MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 129
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 129

(Last week we ended with, “There is no idea of helping one relative more than others who are more distant in relationship. Psychologically you should not have that kind of thinking. Remember this because this is particularly important”. 

Presently, the “practice of giving” exists with many different concepts. I feel that it is not simple to really treat all people equally. For instance:

An enemy, a creditor of yours, if one day they have problems, can you be free from obstructive thoughts to follow the practice of giving which means that it is unlikely that you will bicker with them? 

If these enemies or creditors from before who run into difficulties or other issues, will you struggle a bit within the mind and have a bit of fluctuation or not? 

I just asked this friend: “Do you know of some business competitors who slandered you or were against you before?” 
He said: “I had crossed path with some.  I just thought of one sentence – all things are created by the mind alone. Since all things are created by the mind alone, what one thinks in their mind, is how one’s thinking behavior thinks, and the future retribution will be the way one thinks. If your body and mind have purified of defiling illusion and bright light, wishing all beings are detached from suffering, then everything is bright and smooth".
He also added: “After your mentality is established and can really take action to help all beings, it was wonderful. The projects that others cannot do; I will do it quickly.” 

This of course, is not what most people say to do something that goes against the so-called pure and bright things. It is not. He is doing things that can stabilize the society. He does better and better, better than what the government does. Projects done by the government are all not necessarily well because there are many phenomena in the government, and the minds are not equal. 

Because there is rationality and wisdom in “money”. The wisdom phenomena must return to the state of “purity, equality, enlightenment and compassion”. After having “purity, equality, enlightenment and compassion” then one can practice giving the Buddha teaching to help all beings destroy delusions and uncover enlightenment. “Delusion” is when one is lost in the phenomena – either the living phenomena or the psychological phenomena. 

Let us talk about “psychological phenomena”. The psychological phenomena in the modern era are serious; it is unprecedentedly pollution. Everywhere is full of pollution, from either the computer or television, it is full of polluted information. How to handle these pollutions? Only using wisdom to be disillusioned with it and turn it away. After being disillusioned with and turned away, then your body and mind get a certain stability. This stability can help you stabilize the surrounding affairs. 

When your mind stabilizes then you may help others. Like a present friend, she practices giving Buddhist books. She feels this practice of giving is common, but she does not know that this will be huge impact in the future. Because invisibly there are many problems that people cannot solve, or phenomenon cannot be figured out; it can be virtually solved in the Buddhist books and the enlightenment books.  

In other words, practice of giving means choosing the object. Using what concept do you do the practice of giving today?

Think about it everyone. Using money to do the practice of giving is simple, but it has something to do with mindfulness. If one wishes to have something in return for the practice of giving, then it is not the state of purified of defiling illusion and equality. It is the same to do the practice of giving the Buddha teaching. Some people do the practice of giving the Buddhist books, for instance, in Christianity they practice of Bible giving; in addition, there are others such as the way of the Gods to establish teaching and local ghosts and spirits religions (which includes the spirits of the dead, together with demons and the eight classes of spirits such as devas); various levels which make a connection with different living beings. 

Bear in mind, the “practice of giving” needs to do the practice of giving the best phenomena – purity, equality, enlightenment, and compassion to all beings for it to not have after-effects. If the practice of giving is the way of ghost and spirits, there may be after-effects. Unfortunately, to encounter a mistaken teaching (evil cult), one is in trouble. Some people believe mistakenly in heretical religion (mistaken teaching). Thinking it is true, also do the practice of giving to transmit the teaching. I have encountered a lot before, later they changed course. Some were lucky and did not suffer any after-effects. The after-effects mean many problems occur.  Serious ones such as, a family break down and people die, or the death of a family member; the lighter ones are body sickness or mental problems— we have seen too much of these.   

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 (九)  精進波羅密

(上星期講到: 沒有說他是我親戚,我多幫他一點,這是外面的人,好像距離比較遠一點。心理上沒有,記住,這很重要!)




我就問這個朋友, 我說:「如果你以前認識,有毁謗你的人、跟你作對的人、生意上的競爭對手?」



這做事情,當然不是一般人講的是去做一些違背所謂講的清淨光明的事情,不是。他是做一些能夠讓社會安定的事情,越做越好,比政府做的都好。政府做的都不見得好,政府裡面有很多現象,心思不平。那就是講,因為財裡面有理智,有智慧。這智慧的現象,一定要導歸到清淨、平等、覺悟、慈悲。有清淨、平等、覺悟、慈悲以後,就可以做「法布施」。「法布施」就是幫助眾生破迷、開悟。「迷」,就是迷在現象裡 – 生活現象也好,心理現象也好。

講講「心理」現象,現代心理現象很嚴重,前所未有的汚染。到處都是汚染 – 電腦的汚染,電視的汚染;資訊太多了,到處都是汚染。


自心穩定了,你可以去幫助別人。就像我們在座的朋友 – 「布施」佛書。他覺得這「布施」是很平常,但他不知道將來這作用很大。因為無形中,有很多人心裡面沒有辦法解決的問題、沒有辦法想通的現象,無形中在佛書當中,就是在覺悟的書籍當中解決。換句話說,「布施」就要選擇對象。你今天「布施」是拿什麼概念?

各位想一想,拿錢財布施是很單純,但跟心念有關。「布施」如果希望回報,就不是清淨、平等了。「法布施」也一樣。有的人是佛書「布施」,有的人譬如:基督教用《聖經》「布施」,還有別的 – 還有神道設教,還有地方宗教,還有地方鬼神教,各式各樣的層次,是跟不同的眾生結緣。

記住,「布施」要布施給眾生最好的現象 – 清淨、平等、覺悟、慈悲,沒有後遺症。如果是鬼神道,可能有後遺症。要不幸碰到邪教,很麻煩。也有人誤信邪教,以為它是真的,也去「布施」去了,去傳教了。我以前碰到很多,後來回頭了。有的很幸運,沒有遭受到後遺症。後遺症就是很多的問題,嚴重的是家破人亡,輕的不是身上有病,就是精神有狀況,這我們看得太多了。

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