MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 22
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 22

(Last week we ended with, “It is our duty to understand the following: What kind of merits do you have? What kind of phenomenon will occur after you attain Buddha-hood? What kind of responsibility do you have regarding the life in the universe?  Then you would see all clearly.”)


Regarding the “unenlightened condition”, when the manifested phenomena of the unenlightened condition appears before you, mountains, rivers and the earth appears. After mountains, rivers and the earth manifest, then the action (karma) appears.

What is Karma? It is the continued activation of the mind, the continuance of thoughts, thinking and action which precisely creates everything.

This is very interesting, once the spiritual body has established, the materiality begins transformation. The material solidifies and coagulates just like the mountains, rivers, and earth.

The “Ground of the earth” is formed by strong and extremely firm attachments. A person with extremely firm attachments is sometimes scolded by others as to why they like such hard and solid rocks. It shows one has extreme stubborn attachment.

“Fire” is one of the human body’s natural energies. If one initiates resentment, being unhappy and angry, then this energy changes and transforms to become the tormenting phenomena of Hell.

“Wind” is a form of respiratory flow. The wind in this universe, if in a good condition purifies.  If in bad condition, then it becomes disaster.

“Water” is also the same as wind. It can either capsize the boat or float the boat.

The “ground of the earth, water, fire, wind, unoccupied space, faculty of senses, and consciousness”; where are they from?  They are from delusional thought.

The “unoccupied space” is when we have been looking at the existence of open space for thousands year and it has not changed. It is delusional thought.

Do you know why the color of outer space is black? If you go to outer space and look, it is black caused from the unenlightened condition.

Do you know why there is the unenlightened condition? It is because the phenomenon of your thinking and mentality does not have brightness.

If you are bright, then the cosmos would be shining and transparent. In addition, the countless universe is only a tiny portion, today when speaking of the Milky Way Galaxy it is several hundred million galaxies that is nothing compared to this, just like the analogy of chicken feathers and garlic skin.

When you enter an internal state of tranquility where the mind is unmoved by any phenomena, you see hundreds of trillions of galaxies and the unlimited universe, boundless dimensional spaces turning out to be an “abstract notion”. This is very Interesting because the “unenlightened condition” is precisely an “abstract notion”.  Life and death are abstract ideas, life and death are too rough a description; the unenlightened condition is extremely refined.

Refined to what extent? It is so refined only after you eradicated the 41 grades of the unenlightened conditions entirely and perfectly then you would know.

This will be discussed further in the future. Currently at this level, to go into deeper discussion about each grade level will create confusion as everyone’s foundation has not been established yet.

In that case, let’s talk about where is “the origin of the unenlightened condition”?  The theory states that it is a sudden thought activation.

I ask you, why reacting suddenly?

Sutra explains all as sudden or by accident. You are also unable to figure out why suddenly, as it turns out this is exactly the transformation of Buddha-nature, a kind of change in energy of our universe life’s fundamental essence. If you know about this change then no bother; regardless how it changes, your mind is perfectly and completely unmoved. When the mind is composed, it does not matter how all changes. Therefore, other people talk about the “intuitive unenlightened condition” or “non-initiating unenlightened condition”, which refers exactly to this point. The “intuitive unenlightened condition” occurs at the beginning of the first confused thought. The “non-initiating unenlightened condition” is the unenlightened condition simply never starting (originally it never existed).

Thus, after establishing: 1.the stirring of the perceptive faculty as in primal action, 2. Ability to perceive phenomena, and 3. the object perceived; then the Ability to perceive phenomena serves as the affinity occasion which manifests six common concepts. Before we talk about the Three extremely fine conceptions, these are the common concepts which are: “eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind” produces “sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and thought (mental presentation of discernment)”; like the six organs that respond to the six impurities.

“Sight”, represents the materiality, precisely the external appearances.

“Sound”, the vibration of ions and the vibration of sound waves.

“Smell”, the variation produced from the phenomenon of the unenlightened condition. It represents smell through fragrance, stench and all others.

“Taste”, is like scent as it enters our body, our perception and awareness.

“Touch”, is limitless and boundless feelings of touch.

“Thought”, is the endless and boundless abstract notions.

After you have this kind of concepts, then your “eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind” will match accordingly. The eyes see, it will become “sight”. The ears hear, it will become “sound”. The nose “smells”, it becomes scent. The tongues “taste” flavor. The body feels “touch”. The mind has “thought” as the abstract notion. If you do the analysis this way, everything becomes clear.

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心經     卷(二)   法、化、報三身  

(上星期講到: 這是我們自己本分內應該了解的:你有什麼功德?你證了佛果以後有什麼現象?你對於宇宙人生有什麼責任?看得清清楚楚。)




地,是堅固的「執著」形成,非常堅固的執著。人家罵人的時   候,你怎麼像個石頭,毛屎坑裡的石頭又臭又硬。堅固執著。

火,是人的能量的體性,火性代表能量。如果他起了瞋恚,就是 不高興、生氣;這能量就變了,變成地獄的現象,就是折磨。

風,是一種呼吸流動,風在宇宙當中,好的時候,是淨化作用, 不好的時候,變災難。













所以轉相、境界相、業相一造,「境界為緣長『六麤』」- 六種粗的現象;前面是三「細相」,這是粗現象。粗現象是「眼、耳、鼻、舌、身、意」,「色、聲、香、味、觸、法」;「六根」對「六塵」。



香:是一種「無明」現象產生出來的變化,香代表香、臭、各式 各樣的味道。


觸: 碰觸,碰觸感覺也是無量無邊。


你有這麼個觀念後,「眼、耳、鼻、舌、身、意」就對上了。 眼,遇之成色。耳,聞之成聲。鼻,嗅是聞香。舌,嚐味。身,是觸。意念,是法。你這樣把它分析,清清楚楚。

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