MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 124
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 124

(Last week we ended with, “We currently still have the human concept or mixed concepts as human and animal combined. The generation after us will have less human concept.   Going further to the next generation will only exist with the animal concept, the next generation after that will only have the ghost concept which is trouble. Furthermore, the next generation will only exist with the hell world’s concept.”)

Today we heard about the Six Paramitas speaking about the Perfect of Tolerance under Insult (Ksanti-Paramita). We must think about learning the Buddha’s way, how to get the real benefit and use it? 

Especially mindfulness Amitabha can you correspond with the state of purified of defiling illusion and radiance? Can you correspond with the energy of Amitabha Pure Land?

Many people have this doubt. In fact, we mentioned this several times before. If we change our concept to “purified of defiling illusion, equality and enlightenment” to only 20%, there will be response.  

"Purified of defiling illusion”, is not that you do nothing, it is that you do not have a burden in your mind. This is called purified of defiling illusion. No burden, no affliction is purified of defiling illusion.      
“Equality” is seeing all beings and the self are equal in mind, it is the same peace and there is no difference. I am not talking about external appearances now. There is a difference with external appearance, where “poor, average, wealthy and noble” classes exist; the physical appearances, the way of being, the voice, and the bones are all different. Although there are differences in external appearances, everyone has an inner Buddha-nature which has an enlightened essence, the enlightened nature of purity, equality, and enlightenment; that is equal. 
Some people misunderstand, obviously it is clear that they look like this: how does a swan compare to a toad? 
It is not the case, that is about external appearances. This emphasizes that the essence is the same, all of them is enlightenment essence, then become enlightened with “purity, equality and enlightenment”.      
“Enlightenment” is what? It is just like what was just mentioned to repent and reform.
Why do we need to repent and reform? It just like talking about enlightenment now.                                                                                                                                            
Some people say: 
Why do we want to be enlightened? Being enlightened to do what? 
We are living well now; why do we need to have enlightenment? 
They do not understand this meaning. They do not know we come to be human in a muddle-headed way. As just mentioned,
Do not know why one comes here? 
Do not know what to do now? 
Do not know where to go in future?  

Precisely they are just not aware of it. To call you to become enlightened is to wake you up, turning the unenlightened into enlightenment. “Epiphany” is to comprehend, to become enlightened. “Epiphany” is to understand the phenomena of life in the universe. If one cannot comprehend, one is in trouble.  

After seeing so many people for many decades, to be honest, few people have the power of understanding. It is exceedingly rare. Being awake and to have epiphany are all difficult. The “epiphany” is the result of cultivation from a previous life. In previous lives, one had very nimble mental exercises and were very aware. Only persons possessing spiritual nature can comprehend. It is to experience that sphere, environment, sound, and language; to experience from within. This cannot be forced. Honestly speaking, it is the edification of an individual from their previous life. A person with high epiphany ability will know before someone finishes speaking. Like explaining Sutra, I had participated in a teaching session led by an elder Master explaining the Sutra, and as soon as he ascended to the seat of honor and put his two palms together, the disciple became enlightened right away and was enlightened to all phenomena as unreal and false. This cannot be described in words. 

Sometimes only explaining a Sutra halfway, one becomes enlightened. Or sometimes after explaining the Sutra, one becomes enlightened. Shakyamuni Buddha explained Sutra during his time, and after he finished the whole volume of the Sutra, there were many, many people who opened their intelligence and achieved enlightenment, and many who have attained truth by personal experience. Overall, the “ability of epiphany” is extremely important. Where is the “ability of epiphany” from? After the body and mind are purified, the energy of enlightenment becomes stronger and stronger. Everyone here should give it a try. 

Ineffective Mindfulness Amitabha, not competent, still feel pressures in life all do not have enlightenment. Why? Without that comprehension, there is no way to comprehend the enlightenment language, and the phenomena of enlightenment. One is unable to do it. It is like this: Whether knocking or beating yourself, or shooting yourself dead; all would not work, it is difficult. No one can help, you can only ask yourself: How come I cannot understand other people’s saying?

What is the reason? It is precisely that you have too many erroneous thinking and distracting thoughts. But there is another reason –the most important – is excessive attachment to your own way of thinking, viewing, speaking, doing and holding on too much. When it is excessive, it makes one unable to wake up.  To dream continuously, one is mentally and physically unstable.  

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卷 (八)  忍辱波羅蜜

(上星期講到: 我們現在還有人的觀念,人的觀念參半,就是動物的觀念跟人的觀念參半。我們下面沒有了,下代人的觀念很少,再下一代動物的觀念,再下面鬼的觀念,這麻煩。再下去就是地獄道的觀念。)





「平等」,看到眾生跟自己, 心裡平等,是一樣和平沒有差別。我現在講的不是外表。外表有差別,外表「窮、通、富、貴」;長得形貌、相狀、聲音、骨骼不一樣。外面有差別,裡面佛性,每個人都有覺悟的本體 – 清淨、平等、覺的覺性,那是平等。


不是這樣,那是講外面。講本體是一模一樣,全部都是覺悟的本體。然後覺悟 – 清淨、平等、覺悟。










剛剛講這什麼原因?就是自己妄想、雜念太多了。還有一個原因最重要 – 太過執著,對於自己想法、看法、說法、做法,太過度抓著不放。太過度了,就導致他沒有辦法醒過來,夢一直做。沒有辦法醒過來,身心不安。

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