MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 119
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 119

(Last week we ended with, “If you let go of the person and “I”, then the heart (or mind) is not there. That knife, where is it?”)

This is speaking about phenomenal characteristics. 

Now, we are going to talk the second part, the other meaning: Authentication. 

If you look at Tolerance under Insult from the perspective of wisdom, it is different. We just talked about life experience and slowly letting go of people and “I”. Now we are not talking from life experience, it is from wisdom to let go of people and “I”. That wisdom is a super energy, the energy of our original life essence that can penetrate all materiality and spirituality. Like our current sun, the sun shines but cannot penetrate. Wisdom is not the same, our original ability of wisdom in life can penetrate. Penetrate what? Most importantly, it penetrates affliction. 

All materiality and spirituality can be penetrated by it and it can shatter afflictions.   

The most unbearable and the most pressure to your materiality and spirituality life in this world is affliction. Where is affliction from? We just talked about inferiority and superiority. Once the omniscient penetrative ability with crystal clear perception of wisdom activates, then the inferiority and superiority no longer exist. 

Inferiority is because one does not understand the true facts about the universe, does not understand the source of life, and does not understand one’s own history.

Do not know where you came from? 
Do not know what to do in this life? 
Also, do not know what to do in the next life.

How to become feeling inferior. Seeing others who are better than you develop the inferiority complex. This inferiority complex is in fact profoundly serious in Chinese society. Especially Asian societies, the inferiority complex is extremely serious. From the highest social class of the Emperor, Commander-in-Chief, and Prime Minister, down to the lowest class of peddlers, carriers, and the middle-class including scholars, farmers, laborers, and businessmen; all have this inferiority complex. All those who are Chinese that I have met, including Japan, Korea of the Greater East Asian regions all have an inferior complex. I did not see a normal one. There are a few normal people. 

Today, we are learning the Buddha’s way, then you must look at yourself and ask if you are feeling inferior or superior?  If feeling inferior, you need to find out the reason. What caused you to develop the inferior feeling. 

Everything is inferior to others, many people are like this. There is another kind of person who feels inferior not only in this life, but when they die, they take that feeling to the coffin. Being a ghost, this inferior feeling remains. Encountering many from the realm of hungry ghosts and feeling inferior.  

I communicate with one: “Do not fool around in the hungry ghost world; do you not know mindfulness Amitabha?” 

    One said: “No, I cannot.” 

His inferior feeling returned: “Amitabha, Amitabha Pure Land is such pure glory, what am I. I have sunken into the hungry ghost world and I am all dirty, how can I go to the Pure Land?” 
This is all over. Even when one becomes a ghost they still feel inferior.

I remember the Ghost Festival of the Buddhist Observance Ceremony before which occurs in the seventh month of the lunar calendar. One day in the ghost world is equivalent to one month of our time here. Therefore, on the 1st, 15th and 30th of the month there are “Religious Ceremonies to help souls find peace”. In the presence of the Buddha, all vegetable dishes are offered upon the alter. What is that for?  An invitation to them (ghost) for a meal. 

For many years, ghosts go about 1,000 to 2,000 years without knowing the taste of rice; they are just hungry. The tube of their throat (larynx) is not like ours, it is like a syringe.  If you do not recite the Mantra of Initiate Eating Dharani, then their throat is unable open to take in the offered vegetables and are unable to eat. 

What kind of people become ghosts? Persons feeling inferior or feeling superior will end up as a ghost. 

In the month of the Ghost’s Festival, the 1st day of the month invites them for breakfast, the 15th day of the month for lunch and the 30th day of the month for supper. They are only let out for one day and then they must return to their ghost world. This illusion is from the Ullambana Sutra, and Buddha explains the Ullambana Festival: The Monk Maudgalyayana, one of the Buddha’s ten disciples, is foremost with supernatural abilities. He was trying to save his mother who sunk into the hell world. The Monk Maudgalyayana tried and exhausted all of his supernatural abilities in vain, he came back and asked Shakyamuni Buddha’s help, who replied:  

Go to practice of giving all your mother’s things; then go to make offering to all the Sangha (the community of committed practitioners of the Buddha teaching) and all Buddha and Bodhisattvas, to dedicate all nirvana merits and enlightenment virtue of the above to your mother. 

Therefore, it was passed down to become the “Ghost’s Festival of the Buddhist Observance Ceremony”. Ullambana is a Sanskrit word which means to hang upside down. The suffering condition of hanging upside down expresses the unbearable suffering condition of hungry ghosts in the ghost world like being suspended upside down. 

In the ghost world, one day there is equal to one month our world; what is their lifespan? The shortest life span is 1,000 years calculated by the same 365 days of a year in our world.  When considering multiplying a month by 365, it is equivalent to more than a several thousand years in our time. After thousands of years, where would they go? If one has not finished one’s retribution, then one will continue to the hell world. Consequently, it does not end.

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 (八)  忍辱波羅蜜

(上星期講到: 如果人、我放下,心,就沒有了。那刀,那裡有?這是講相。)


如果從智慧上來看「忍辱」,不一樣。剛剛講從人生經驗,慢慢放下人跟我,現在講不是人生經驗,是從智慧來放下人跟我。那智慧,就像超級的能量磁場,是我們原來生命本體的能量磁場,穿透一切物質跟精神。像我們現在太陽,太陽照是照,沒辦法穿透。智慧不一樣,我們原來生命中智慧的能力 – 穿透。穿透什麼?最重要煩惱。精神、物質都穿透沒錯,煩惱,它可以粉碎煩惱。

人生活這世間,最難受的,最讓你精神物質上受壓力 – 是煩惱。煩惱怎麼來的?就是剛剛講自卑、自大而來。智慧一照,自大、自卑不存在。自卑是因為不了解宇宙真相,不了解生命來源,不了解自己過去來歷。不知道。













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