MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 126
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 126

(Last week we ended with, “It is the same way with Buddhism now. The Buddha teaching originally was all good, however it is now being taken advantage and has become a religion. These words speak from where? It is from becoming enlightened.”) 

Although Chinese people live with a lot of pressures, their comprehension is not worse than other nations. You need to be aware that the harder the society is, the more intelligent its people are. Why? Society makes people uneasy daily, and some people want to get away from suffering and find happiness. The better the society is, the more peaceful, harmonious, happy, and beneficial its people are. If life is so easy like in heaven, then who would want to practice cultivation. No wonder China has come out so many wise practitioners. The wise practitioners from the past, surprisingly their ability of epiphany surpasses the world of heavens. Why? They know how to repent and reform. 

Therefore, the school of Buddhism stated that there are two kinds of people who cultivate oneself in the right practice who would surely attain the result; one kind of people never make mistakes, this kind of people is few. One kind of people who make mistakes and can be corrected.  

People from ancient times all day long say:

      If one can change after making a mistake, there is nothing better. 

We learn this by heart since we were little; however, after memorizing it we do not know its true meaning. Why we do not know? We do not know why we need to change. This is our modern society. Ordinary people cannot do it, they truly cannot do it. 

You tell one to change, to repent and reform; change, how to change? 
I did nothing wrong, what should I change?

Modern people’s concept of thinking is different from ancient times. In ancient times their thinking concept is based on co-prosperity and co-existence with society. Today our society is based on individual honor and survival alone. This means to be lonely, a lone operator, and keeping to oneself. In ancient times it was centralized, if a good Emperor ruled the nation, the nation was good; if a tyrant, the whole nation was finished, and all the people were sacrificed by him. Now society is not like this, they talk past each other. Therefore, there no one directly becomes Buddha or have rewards of the various stages of attainment, there is none; only by mindfulness Amitabha to become Buddha, yes, there is some. It is because this method of mindfulness Amitabha is convenient to do. The good root (natural capacity) of mindfulness Amitabha to become Amitabha is the primary good root; it surpasses the good root of Esoteric Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, the School of Consciousness Only, also the other eight Buddhism sects; it transcends all other religions. This good root which people should not underestimate is not just the average kind, this is: 

The cultivation method rises superior to Samantabhadra Bodhisattva to ascend the enlightenment shore. 

As stated in the Infinite Life Sutra, it even gets beyond the good root of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva. 

Other people think that “mindfulness Amitabha” is for the old grandma or old grandpa who have extremely low ability of epiphany, or their good roots are bad or their wisdom roots are bad to cultivate oneself in right practice; that is completely wrong, a total mistake. Mindfulness Amitabha is the great wholesome root, it is with mindfulness Amitabha directly, neither mindfulness the Bodhisattva nor mindfulness the Arhat. It is by means of mindfulness Amitabha to be the “cause”.  Following the rule of “cause and effect”, you plant the seed of a grape and it is not possible to produce watermelons. Therefore, to plant the “cause” of mindfulness Amitabha, in future to become Amitabha is the “effect”.

A moment ago, we talked about Tolerance under Insult. A person who does Tolerance under Insult well, while encountering the state of discontentment, mindfulness Amitabha can resolve it very easily. This is the wholesome root, the “supreme wholesome root”. 

As we have just mentioned, this has surpassed all Bodhisattvas, Arhats and practitioners; also, has surpassed Samantabhadra Bodhisattva. This wholesome root is identical with Buddha. The wholesome root of becoming Buddha is the method of mindfulness Amitabha. By using the method of mindfulness Amitabha to cultivate Tolerance under Insult yields twice the results using half the effort. When others insult you with unappealing words, you just think they want to go in for reincarnation, in the future they go to the world of Hell, so why follow them. With mindfulness Amitabha to have “purity, equality, enlightenment, compassion and illumination”, you apply the Buddha mind and the enlightenment mind to amend your behavior and to remove your afflictions is called Tolerance under Insult

Many people misunderstand Tolerance under Insult, once they call to mind Tolerance under Insult, everyone feels uncomfortable with how to tolerance that insult. So, I point it out now, by replacing with the name of Amitabha. Everyone should remember this; this is my third time reminding everyone: mindfulness of Amitabha is the supreme wholesome root. It is just like Amitabha:  

The light emission of the highest revered one, the king of all Buddha.  

He rises superior to all Buddha. “The method of mindfulness Amitabha” surpasses the whole gamut of teachings. One with mindfulness Amitabha will surpass all Bodhisattva of Absolute Universal Enlightenment (Samyak-Sambodhi). Think about it, today if you can mindfulness Amitabha is not easy. I use this method of mindfulness Amitabha to cultivate Patience under InsultCompliance with Moral PreceptsGenerosity-practice of giving; and the Six Paramitas (Six things that ferry one beyond the sea of mortality to nirvana) in all modes of salvation and enlightenment. 

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 (八)  忍辱波羅蜜

(上星期講到: 就像現在佛教,佛法本來好得很,被現在利用,變成宗教。這話從那裡講?領悟力。)




你叫他改,其實就是懺悔。改,怎麼改? 我又沒有做錯,什麼地方要改?





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