MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 121
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 121

(Last week we ended with, “This was the case with the previous civilization, which was destroyed by nuclear war. I heard that was called the Atlantis civilization. I heard it sank below the ocean. Some researchers just study it. There is indeed this civilization, which was the last civilization. The last civilization completely collapsed caused by nuclear war which means that the land broke and sank into the sea.”)

Earth is interesting given that its life span is ten billion years. However, with less than 20,000 years of human history and others are formless beings, beings with bodies are not suitable for survival on Earth. The phases of “creation, duration, dissolution and state of being dissolved” of the universe are the same as our mental and our life phenomena of “birth, aging, sickness and death”. The thought in our mind which arises this moment and ceases the next moment. To change all at once, is to shift all at once.  The human mind and the universe are closely related. If the will of people is peaceful and harmony, the universe does not have disasters, the breeze is gentle, and the sun is bright. The weather is a hideous mess now. Ten years ago, the weather was still sunny, fine and with warm serenity. It is strange now. If people do not change, the future will be terrible, it is volatile. 

How does the volatile phenomena exist? It is from the feeling of inferior and the feeling of superiority. The feeling of superiority (swelled head) destroys the world and the feeling inferiority (self-demeaning) causes social unrest. Since these two phenomena exists, we need to discuss Tolerance under Insult. We just talked about insult, if you let go of the “people” and the “self-I”, the whole world is at peace. 

I hope everyone learns the way of the Buddha; it is particularly important to think over whether there is inferiority in your thinking behavior.   

The feeling of inferiority is caused by a person’s “discriminations, attachments and erroneous thinking”. How to remove these attachments?  You still must use wisdom. 

But how does wisdom manifest? The mind needs to be purified of defiling illusion, if the mind is not purified, then wisdom cannot manifest. 

In this case, why is the mind not purified? The unpurified mind has two reasons: There is interference by emerging situations outside and there is worry and anxiety inside. Honestly speaking, regarding the interference of the emergence of situations outside, either from television or from surrounded friends, when looking at this society, it is unstable. Where is this instability from? It is the mind because it has afflictions. 

Learning the Buddha’s way, we still must start with the basic human phenomenon. What is human phenomenon? 

Would one like to change to the concept of enlightenment? 

If you change to the concept of enlightenment, it is purified of defiling illusion, equality, enlightenment, and compassion. After you change to this concept then the insult is gone, Tolerance is also not there. Earlier said, the practice of giving and compliance with moral precepts is also not there. Because the practice of giving and compliance with moral precepts are the inherent ability of the life essence, it also has the ability of Tolerance under Insult. The so-called Tolerance under Insult just describes when encountering something unfair, you make light of it in the mind and leave no traces or impressions. “No impression” is the true meaning of Tolerance under Insult

It is not when insult occurs, and you need to have tolerance; this way is useless. It is forcing yourself, one day this will be trouble and it will explode. 

Regarding insult, from the earliest time the eminent monk with great virtue changed for us but it should be to exercise patience. However, insult to the Chinese is a scholar prefers death to insult, a serious national phenomenon. Today, does it exist? Yes, it still exists. Therefore, using wisdom is to be disillusioned with your afflictions, attachments, and erroneous thinking. After being disillusioned with all, it will fix your way of thinking and behaving every minute with your thought arising in the mind is precisely the teaching of Buddha. We speak about mindfulness Amitabha, this way is exactly mindfulness Amitabha and the enlightenment of mindfulness. 

Since everyone knows how to cultivate oneself in the right practice, why is it unachievable? It is because there is no real desire for enlightenment. If you really want to change a lifestyle, you will do it. People nowadays only like to hear what is good and only like to improve on perfection. You really persuade them and point out one’s shortfalls, no, it is insulting and is trouble. I have encountered too many. 

I recall our teacher used to be very polite to many people who came to ask for advice.  Everyone would say: “Master we come for your guidance; you are so polite.” 
Everyone sat there for an hour or two, asking him to elucidate the teaching and he was silent. Why? 
Later I asked him, he said: “Those people are not worthy to be taught.” 
Then he said: “Those people did not really come to ask how to change one’s evil ways and reform. How to learn the Buddha’s way? They do not have that in mind.” 
We said: “People were very sincere, they prostrated with their head at your feet and behaved respectfully.” 
He said: “You are wrong. These people are confused with cognitive distortion; you must say to them that they are very advanced to cultivate oneself in right practice. You must tell them they are good first before one can accept it. If you really want to point out one’s shortcomings, they will turn around and leave thinking that you were insulting them.” 
We have seen too many. Why? Because one has not achieved even 1%. 

Do you know why one is unable to achieve even 1%? It is because of their feeling of superiority, it is arrogance arising from the complex of inferiority.

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卷 (八)  忍辱波羅蜜

(上星期講到: 前面一個文明就是這樣,核子戰爭把它毁掉了。聽人家講好像叫Atlantis文明,聽說沉到海洋下面去了。有人就研究,確確實實有這個文明,就是上一個文明。上一個文明是因為核子戰爭完全陸沉,就是地塊斷裂沉到海裡。)















他說:「這些人不是真的來問我說怎麼改過、向善?怎麼學佛? 他沒有這個意思!」



他說:「這些人迷惑、顛倒,你要說他修行很進步,你要跟他講 說你現在不錯,他才能接受。你真要指出他毛病,他掉頭就走,他認為你是侮辱他。」



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