MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 141
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 141

(Last week we ended with, “Speaking from the philosophical view of the school of Buddhism: When a person at birth ought to be purified of defiling illusion and bright light, without attachment and affliction, under this kind of condition you can help others, not only help others, but help yourself first. Therefore, I say: “A person retires at birth”. What is retirement? It is to get rid of afflictions and to cease afflictions”.)

After you have this kind of enlightenment concept, then “to be born, to grow old, to get sick and to die” as the fate of humankind can all be let go and no longer worry like the ordinary people. After letting go of the fate of “to be born, to grow old, to get sick and to die”, you are back to normal. After being normal, one will have proficient diligencein everything. Helping all beings is also with proficient diligence. You will also live with proficient diligence in this universe and never slide back from cultivation practice. 

Everyone think about this, but it is true that we have never had this concept since we were young. The education of the earth has never provided us with this kind of education. Our father and mother gave birth to us, and it is to follow social norms. 

We are born, are we born into the family of Buddha or Bodhisattva? No. We did not have the predestined affinity with them. Speaking badly, we do not have this wholesome root.  

Why we were not born in Amitabha Pure Land?  If we were born directly in Amitabha Pure Land, then we do not have this trouble. 

Why are we born in the struggling society? Think about the cause, it is the cause and effect (every cause has its effect, as every affect arises from a cause). Because we made this cause of struggle, the cause of affliction, the cause of being disillusioned with everything and cannot let go, the cause of greedy; that is why we are here. It is mainly this problem, and this must be completely resolved. 

You truly must not want to get into the cycle of reincarnation again, and truly not want to be in this dream anymore. We often hear other practitioners talk about unbreakable dreams. The dreams are desperately serious and cannot be free life after life. This inextricable phenomenon, what is the most obvious? It is the Three Wretched Worlds – animal world, hungry ghost world and the hell world. The hell world is the most arduous. 

The human world is bittersweet. In the human world if you have blessed reward, having fun every day, you never have the thought of self-cultivation in the right practice. You think the human world is wonderful and everything is good which is absolutely having an unclear sight. Therefore, a wealthy person and nobleman (distinguished person) have a hard time to practice cultivation. You tell them to let go, it is exceedingly difficult. The wealthy ones and nobleman look to Buddhism and want a little blessing and not to get enlightenment. They turn to Buddhism for their own greedy purposes. 

However, the average non-wealthy and non-noble person is busy for life every day. The ancients did not often talk about truism. Often expounding the scriptures is not the same as truism, as saying the same old story repeatedly. This is because people have problems turning their concepts, so keep talking to them for the immeasurable existence of world-periods.  

Previously, I had the chance to ask a Master who does Sutra explanation, I said: “Master, you explain repeatedly so many times; are you not tired?” 
He said: “You are wrong, if I do not keep talking, people will sink lower; I talk every day, disregarding whether they are disgusted or like it; I remind them daily and one of these days it will have effective." 

The Master was right about this. We beings are fond of curiosity, telling them curiosity daily. For instance, while I currently explain the Sutra, people listen intently when it is accompanied with odd, weird, and curious stories that they enjoy. However, it you talk about reality, their enthusiasm lessens. I trust everyone can sit here and listen with a bit of enjoyment that is good. Why? We have this kind of predestined affinity. 

This predestined affinity, you need to upgrade. How to upgrade?  You need to plant the condition of enlightenment to be effective. If you cannot plant the condition of being disillusioned with everything, let go of all to become Buddha, then all the Sutra listening is for nothing. 

Everyone needs to think: Besides the daily living of this life, is there any other purpose? Or are there other goals? 

Today, to be an emperor, to be a hero, to be a strong and courageous person, and the last, to be an average person; what is the purpose? 

If these purposes cannot help you to resolve your afflictions, then it is meaningless. If it cannot help you to resolve your affliction and cannot help other people, then things are troublesome. 

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 (九)  精進波羅密

(上星期講到: 要說哲學觀點,站在佛家來講,人一出生應該是清淨光明的,沒有執著,沒有煩惱,這樣子才能幫助人家;不僅幫人家,先幫自己。所以我說:「一出生就應該退休了。」退休是什麼?把煩惱退掉,把煩惱休掉。)


各位要想一想這個事情,可是真的我們從小到大都沒有這觀念。娑婆世界教育 – 地球的教育,從來沒有這種教育給我們。我們爸爸、媽媽生我們下來,就是照社會的規範。




如果你真的不想輪迴了,真的不願意再作這種夢。常聽同修講攪不破的夢,這夢不得了,生生世世不得解脫。這種不能解脫的現象,以什麼最明顯?三惡道: 畜生道、餓鬼道、地獄道最艱苦。







各位要想一想,到底人生除了生活以外,還有什麼目的? 還有什麼目標?

今天做帝王、做英雄、做好漢,最後做普通人; 目的是什麼?


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