MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 136
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 136

(Last week we ended with, “I believe this phenomenon exists for everyone, everyone is just a little less and a little more. This phenomenon is that he is unclear about the true facts of the universe; in other words, he does not have the enlightenment concept. This is particularly important.”)  

Someone asked me: 

Why is it important to become enlightened? What benefit can enlightenment bring?  
For what reason do I need to become Buddha? Becoming a Buddha will have what benefit? 
These kinds of questions altogether are delusions, with one having cognitive distortion.

What causes this kind of delusion and cognitive distortion? When his mind is forever manipulated by his erroneous thinking and attachments. It can even be said that it is directly manipulated by attachment. It is because one does not understand: Where is the self from? What to do in this life? Where will one be in the future? Hence, one turns into saying what everyone says to follow the heard. Society tells one how to be worthy and one thought that way is worthiness, and one will do it toward the goal. When doing so, one is also not in the state of proficient diligence, one progresses in a mixed and distracted way.

Do not underestimate when dealing with the phenomena of the world, it is also necessary to be proficient diligence. Earlier we mentioned that you need to be proficient and unadulterated with the “practice of giving”. You make money and follow your plan, that is fine; however, it requires you to be destined with it. Everyone needs to think; what is “destiny”? You follow the “practice of giving” in a previous life, then you will make it back in this life; and if you did not follow the “practice of giving” in the previous life, then this life will be very hard. 

However, this life can be altered, but how? By turning your concept. 

After viewing so many phenomena, there is a summary; if you are unable to change the concept, your life will forever stay this way. 

Many people then say, “Money is important.” If you need money, it needs to be taken by just and ethical means. 

How? The mind needs to be purified of defiling illusion. Money manifests from the pure mind. Making money is not about earning it then you have it, there is no such thing. Everyone really must think clearly. Not that many people talk about this phenomenon. Everyone expresses the need to earn money and to survive. This is correct; destiny is the same way: if one refers to destiny, the day after tomorrow you will die in your bed, it is impossible to escape to another day after.  It is impossible, except if you are a practitioner of pursuing religious practice. 

What is a practitioner? A person who has ended afflictions. One does not die; the phenomena of rebirth and death (the round of mortality) no longer exist. Rebirth and death are afflictions. After not having the affliction of arising and ceasing of all phenomena, you cannot die and will never die. 

Regarding money, does a person like the Sixth Patriarch need money? Do those who have achieved supreme enlightenment need money? 

They would not bother with money. They have already recovered their pure self-nature, and even the phenomena of “birth, aging, sickness and death” do not exist; what do they need money for.  

Money is used for helping all beings. How to help? This is going back to the topic; it requires wisdom. If you can be like the Sixth Patriarch with body and mind purified of defiling illusion, to use money can be exceedingly; the more you spend, the more money comes. 

Using money where? He uses it to help all beings. The more he uses, the beings are more pleased; do not misunderstand this theory, therefore acting recklessly and incorrectly, each area will be prosperous and even the whole nation will be prosperous. Because we have one’s own ideas. 

The teaching of Buddha is different. The Buddha teaching is that all beings have radiant self-nature. It is an infinite life span which means endless life within the radiant self-nature. Inexhaustible wisdom-life refers to infinite wisdom. Infinite wealth is precisely adorned with infinite seven treasures and radiance. We hear people talk about it all day long, unfortunately, you are not quite functional in all. 

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 (九)  精進波羅密

(上星期講到: 我相信這現象,每人都有;每個人只是少一點與多一點。這現象就是他不明暸宇宙真相,換句話說,他沒有覺悟的觀念。這一點很重要。)





這種迷惑、顛倒,怎麼造成的?就是他的心,永遠被他的妄想、執著操縱。甚至於可以說,直接被執著操縱。因為不了解: 自己從那裡來?這一生做什麼?將來到那裡去?所以就變成人云亦云。社會跟他講怎麼樣有價值的,他就以為那是有價值的,他就朝著目標做。做的時候又不「精進」,雜進、亂進。













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