tired, going home with my family is also very pleasant. I sleep through the night, before that I had to set an alarm clock, but now I do not worry. Thinking about getting up at 6:00 I get up automatically. Sleeping gets shorter.  Although sleeping hours have shortened, I still must sleep for about 2 to 3 hours. I am full of vigor and in high spirits daily. “


He replied: “In my brain I do not take that much energy to think. I could not figure out many matters before, it was all trivial matters. I could not understand the demand from my boss but now it is strange, I am doing very well, why did my boss constantly pick on me all day long? Later l lived with this concept of analysis, a peace of mind.”

 He was teaching in the U.S. and said: “Strangely, I used to want my boss to give me a raise all day long. I worked for 20 to 30 years but nothing happened. Later, I went around and amazingly my boss took the initiative to raise my salary, in addition offered the benefits package in each course.” 

Later, he met with the school principal who was very polite to him and had a very pleasant meeting. He said: “Between colleagues there used to be competition with each other, and later everyone became good friends. This is wonderful”.

This is indeed a description from the school of Buddhism: 

      All phenomena manifest from the mind. 

The mind is thought, everything is your way of thinking. 

If the way of thinking is wide and open, be in harmony with the rest of the world. He said: “It really changed. I used to endure humiliation as part of an important mission.” 

Because this person is an intellectual, a scholar, he enjoys history and culture and his national self-esteem is strong. Especially living in America, national self-esteem is extraordinarily strong. One often felt that the white society discriminated against him, he was unequally treated and very dissatisfied. Surviving in the United States, he felt it was a kind of pressure but gradually got better. I think he should be around 90 years of age; this is probably who I met 30 to 40 years ago. 

            He said to me at that time: “The fundamental root of all matters is the state of mind.” 

            I asked: “Why?”

He said: “Because the way of thinking, viewing, speaking and doing of different ethnic groups are different. If we only consider our standpoint to think about others, we will never figure it out, there is never a way to calm your mind.”

After he told me this, we started to chat. We talked about the Buddha teachings which is a concept of enlightenment that were slowly introduced to him. Furthermore, this concept of enlightenment became increasingly clear, and one could apply to one’s living more and more.  

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卷 (八)  忍辱波羅蜜

(上星期講到: 就像汽車,把零件組起來是個汽車;拆開來,輪子拆開,骨架拆開,門拆掉了,儀錶、機器拆掉,那裡叫車?人也是一樣,人就跟車子一樣,腦袋、四肢、細胞、骨頭拆掉了,人在那裡?他是用這方式。他這是初步。)



他答:「我到那裡、那裡去了。這個「我」是個概念 – 抽象概念。靈魂也是抽象概念。抽象概念,一旦被分析了,完全是我們人類的執著。所以我也不成立了;人跟我,都不成立,誰侮辱你了。」


他說:「聲音你去分析,分析光了以後,變成波動。波動完了, 沒有了,跟空氣一樣。裡面罵人的內容就是像音樂一樣,是一種聲音的起伏起滅。」


鬆了後,他說: 「壓力減少。有一個很明顯的現象,睡得著。每天工作也不累,回家   跟家人相處也蠻愉快。然後睡覺一覺到天亮。那以前還要撥鬧鐘,現在不用了。想想六點要起來,自動就起來。睡眠越來越短。睡眠短,當然還是要睡。大概兩三個鐘頭,精神很飽滿。」












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