MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 19
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 19

Continuing to explain the Sutra Title: Prajnaparamita Hrdayasutra (the Heart of the Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom), we refer to the shortened name of the Heart Sutra. We explained previously that Prajna’s final function has four phenomena:

  1. The “Wisdom of the Great Perfect Mirror (Adarsajnana)” can turn the Alaya consciousness (the 8th consciousness), which is the Tathagata store-house consciousness being turned.
  2. The “Wisdom regarding all things equally and universally (Smatajnana)” can turn the Manas consciousness (the 7th consciousness), which is stubborn attachment.
  3. The “Wisdom of profound insight and observation (Pratyaveksanajnana)” can turn the 6th ideation consciousness, commonly referred to as our subconscious.
  4. The “Wisdom of perfecting the accomplishment of self-welfare and the welfare of others (Krtyanusthanajnana)” transforms the “eye, ear, nose, tongue and body” which produces the “sight, sound, smell, taste and touch” as the first five consciousness to become the function of helping all living beings, so one has the ability to help others.

Under these kinds of phenomena, when these four wisdoms are fully possessed then very significant changes will occur in your living environment.

The first change, you will have a body called the Transformation Body (Nirmanakaya).  After the Transformation body, there is another body called the Reward body (Sambhogkaya or Enjoyment body). After the Reward Body, there is the Dharma Body (Dharmakaya).  These three bodies—Dharma, Reward and Transformation are the Trikaya which differ externally, but are the same in nature. When you practice the profound Prajna Paramita into the profound wisdom, these three bodies will manifest.

Today we are going to discuss these three bodies thoroughly.

It is well known from ordinary study of the Buddhist Sutra or listening to lectures that the Buddha has three bodies – Dharma Body, Reward Body and Transformation Body. The true meanings of these bodies are not clearly explained across the ages, today we must illustrate in detail.

First, explaining the Dharma Body is the fundamental body.

What is Body? It is our life’s own function, the basic function as I contemplate, I think, I act, and I behave. It is like having a body of flesh; however, a Buddha has a Reward Body and a Dharma Body.

Do we have a Dharma Body? Ours has not manifested yet.

The Dharma Body always exists in our Buddha-nature, which is in our original enlightenment nature.

What kind phenomenon is the Dharma Body of Buddha? First, speaking from the aspect of space, it can penetrate all dimensional spaces.

All of you need to think, while science has discovered that space dimensions extend to the 11th dimension, this would have been very difficult explain and use as a metaphor in ancient times. It is quite incredible that scientists can prove up to the 11th dimensional space. The dimension of Buddha’s Dharma Body is unlimited.

What phenomena exists in unlimited dimensional space? There is not a single thing originally – no phenomenon.

Since there is no phenomenon when wisdom initiates the function, one becomes omniscient.

People talk about “not-knowing, to be omniscient as knowing everything”. Sutra scriptures often emphasizes, and we frequently explain: “Cannot say, cannot say”, it does not mean cannot speak of it, it means it is unable to be described, it is beyond expression, and it is indescribable by universal language or words. This is called “cannot say”.

Therefore, the Dharma Body of Buddha is omniscient and omnipresent.

Catholics often describe the Lord of Heaven as “being omnipresent and omnipresent”. The Lord of Heaven in Buddhism is Intila who lives above our space dimension. One day there is equivalent to 100 years of our Earth time, reaching 100 years in the human world is only one day in Heaven. The life span in Heaven is 1,000 years calculated based on 365 days a year on Earth, so you can calculate the equivalent number of years in Earth time.

With regards to the God of Heaven, he is very powerful and can penetrate all materiality in space. Buddha has already surpassed the spirituality in Great Perfection and is completely 100% recovered.  However, the Heavenly world has only recovered 1%.

The Buddha world is different, the Dharma Body has recovered 100% of original life pure radiance where there is no “birth, aging, illness or death”. Thus, when we speak of Prajna that is wisdom.

Wisdom is represented by what means? It is the radiance.

The radiance is unlikely to disappear, every one of us has radiance. Whether you are dead, or being reborn, or sick, or old, it is unlikely to disappear. Even after being reborn again through reincarnation, your radiance does not fade away.

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心經     卷(二)   法、化、報三身  




(三)「妙觀察智」轉「第六獨頭意識」,就是我們現在講的「潛 意識」。

(四)「成所作智」轉我們所講的「眼、耳、鼻、舌、身」,     「色、聲、香、味、觸」前五識,變成對一切眾生的渡生作用,   他有能力可以渡眾。


第一是    你有個身叫作「化身」。化身完了以後,還有個身叫「報身」。報身完了以後,還有個身,是「法身」。法身、化身、報身,三身一體,就是你在「行深般若波羅蜜多」進入甚深智慧時,顯出了這三身。

今天要徹底講一講這「三身」。平常讀《佛經》也好,聽演講也好,都聽到佛有三身 – 法化報三身。真正意思不一定很清楚,今天要細講。


什麼叫「身」?就是我們生活本身作用,根本作用 – 我思、我想、我做、我行。






無數度的空間裡面是什麼現象? 「本來無一物」 – 沒有現象。










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