MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 139
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 139

(Last week we ended with, “Finally, are you able to stop your erroneous thinking and attachments within a whole day? To stop then is fine. It is an experiment, the same as doing revolutions with revolving efforts once, twice or three times that need to reach a certain extent.”) 

Lastly, the Buddha teaching talks about “verify into the state of nirvana” which is the final step of the four cultivation steps of “firm belief, comprehension with wisdom, put into practice, and verify into the state of nirvana”. 

The first is having “firm belief”: You consider this matter to be reasonable and really believe it is the best method to end afflictions. 
“Comprehension with wisdom” was just mentioned as the explanation of the source of affliction and how to be proficient diligence. After you fully understand the theory and methods you can “put into practice”. 

When you “put into practice” uses both the power of “firm belief” and “comprehension with wisdom” until the state of proficient diligence and once up to a highly perfected 100% purity then you attain the state of nirvana. It means to see in person. 

“Firm belief, comprehension with wisdom, put into practice, and verify into the state of nirvana” is done once, not in segments.  

You see that one really has a good root: mindfulness Amitabha is the first and primary virtuous root. It surpasses the good root of all the gamut of teachings. Why? One has “firm belief”, then “comprehend with wisdom”, then mindfulness Amitabha – this is “putting into practice”, and then “verify into the state of nirvana”.  Therefore, mindfulness Amitabha which is an inconspicuous method and in fact, it has completely revealed the proficient diligence in “firm belief, comprehension with wisdom, put into practice, and verify into the state of nirvana”.  

All beings in Amitabha Pure Land look the same, all are Amitabha in appearance. The mind of proficient diligenceis equal; so, they look the same. The reason why it looks different today is because the minds are not equal; everyone has one’s own delusion, so they are born with different appearances. 

In Amitabha Pure Land everyone has the same experience, material comfort and the environment are the same, all are adornments of merits and virtues. “Merit” is purified of defiling illusion. “Virtue” is light – pure light. “Adornment” transforms all materiality to be glorious, it is wonderful, and all materiality also radiant. In Sutra, it often mentions:

            Amitabha Pure Land illumines bright light universally

The “gold” of Amitabha Pure Land becomes soft and is not hard. Scented and bright, which grows and multiplies without end and is never dying. 
The “ground” of Amitabha Pure Land is unbelievably soft which sinks the body down 4 feet. We have carpet here, but it is not needed there because of the softness. 
“Heavenly Mandarava flowers rain down from the sky” so it does not drop rain, it drops flowers as how the heavenly maids scatter flowers. Flowers are manifested from the supreme tranquility of the power of merits gained through religious practice. 
The “wind” blows on the body soft. When wind blows, people awaken. It is beyond thought.  If the wind blows here, you might catch a cold. When the wind blows there, it explains the teachings of the Five Roots, the Five Transcendent Powers, the Seven Branches of enlightenment, and the Eightfold Noble Path. One is enlightened naturally.  
The “water” there has immeasurable merits. You drink it and it can also be used to shower which goes up and down or left and right at will.  
There are mountains, rivers, and prairie fields. Even the Bodhi trees can explain the teaching.   
There is music in the air, and music also explains the teaching. To explain what teaching? It explains the teaching you want to hear. 
All is manifested by Amitabha. So, Amitabha Pure Land is quite simple, it is caused by the immeasurable merits of proficient diligence, also by highly perfected pureness and is always progressing. 
Think about the people over there, their bodies are pure without material phenomenon and are limitless. You can manifest either in materiality or immateriality.  The pure and immaterial body, how big is it? It is limitless and boundless.  

Amitabha Pure Land is a vast energy field and there is entirely no limit and penetrates all spirituality and materiality; that is made by proficient diligence in mindfulness Amitabha of all beings. Our earth is made by afflictions and attachments, progressed by a mixed way or confused way. Later it turns into stubborn conflict, proficient diligencein conflict and strife daily. This is how our world comes; however, Amitabha Pure Land is different. Amitabha Pure Land does not have any phenomenon of conflict, it is completely a bright light from self-nature. Therefore, there is full look of Buddha. 

I hope you all can verify into the state of nirvana. It is to see with your own eyes. If you truly and wholeheartedly are mindfulness Amitabha, you will see it.  It is from a sincere mind that is a mind of proficient diligence. If you do not believe me, why not give it a try? 

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卷 (九)  精進波羅密

(上星期講到: 到底你一天當中妄想、執著,能不能止得住? 止住了就行。就是試驗,就像革命一樣,一次、二次、三次,一定要到某個程度。)




實「行」的時候就是把信跟解的力量 – 信力、解力的力量用到「精進」,用到精純百分之百,就證了。


你看真正有善根的:念佛,是第一大善根。超過所有一切法門的善根。為什麼?他就信,他就解,他就去念 – 這是行,他就證。所以從念佛,看起來不起眼的法門,實際上「信、解、行、證」「精進」,完全顯露出來了。


極樂世界受用一樣,物質享受、環境一樣,全部都是功德莊嚴。「功」是清淨。「德」是光 – 清淨之光。「莊嚴」,把物質也變成莊嚴,妙了,物質也是光明。不是經典上講: 「極樂世界光明遍照」。

「黃金」到極樂世界變成軟的,不是硬的。軟的 – 柔軟,有香味有光,生生不息,永遠不滅。



「風」吹在身上柔軟,風吹來,人就覺醒。妙了。這裡風吹來,搞不好感冒了。那裡的風吹來,說法 – 五根、五力、七菩提分、八聖道分,說法;自然而然就覺悟了。






那地方是一個廣大的磁場,磁場沒有範圍,完全沒有範圍,穿透一切物質、精神,是一切眾生「精進念佛」造的。我們地球,是一切眾生煩惱、執著、雜進、亂進造的。後來變成鬥爭 – 鬥爭堅固,鬥爭「精進」,每天鬥爭。我們這世界是這樣來的。極樂世界不是的。極樂世界沒有任何鬥爭現象,完全是自性光明。所以它那地方相貌全是佛相。


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