MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 20
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 20

(Last week we ended with, “the radiance is unlikely to disappear, every one of us has radiance. Whether you are dead, or being reborn, or sick, or old, it is unlikely to disappear. Even after being reborn again through reincarnation, your radiance does not fade away.”)


Since the Dharma Body penetrates all existence space, average people cannot feel it. Due to its imperceptibility, not only it does not have the fluctuation of ions; even the ions itself do not exist.  Modern science has discovered the quark as the smallest particle form, only visible using a high-power microscope of new scientific technology. But Buddha claims:

This is still a form of materiality, it is still one’s attachment, it is still a kind of hinderance, a kind of hinderance to the mind-nature, it still has affliction.

Therefore, Buddha has spoken that he has seen all living beings where their fundamental essence of life originally is without any hindrances. Did Shakyamuni Buddha not demonstrate that he attained enlightenment seated beneath the Bodhi tree while gazing up at the night stars?  He stated the following words:

All the living beings have Tathagata (Buddha-nature) wisdom and virtuous excellence, but because of delusional thoughts and attachments, one is unable to comprehend the truth.

Therefore, we know where materiality comes from?  It is from attachments.

Where is space and time from? It is from delusional thoughts.

How does our environment form? It is from discrimination.

We have discriminated between beauty and ugliness, kindness and viciousness, good and bad; this way of like and dislike created this “I”.  After this “I” begins, its function then our Dharma Body disappears.

What does the term “Dharma” mean? It is without discrimination, attachment, and delusional thoughts. To act honestly and to try not to deceive anybody is called “Dharma”.

Once you start the attachment, all abilities disappear. After that, it will produce a phenomenon – “the unenlightened condition”. This “unenlightened condition” is extremely annoying which has caused us to be confused across unlimited existence of world-periods. We are so confused and even unaware that we have Dharma Body, Reward Body, Transformation Body, and unaware we are Buddha originally.

Now we hear that Amitabha is truly mighty, Guan-Yin Bodhisattva (Avalokitesvara) is truly mighty; you are mistaken. Amitabha and Guan-Yin Bodhisattva look at us and they think we are identical to them. This is not merely compassion, it is their wisdom, and using their supernatural ability. We explained that supernatural ability is the power of wisdom penetration to see our fundamental essence without defilement originally.

What function does the Dharma Body have since it is omnipresent? Our life’s fundamental essence extends over time and space of the entire universe so, it can also penetrate the present, future and past.

What is the impact? To be the master of oneself completely with freedom at will.

Humans are very interesting. From the time of birth to the present, when you think about it, regardless of what age, can you be the master of yourself?

The meaning of “being master of oneself” is not only finding joy in one’s own way, but also the fate of “birth, aging, sickness or death” having utterly no impact on you. Your eyes have visibility of everything in this universe. Your ears can listen to sound which none can be blocked by any spirituality or materiality. Your nose can smell all scents. Precisely, there are no barriers affecting the six sensory organs—eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind. You can see all the Buddha Bodhisattvas or any beings from the galaxy’s stars as soon as the thought arises. This ability is not the average conceptual kind of limited supernatural ability. It cannot be developed by practice cultivating and balance life energy exercises. Also, not by following a certain method to receive empowerment by a Tibetan Buddhist Head Master who wears the five-petal lotus hat when sprinkling water on top of your head. Also, it is not attained by studying and exploring Dhyana (Zen) meditation. No, none of it. This ability existed originally and was not granted by others. Ourselves, since we do not understand the true facts about life in the universe, therefore we have curiosity, and then we are deluded by emerging situations.

Where does the emergence of situations originate from? It is:

One thought of the unenlightened condition arises three extremely fine conceptions (1.the stirring of the perceptive faculty as in primal action, 2. Ability to perceive phenomena. 3. the object perceived); and the object perceived which serves as the affinity occasion to manifest six common concepts (as sights, sound, smells, tastes, touch and all universe phenomena).

This needs explanation: one thought of unenlightened condition refers to uncomprehending and not being clear.

How does the unenlightened condition produce?  It produces suddenly.

Just like now your mind is obviously composed, when wind breezes through in no time a thought rises of what is this?

If a thought does not rise, do not take the matter seriously. Your mind has purified of defiling illusion, then you know that is the phenomena of air circulating exhibiting our original internal state of imperturbability, exempt from all external sensation. However, we would never know about this if no one explained it to us.

Prior to becoming human, we were originally a mass of energy close to the Dharma Body condition. Everywhere in the cosmic systems has this energy. The energy within the universe is interwoven, endless layers without any barriers.

However, the instant you initiate a question, “what is it”? Thinking has been established.

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心經     卷(二)   法、化、報三身

(上星期講到: 光明不會消失,我們每個人都有光明,不會消失的。你死也好,生也好,病也好,老也好,不會消失;轉世投胎不會消失。)








你一執著,什麼都沒有了;沒有以後,產生一現象 – 「無明」。這個「無明」真是要命。害得我們無量劫來都在迷,迷到最後不知道我們有「法身」,不知道我們有「報身」,不知道我們有「化身」,不知道我們本來是「佛」。





「自在」是不僅自得其樂,而且生、老、病、死都莫你奈何。眼睛想要看,看任何地方都能看到。耳朵要聽聲音,沒有聲音、沒有任何物質精神範圍可以阻擋。鼻子,要聞味道,什麼都聞得到。就是「六根」 – 眼、耳、鼻、舌、身、意,沒有障礙。想看那個星球上的那位眾生、那位佛菩薩,念頭一起就見到了。這能力就不是我們一般人講的小小「神通」。不是練氣功練出來的。也不是我們修一個什麼法門,今天某某法王給我們灌頂就有,沒有的。也不是「參禪」打坐到什麼地步就有,不是。它本來就有,不是誰給你。我們自己因為不明暸宇宙人生的真相,所以我們會好奇,就被境界所迷。









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