MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 127
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 127

(Last week we ended with, “Think about it, today if you can mindfulness Amitabha is not easy. I use this method of mindfulness Amitabha to cultivate Patience under InsultCompliance with Moral PreceptsGenerosity-practice of giving; and the Six Paramitas (Six things that ferry one beyond the sea of mortality to nirvana) in all modes of salvation and enlightenment.” 

Having said that, these lectures from a moment ago can or cannot be comprehended by all of you. Have you awakened to that phenomena? Have you awakened that it is true, this is a thorough and good method? If you have comprehended this, do not ask if you are mindfulness Amitabha, you also do.  

Mindfulness Amitabha, remember is not just lip service. Not only with mindfulness but also conceptually to have an enlightenment way of thinking, an enlightenment way of looking at things, and enlightenment energy. You must have this concept. If you do not have it conceptually, this indicates you have not become enlightened. You have not quite experience for yourself its importance. You have not quite experienced that life is truly short, it passes quickly, then all is over. A moment ago, you were human, how come in a blink of an eye you are in a barren land, a place of pitch darkness all around. 

Indeed, there were many people who were extremely distressed at one’s transmigration. When they get to these places, they feel uncomfortable. During one’s lifetime they were a loner. After transmigration to the world of the hungry ghost, one becomes even more isolated and even the ghosts ignore him. Sigh! No one understands this misery. Nobody knows. So, during our lifetime in the world of the living we can cultivate ourselves in right practice, it is the greatest blessed reward. To hear Sutra explaining is the greatest blessed reward. One can be mindfulness Amitabha, that is exceedingly, and it would make a great difference. It is the “prime number one good root”.  

Successive generations of patriarchal teachers did not clearly explain this “prime number one good root”. Mindfulness Amitabha is not merely an exercise suited to the old grandpa or grandma, this method to enlightenment every person must inherently put into practice. It goes without saying that it is the supreme teaching of self-nature becoming Buddha. It goes without saying it is one’s own duty. We are Buddha originally, today we reincarnate to be humans and we will end up in the Three Lower Realms (animal, hungry ghost, and hell) in the future. Mindfulness Amitabha is our original share. Since it is our original share, then this good root is the supreme good root and there is no surpassing. 

Someone only wants to be an Arhat, however the Arhat has not eradicated the unenlightened condition. 

Someone wants to be Bodhisattva only, Bodhisattva come in many kinds, what kind of Bodhisattva do you want to be? To attain the highest grade - Absolute Universal Enlightenment (Samyak-Sambodhi), one has not become a Buddha yet. 
The Flower Adornment (Avatamsaka) Sutra states: 
Wen-Shu Bodhisattva (Manjusri) and Pu-Xian Bodhisattva (Samantabhadra) all ended up in Amitabha Pure Land. 

The “Ten Vows of Bodhisattva Pu-Xian (Samantabhadra)” leads and returns to Amitabha Pure Land. All Buddha encourage all Bodhisattva of Absolute Universal Enlightenment to go to Amitabha Pure Land. Guan-Yin Bodhisattva (Avalokitesvara) is also in Amitabha Pure Land. 

We are mindfulness Amitabha currently and arise a vow to go to Amitabha Pure Land, what kind of good root is this? It is the good root to become Buddha. It is not to become Arhat or Bodhisattva. No, it is not. 

Therefore, everyone should not feel self-inferior, and should not underestimate yourself. Also, you should not have swollen-heads and state that “I am mindfulness Amitabha now, I am superb, and all others are a status below me”. Do not be mistaken by this, if you truly become Buddha, your mind will be in equality and know that all beings are yourself. All beings are the essence of pure and illumination, and there is no discrimination. To accomplish the Six Paramitas in all modes of salvation and enlightenment in perfection is with mindfulness the name of Amitabha. 

So, today we explain Tolerance under Insult, by means of the name of Amitabha to replace it, the merit of your cultivation is infinitely boundless. This kind of cultivation is called fundamental cultivation. From:

Mindfulness Amitabha is the “cause” and becoming Amitabha is the “effect”.  

This is fundamental. The fundamental cultivation attains the fundamental “effect”. The fundamental “effect” is Buddha, Buddha attainment is the fundamental – the root. 

I wish everyone goes home with mindfulness Amitabha in each thought arising in the mind. 

Mindfulness, in every thought moment with Amitabha. In that case where does such things of insult exist? Where do such things of affliction exist? All vanishes like smoke in thin air. The more your mindfulness Amitabha, the better your vitality will be, and eventually you will correspond with Amitabha Pure Land, to have unrestrained body and mind and be without defilement. Seeing Amitabha come, the body takes off and there is no need for clothes, you follow him and alive to Amitabha Pure Land. 

Remember this, one with mindfulness Amitabha does not pass death or through the transitional stage with the soul out of the body. All goes to Amitabha Pure Land alive. A person goes there by way of sitting or standing.  I have seen one, whose body was relaxed like into the state of Samadhi (meditative concentration), with their clear head and left by sitting. Everyone saw Amitabha come to welcome him, and then he was truly gone. This is not a fairy tale. Everyone can experience for oneself in the future. 

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卷 (八)  忍辱波羅蜜

(上星期講到: 你要想一想,我今天能念佛,不容易、不容易。我以這來修「忍辱」、修「持戒」、修「布施」;修「六度」萬行。)



所以能夠在我們生前 – 陽間來修行,大福報。能夠聽經,大福報。能夠念佛,那不得了,「第一善根」。




《華嚴經》上文殊、普賢,最後都到極樂世界去了。「普賢十大願」導歸極樂世界。 一切佛勸「等覺菩薩」到極樂世界去。觀音菩薩也是到極樂世界去了。






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