MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 13
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 13

(Last week we ended with, “Supernatural powers” mean inconceivable accessibility, which means reduced affliction. Especially among a group of people with afflicted minds, if you have affliction you will stand out from the masses; this is “supernatural power or ability”. People with afflictions are desperately serious thinking that is an extraordinary phenomenon. No, it is not, it is a normal condition.”)


In the Mara realm (the Destroyers) there is supernatural power that also cultivates concentration. However, they seek gain in mind and seek gain with obtaining concentration. This is an evil that harms a person’s mind as self-torment.

In the Mara world, whatever one wants one gets but strangely, one cannot have the condition of being purified of defiling illusion; that is a problem. Even when one has everything and is entirely up to oneself, one cannot turn affliction into wisdom; this is a major problem.

Everyone who practices cultivation needs to set the cause of seeking no gain and in the future, attain the effect of having no gain.

What is the effect of seeking no gain? It is supreme enlightenment–becoming Buddha.

If you set a cause of seeking gain, then it what does it become? The effect of seeking gain is precisely, Mara (the enemy of Buddha-truth).

What is Mara? One who is born to cause physical or mental suffering. One not only tortures others, but others will also torture you, so you are also being tortured. Very simply, you have everything except your mind has not been purified of defiling illusion.

Speaking from a wisdom perspective, Maras have no wisdom. True wisdom is when one wants to be purified of defiling illusion. One may give up everything, but one wants to join that eternal, unvarying bright light (symbolizing wisdom and compassion of Buddha Bodhisattvas).  This choice is up to everyone.

There are many people who choose to be a Mara. I met someone with great supernatural ability and great power of mind control. They went to the Mara Realm or the independent Heaven of Mara, they have good karmic reward to be the Mara King; if a little less they become the Mara people exactly this way. The true Mara enjoy heavenly reward with no association with our world.

Why? They do not have an interest in us and will not come to disturb you. You can be at ease, unless you want to become a Buddha today.

During the time when Shakyamuni Buddha who demonstrated to became Buddha, the Mara King–Papiyan talked with him: “You better not teach your enlightenment to others; our Mara world is less fun. Why? You are taking away my people again”.

Since the Mara Realm resides in the heaven of Parinimitra-vasavartin, the highest level of the Desire world (the bottom world of the Three Realms-Triloka) and governs our Saha World, our Milky-Way Galaxy.

Why do we talk about him?  Presently there are many people who engage in cultivation practice without full understanding of the purpose of cultivation and admire supernatural powers instead. Therefore, during that time Shakyamuni Buddha put a restraining order on his disciples not to demonstrate their supernatural abilities. Once you demonstrate your supernatural power, Mara can also demonstrate theirs; then the Buddha teaching would be disordered and a continued tradition would be misled.

Mara cannot explain the Sutras and expound the Buddha’s teaching, why? When one explains the Sutras and the teaching of Mara scriptures, others would recognize that you are Mara.

What do Maras praise? They praise the five desires (wealth, sex, food and drink, fame, sleep) and the six impurities (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and ideas). It is because they enjoy these things. There is no right or wrong about it, it is the attachment.

Remember this, are there any transformation bodies of Bodhisattva of Mahayana like Wen-Shu (Manjusri), Pu-Xian (Samantabhadra) and Guan-Yin (Avalokitesvara) in the Mara world? Yes, they are there also to enlighten Mara’s people and Mara King.

Is there anyone in a transformation body in our society who engages with the habit of “killing, stealing, excessive sexual attachment, and ignorance” in human appearance? Yes, there are many here.

In casinos or other specific professions like prostitution or red-light districts, and so on, are there any Buddha Bodhisattvas? Of course, yes. Only we do not know.

The fundamental essence of all living beings are equal and inherently pure, and the only difference is with attachment which has caused different phenomena.

To enlighten them what method does Buddha Bodhisattva use? They use Prajna (wisdom). If one relies mainly on compassion it is not enough, without wisdom compassion turns into disaster. You need to save their life which is right, but you need to save their wisdom life even more; you need to save both.

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(一)     無住和四智





「無求之果」是什麼?是大覺大悟- 「佛」。




選擇魔的也有,很多。我以前碰過,有大神通、大定力的,有。到了魔界魔天,福報好的- 「魔王」,差一點的- 魔子、魔民,就是這樣。真正天魔享受天的福報,跟我們世界沒關連。



為什麼講到他?現在很多人修行,完全不了解修行的目的,非常羨慕神通 。所以佛當年就制止他的弟子顯神通。因為一顯神通,魔也可以顯,法就亂了,傳承就亂了。








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