MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 120
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 120

(Last week we ended with, “After thousands of years, where would they go? If one has not finished one’s retribution, then one will continue to the hell world. Consequently, it does not end.”) 

Most people cannot see them, even in the “Ghost Festival Buddhist Observance Ceremony”. You can feel that there are many spirits on the memorial tablets. Even during the bright noon hours, there is a bunch of misty, gloomy cold wind on the memorial tablets, at the most. The genuine one can truly see them, there are a few. Especially the Master who presides over the Ghost Festival Buddhist Observance Ceremony needs to have the skills acquired through religious cultivation practice. What does that mean? One’s mind must be purified of defiling illusion then he can help these hungry ghosts by giving them some sweet dew and to give a bit of rice as a small token. 

If the hungry ghosts have a high spiritual nature, when you explain the Sutra and expound the teaching he will accept. Even some willing mindfulness Amitabha are met and received by Amitabha right away, go and be born to Amitabha Pure Land.  

We had participated in an Assembly for preaching before and communicated with the ghost world. I just talked about feeling inferior; after one entered the ghost world with feeling inferior, then it is hard to be saved. One can still be saved in the human world, but it is hard to be saved from the ghost world. 

Why do I cite this example? Giving this example, in other words, although we live in the world of the living but there are many people with an inferiority complex. It is like living in the underworld. 

How come? The condition encountered every day is dull and gloomy all around. There are blank future outlooks; they live day to day, calculating day by day, and this kind of living corresponds closely to the hungry ghost world. The more serious is when, if hatred is strong, dissatisfaction with this, dissatisfaction with that, one considers that all things either materiality or spirituality entirely are contrary to one’s wishes, this condition corresponds to the hell world. Talking about Tolerance under Insult, one’s pressure is a kind of insult. No one has insulted him yet, no one pointed his nose to scold him, also no one gave him the feelings of discomfort. It is his own idea that forms an insult. Therefore, there is no way to tolerate this matter, nor it can be endured. This phenomenon has caused more and more people with severe inferiority complex in our world of the living, more and more in both East and West; then how can the society be stable? This talks about feeling of inferiority.

Next, talk about the superiority feeling. Feeling superior is a devastating thought behavior. Looking at the past Chinese history of 5,000 years about the killing. Killing is caused from what?  Feeling superior. 

Where is the source of feeling superiority? It is still from feeling inferiority. There are many kinds of inferiority complex and self-abasement does not harm the society; one feels inferior by oneself. To harm society means that since I feel inferior, it feels unfair to see others so I want a revolution. His revolution is not the same as our National Father Sun Zhongshan (Dr. Sun Yatsen 1866-1925) who revolted for the people. His revolution was for opposing then to oppose it, to him this is a kind of insult. Who insulted him? He feels that the nation and society both let him down, so he revolted. There are so many revolutionary tricks. Looking around at our society now is it not that way. Indeed. 

Therefore, they fight against this and it emerges from feeling inferiority. Feeling inferiority then generates feeling superiority, then fighting against a step up becomes war. Why does our human world experience peace for only a few days then the battles start again? It is because all beings are not at peace.  

When the phenomena of either feeling inferior or feeling superior becomes increasingly stronger, then this will wage nuclear war. If this continues, of course many innocent beings will have bad luck. Those so called “innocent”, on the surface one looks innocent, but in fact they are still brought together by fate with all beings of this world. If one’s mind is completely tranquil, then one is unlikely to be reincarnated in this world. It is just that one’s tranquil mind is a bit higher percentage better than those who feel inferior or superior. Nevertheless, one still has dissatisfaction, small dissatisfaction as tiny as a chicken feather; therefore, one interacts in our society as “people are divided into groups, similar things come together (birds of feather flock together)”.

Many people then state, if we can no longer improve the concept of this society, improve all being’s concept of stubbornly attaching to dissatisfaction, and concept of either feeling inferior or feeling superior; then we will surely be destroyed by it. We destroy ourselves. This was the case with the previous civilization, which was destroyed by nuclear war. I heard that was called the Atlantis civilization. I heard it sank below the ocean. Some researchers just study it. There is indeed this civilization, which was the last civilization. The last civilization completely collapsed caused by nuclear war which means that the land broke and sank into the sea.

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 (八)  忍辱波羅蜜

(上星期講到: 千年以後到那裡去?罪報沒有受完的,再到地獄去報。所以搞不完。)











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