MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 24
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 24

(Last week we ended with, “You use what kind of mentality? In the first place, you should understand the rule to follow the chain of cause and effect to receive karma-result as the consequences of one’s action. As a man, he reaps what he sows.”)


The rule is the foundation and base of all religious sects. Vairocana becoming Buddha also originates from this. Today you becoming a Vajra Guru (teacher) of Esoteric Buddhism also originates from this. Today you transforming to a small bug also originates from this. If you cannot thoroughly understand this rule, then there is no Prajna (wisdom) to talk about.

You need to think what “cause” turns you to this way now?

What kind of “conditioned by our past” turns us into this kind of phenomenon?

Now we receive what kind of “effect”?

What will be the future “karmic-result”?

You need to understand thoroughly. After being clear about it, your mind and body then settles, and no longer thinks of overstepping your own boundaries; no longer be hurried and busy, also every day would not be worried, afraid, scared and confused. Worldly people emphasize:

Knowing one’s place and minding one’s own business.

that is inadequate; in fact, it should be:

 Setting one’s mind at rest and being the master of one’s self.

When you can set your mind at rest and be the master of yourself, life is totally different; this is truly called “living”. Otherwise, the average person likes hovering between life and death entirely every minute and second, this precisely is you without wisdom. For a wisdom person, this illness or aging has no effect on them. Life and death to them precisely is the phenomena of creation (birth) and extinction (death) and is entirely not affected.

Therefore, fundamentally for you to recover your Dharma Body, you must first have an internal state of imperturbability, exempt from all external sensations.

What is the first requirement? It is to have no discrimination and no attachments.

Regarding Dharma Body, Buddha himself stated:

After he recovered his Dharma Body, the elements of time such as past, present and future no longer exist

Why? In his frame of mind, these kinds of scope of limitation with past, present and future are gone. The idea of past life, present life and future life has all gone, then he is the master of himself completely with freedom at will.

Within this state, a phenomenon has the Reward Body (or Enjoyment body). The Reward Body is for his own enjoyment of what he has, a self-enjoy environment, and a self-enjoy body.

What is the range of the Reward Body? This Reward Body does not compose of any substance (materiality) and it is formed by nirvana merits and enlightenment virtues.

What is nirvana merit? It is wisdom.

What is enlightenment virtue? It is wisdom function, precisely it is the light.

What is the name of the body composed by wisdom light? It is indestructible and eternally unspoiled.

We have constantly heard from the school of Buddhism talk about one eminent monk who had left us with a full body relic just the same as the Sixth Patriarch. This well-preserved body is indestructible and eternally unspoiled expresses one’s teaching. It is not one’s physical body that is indestructible and eternally unspoiled.

Indeed, the body is eternally unspoiled, a relic you can try to break with a hammer but instead, the hammer cracks. Genuine sarira of a Buddha, like the Sixth Patriarch’s full body sarira, you can try to break it but there is nothing that can destroy it.

Why? His power of “moral precepts, composing the mind and wisdom” has already attained the ultimate level and there is nothing in this universe that can obliterate it. You can try with a bomb, or atom bomb or even nuclear bomb but it will not have any effect.

Why? Because bombing those materialistic things; its composition is spirituality, which is indestructible and eternally unspoiled.

I knew someone who was a Buddhist practitioner, he chanted Amitabha for over a year and he left to be born to the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land.

He quietly chanted Amitabha daily in private without anyone knowing. He was merely a lay practitioner at home and not a monk of the Monastery. At his cremation, there were many sarira from his head; the color was pearl-like and translucent like a crystal (like the kind reportedly found among the cremated ashes of Buddhist spiritual masters).

Sarira is a Sanskrit terms that means bone, precisely what we say are the cremated remains.

How come? It is an unchanging and unspoiled phenomenon of the human spiritual power that appears in materiality.

His performance was not at the highest level, only generally going and being born to the Amitabha Pure Land. But for an ordinary person who can attain this level is truly uneasy, his mind power was already able to concentrate to such an incredible extent. Guan-Yin Bodhisattva (Avalokitesvara), Da-Shi-Zhi Bodhisattva (Mahasthamaprapta) and Amitabha Buddha all came together to meet and receive him which confirmed his enlightened mind energy was integrated with the supreme enlightenment energy. Therefore, we say the Reward Body is the indestructible and eternally unspoiled body, he goes to the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land and his body becomes indestructible and eternally unspoiled.

Why? The energy there is eternally unchanged. Our energy fields here, the external environment changes all day long. Like the poor weather again with floods or earthquakes, our minds are constantly unsettled and changing. If not a perturbed state of mind then we are in a dazed condition, either wanting to sleep or wanting to do this or doing that.

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心經     卷(二)   法、化、報三身  

(上星期講到: 你用什麼心理?首先你要懂「因緣果報」。)











這個大自在,裡面就出現一個現象,就有「報身」。「報」就是他的自受用身 – 自己受用的環境,自己享受的環境,自己享受的身體。















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