MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 142
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 142

(Last week we ended with, “If these purposes cannot help you to resolve your afflictions, then it is meaningless. If it cannot help you to resolve your affliction and cannot help other people, then things are troublesome.”)

Nowadays people do not understand although all beings differ externally, they are the same in nature. Now to give an example, you and another are the fundamental unity of the universe. Me and you are the fundamental unity of the universe. In the eyes of the enlightened one, we are the fundamental unity of the universe.  However, from the average person’s way of thinking, we are not the fundamental unity of the universe, we are separate. Life and death are different, how can we be one? Even the external appearances are totally different. 

But one who becomes Buddha when they look at all beings, strangely all is truly one. They see the pure and bright essence in all beings. They see it.  From the phenomenon aspect, certainly there is difference. Everyone is different, fat or thin, beautiful or ugly, and good or bad. Where do these phenomena come from? Each person made it through the ruling of cause and effect to receive the karma-result as a consequence of everyone’s actions.  

Since this is the case, then in what way should we treat all beings? Everyone knows about “equality”.  

But the question is, how to be equal and from where is it to be equal? 

There is only one point, you must become a Buddha. After becoming Buddha, only then will you be resourceful in equality with all. Otherwise, to be that kind of equal is exceedingly difficult. Especially when being equal is easy when everyone is on good friend terms. If they are enemies or debt collectors, how can you be equal with them?

Today explaining the proficient diligence has countless meanings. This is my second reminder, if you are unable to examine genuinely your thought arising in the mind at the end of the day, then to cultivate yourself in right practice will be difficult. Before looking over your thought arising in the mind, you need to ask yourself: What concept do I conduct myself presently? 

This is particularly important. I am mentioning this again. What is my concept now? 
Is the concept of purity, equality, and enlightenment? 

Or is it the human concept of discrimination, attachment, and deluded perception? 

Be sure to figure this out. If applying human concept to examine your thought arising in the mind, it has no effect, and there will be no effect. If you say, today I am learning the Buddha’s way, then you need to learn the Buddha’s concept of purity, equality, and enlightenment. Using the concept of purity, equality, and enlightenment to examine your thought arising in the mind. Furthermore, when examining you will get help from all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, precisely this is their support. The meaning of “support” is just like giving you energy, make your mind clear and easy to complete the undertaking of becoming a Buddha; this is important. 

Think about it everyone, seldom one can explain the Sutra and expound the Buddha teaching in such detail. The last key points: 

What concept do you apply to become Buddha? 
What concept do you use to cultivate yourself in right practice? 

Let alone to say about conducting yourself, today learning the Buddha’s way, most people say: we cannot conduct ourselves well, how to learn the Buddha’s way? 

The question is what is the human concept? 
You ask a cat: “What is your concept?” Their concept of the animal realm is in a daze and are confused and deranged. 

You ask the ghost world ‘s concept is what?  It is greed. The concept of the hell world is what? Getting angry when one cannot reach one’s desire.  

Just this “concept” and all afflictions come from the concept. Today you want to become a Buddha and truly wish to attain enlightenment, you need to think what is your concept? It is purity, equality, and enlightenment. Good, you need to work towards this goal. 

The problem at present is precisely that the majority people do not know oneself has the essence of “purity, equality, and enlightenment” originally. That they have Buddha-nature, and one is originally Buddha and has Buddha quality. One’s Buddha-nature has not been brought to perfection. The so called “not bring to perfection” means that never receding does not exist. Presently you are moving one step forward and then one step backward. After you have truly experienced and worked hard both physically and mentally to eliminate your affliction and attachment, this is known as cultivating yourself in right practice. These are also called the steps of “firm belief, comprehension with wisdom, put into practice, and verify into the state of nirvana”. After having practical skills, then the state of “purity, equality and enlightenment” will not backslide. After never receding to reach to perfection as far as 100%, this is known as becoming Buddha. You are called Buddha. 

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 (九)  精進波羅密

(上星期講到: 如果這些目的不能幫助你解決煩惱,那就沒有意義。不能幫助自己解決煩惱,不能幫助別人,事情就麻煩。)










是清淨、平等、覺的觀念?還是分別、執著、妄想 – 人類的觀念?

一定要搞清楚。如果用人類觀念去查看你的起心、動念,沒有什麼效果,不會有效果。如果你說,我今天學佛要學佛的觀念 – 清淨、平等、覺的觀念,用清淨、平等、覺的觀念去查看你的起心、動念,有用。而且查看的時候,得一切佛菩薩的幫忙,就是加持。「加持」的意思,就是給你能量,讓你腦筋清楚,很容易就完成成佛的事業,這個重要。



不要說做人;今天學佛,一般人講: 人都做不好,怎麼學佛?        







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