MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 128
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 128

Today we continue with explaining the Six Paramitas (perfections). Last time we explained the perfection of tolerance under insult (Ksanti-Paramita). Tolerance under Insult, practically speaking in our modern society, can we cultivate better than our ancestors? It is exceedingly difficult. The democratic era of the modern society is based on individual independence, and the way of thinking for each person is quite personalized which precisely means that each person’s concept has almost nothing that is the same. Since identical does not exist, you must be able to bear with some notions that are non-equivalent to you, even attacking and slandering you. If you can bear it, then your accomplishment will be higher than the ancients. 

Ancient society was simple. If insulted one has tolerance, this person’s effort of imperturbable stillness of mind control has been reached. To improve or to strengthen the effort of imperturbable stillness of mind control, what method does that need? That will be explained today. It is to use Perfect of Proficient Diligence (Virya-Paramita)

Proficient means to focus on diligence means incessantly, must have improvement to make a breakthrough. 
Proficient diligence is divided into two kinds: One is proficient diligence in the “body”, and one is proficient diligence in the “mind”.

First, we explain from the “body”. This further divides into two categories: one is the proficient diligence of “wealth” and the proficient diligence in teaching.

“Wealth” refers to making money through proper channels. After making money, using money to the practice of giving to all beings and then helping their need in materiality. For instance, I met a friend properly twenty years ago who was doing business well at the time. Before he got in touch with the teaching of Buddha, he wanted to do good deeds and established a benevolent society or association. He wanted to donate his money to help undereducated people or those who lived in backward areas. This was the vow that he made at that time.  Later, when he got in touch with the Buddha teaching, he thought one day he would be able to help all beings by offering the teaching of Buddha to stay in the world eternally. 

One day he ran into a Buddhist monk who devoted all his life to explaining Sutras, he felt good about what this monk has done. Since he had a property, he made an offering to the Buddhist monk to donate this property. After the donation, he has been incredibly good until now. 

The so-called proficient diligence means that you have a goal to work, without slack and doubt.  With regards to these influences around, let go of them completely. Use financial resources to make offerings to all beings.   

There are many offerings made to all beings such as the “Buddha teaching offering” or “money offerings”. The “Buddha teaching offering” is wisdom, to ignite the wisdom of all beings. Therefore, next is talking about that he does not just do the practice of wealth giving like other than doing charity, he has also made well known the Buddha teaching. The Buddha teaching relies mainly on wisdom.        

One day I ran into him and asked: “How is everything with you? What have you been doing for the past few years?” 
He said: “The more I do, the happier I am in my body and mind; the more I do, all of my afflictions and difficulties from the past are all gone.”  
I asked: “What is the best benefit of doing so?” 
He said: “Even though other people receive all of the benefit; however, I receive the biggest reward. The biggest gain is me. "

What is the biggest gain? He is no longer looking at things by using a common custom view. This means he is no longer acting on or shifted by his affection and sentiment, and only uses rational ways. 

Therefore, in the practice of money giving, the impact is big if using rationality. This rationality is simple, exactly as stated when judging matters, to not have the function of shifting one’s affection. There is no idea of helping one relative more than others who are more distant in relationship. Psychologically you should not have that kind of thinking. Remember this because this is particularly important. 

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卷 (九)  精進波羅密






有一天就碰到一個出家人,出家人他一生都是講經,他覺得不錯。他有一塊地,想供養給他, 地就捐出來了。捐出來後一直到現在都很不錯。


供養眾生當然有很多種: 有法供養,有財供養。「法供養」是智慧,開啟眾生的智慧。所以下面要講,他不僅是財布施,做慈善以外,他還宣揚佛法。佛法以智慧為主。


他說:「越做身心越歡喜,越做以前所遇到的煩惱、困難,現在 都沒有了。」


他說:「最大的好處還是自己有收穫,別人當然都得到利益,可 是最大的收穫是自己。」                                  



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