MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 122
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 122

(Last week we ended with, “Do you know why one is unable to achieve even 1%? It is because of their feeling of superiority, it is arrogance arising from the complex of inferiority.”)

This is genuinely toxic, if not removed even consecration with the nectar of immortality cannot be poured into one’s head. Why? All turns into poison which means trouble. 

Especially in Esoteric Buddhism speaking about “the consecration”, Esoteric Buddhism specializes in “bodily unity in the form of worship, oral unity in chanting, and mental unity in faith. These three are in correspondence identically with the Tathagata (the perfected one)”.  The Guru (Tibetan master) depends on the time the disciples’ affliction has limited to some extent, then the Guru is able to do the consecration on them. The meaning of consecration only symbolizes the passing over of the supreme method of Buddha teaching’s pure and bright to you. When can it be passed on? When your body and mind have been purified of defiling illusion to a certain extent. The best level is 100% pure which is exceedingly difficult. 

Now is the period of degeneration and extinction of the Buddha teaching, there is no more people who are really qualified to be consecrated by passing over the supreme Buddha teaching. This is because what modern people want does not correspond with enlightenment. What they want is to follow their own emotions as “happiness, anger, sorrow and joy” and their own preferences issuing erroneous thinking. Buddha teaching is the opposite. The Buddha teaching removes erroneous thinking. After erroneous thinking is removed then you can see the real situation of the universe. This is the primary stage like graduation from Elementary School. One then has the qualifications to go to Junior High. 

The school of Buddhism:  

Graduation from elementary school attains the status of the 4th grade of saint-ship of Arhat. 

Going to Junior High School is the Pratyekabuddha status. 

Reaching High School is the Bodhisattva status which still has 52 ranks going forward. 

To reach the state of “eradication one level of the unenlightened condition, attain to one level of Dharma Body”, is attaining the status of “the 1st rank of the ten stages of spiritual characteristics achieved of the Perfect Teaching”,  and is the same as  “the 1st rank of ten Bodhisattva stages of the Distinctive Teaching” to go to University. 

After reaching to the 7th rank of ten Bodhisattva stages enters the Master program. 
Reaching the 10th Stage enters a Ph.D program. 
Graduation from the 11th stage, one qualifies to be a professor. 
Reaching the 12th Stage is Buddha attainment and is the fulfilling goal of the whole. 

For innumerable existence of world-periods, we will not have the opportunity to receive the consecration (by passing over the supreme Buddha teaching onto our heads), not have the opportunity to have Buddha attainment, and not have the opportunity to let go of our afflictions and attachments. Why?  very day we are confused and run around in circles by our own afflictions. 

I often say: a person’s last breath before approaching the end of one’s life, one must put it all down. Of course, it is best to let go all now. If you can let go of all before your last breath, you will put down your original mortal flesh and the original defiled thinking behavior with afflictions. The last second before your dying breath you can let go of all and turn your mind to become “pureness, equality and enlightenment”, and you are able to be mindfulness with “Infinite Light, Infinite Life”, or to chant the name of Amitabha. 

“A” refers to infinite, 
“Mita” refers to quantity or capacity 
“Bha” refers to enlightenment. 

Then this person may be a little better in his next life. In the event that you have deep-rooted wholesomeness and do not want to carry-on this way anymore in the next life, you will want to go to the Amitabha Pure Land to recover the essence of tranquil radiance, then this is accomplishment.  

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卷 (八)  忍辱波羅蜜

(上星期講到: 你知道為什麼沒有一分?因為自大,自卑中產生的自大。)



尤其在密教講「灌頂」,密宗它講究身口意 – 「三密相應」。上師要看弟子,什麼時候煩惱斷了幾分,才給你「灌頂」。灌就是一種象徵,把佛法光明清淨的法門傳授給你。「灌」就是傳授。「頂」是頂法 – 最高的法叫頂。我們講我們頭頂,在講最高,是這意思,把最高的佛法傳授給你。什麼時候能傳授?就是身心要清淨到一個程度才有辦法,最好是百分之百,那很難。







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