MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 25
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 25

(Last week we ended with, “Why? The energy there is eternally unchanged. Our energy fields here, the external environment changes all day long. Like the poor weather again with floods or earthquakes, our minds are constantly unsettled and changing. If not a perturbed state of mind then we are in a dazed condition, either wanting to sleep or wanting to do this or doing that.”)


A person who chants Amitabha is different. They are wholeheartedly concentrated, refreshing and invigorating, and experience no sickness and suffering.

The benefit of practicing cultivation, and the most basic is being completely without worry about the future. How happy this can be.

Everyone knows that we are bound to die, this is an inevitable phenomenon. The funeral parlor is bound to do our business. Particularly in modern times, to die a natural death is not easy; prior to your death you need to be tortured a bit, precisely you are not allowed to die in your boots and cannot say goodbye smoothly. They check you top to bottom, from left to right. Also, giving emergency treatment, a heart-strengthening shot, and still more delivering you to the hospital. Even if you want to die at home requires one to file a report – documentary evidence; if you die at home without filing a report, delaying a few hours reporting to the authorities, the police will be suspicious of having murderous intentions. The death of our world is entirely uneasy; Before your death was already uneasy, let alone other stuff.

The Reward Body due to having no attachments, no afflictions, no delusional thoughts, the scope of this Reward Body is the entire existence of space and everywhere in the universe.  Let us talk about the Reward Body of Rocana Buddha, using the Vairocana Buddha as the example.

What is the meaning of Vairocana? It is omnipresent, the light illumination across the universe refers to our fundamental essence.

Since our fundamental essence is the light illumination across the universe, our body also has the same light illumination across the universe.

In that case, within this light illumination across the universe, how big is the body? After everyone becomes Buddha, one will have a Reward Body – the Enjoyment Body. Quoted from the Visualization Sutra, it is 60,000,000,000,000 x 10,000,000 (nayuta) x 100,000 (yojana) x 9 miles (one yojana = 9 miles). It is impossible to compute. One eye of the Buddha can only be measured inadequately, even our ten billion Milky Way Galaxy are not enough to load it. This is the scope of one’s Reward Body.

What is the Reward Body? It is the nirvana merits and enlightenment virtues.

What are nirvana merits and enlightenment virtues? The function of wisdom illumination.

This kind of Buddhism terminology for an average person is very difficult to imagine and to believe also. In addition, returning to the main topic, let alone within this life of ours, from our past lives until now none of us has seen it.

Today we talk about Amitabha and Guan-Yin Bodhisattva (Avalokitesvara), has anyone ever seen them before?

Please raise your hand if you have seen them?

Anyone? No, there is none.

No need to say more, you have not even seen extraterrestrial intelligence. In the 50’s, there were many arrivals of extraterrestrial intelligence to the US.

Our earth has had plenty of visits from extraterrestrial intelligence, have you seen one? No. You do not have the affinity with them.

Why? Your body and mind are different from them.

The high-level intelligence beings in the universe from beyond the earth, like from the spiritual world, do not want to come, our world is like a garbage tank to them.

Today we sit in meditation and go to the outer space, sometimes we do not want to come back. Why? Here is truly a garbage tank, we do not want to stay.

While in outer space, to see our world here it is dying too fast, getting sick too fast, and changing too fast; the taste is dull and dry as dust. All of you may not remember this life, but your previous life had this experience before. You would believe what I say.

A person who has true efficacy of imperturbable stillness of mind control will keep this state for a few months, where does one go? One travels to outer space.

Like the Buddhist spiritual master the Venerable Monk Guang-Qin, every time he meditated was minimally for 3 months and he went to visit the Buddha world. He stayed there for 1/1000th second (Buddha world’s time), and then he needs to return.

Why? The time zone is different.

In the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land, one day is equivalent to 1,344,000,000 earth years. Visiting Amitabha Buddha today, by the time you get there, nod your head to say hello and return, the world here would already be changed because the discrepancy between time and space is too far.

Let us make an example: We visit one of the ordinary Heavens, the lowest levels in the heavenly world – Caturmaharajika Heaven of the “Four Deva-Kings” (each of whom watches over one cardinal directions of the world), one day there is equal to 50 earth years. By the time, we come back from a party there, most of the people we know on earth would be gone. Let alone the Lord of Trayastrimsa Heaven, as God in Catholicism. Some people say his rank is higher than the level of the Mahabrahma Heaven. In Mahabrahma Heaven, a day is equivalent to 25,600 earth years; by the time you meet with him, our earth may have completely turned to the edge.  Further up to different Heavens, there is no way to compute its time and space. Such as the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land, one day there is 1,344,000,000 earth years.

However, it is fast to become Buddha there; it takes approximately 3.5 to 4 days (Pure Land time) for one to become Buddha there. How long would take one to become Buddha on earth? It would take countless existences of world-periods on earth.

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心經     卷(二)   法、化、報三身  

(上星期講到: 為什麼?那個磁場不會變。我們這裡磁場,外在的環境一天到晚變。天氣不好,又是淹水,又地震,又什麼;心裡一天到晚七上八下,不停的變。不七上八下,就是昏沉,人昏昏的,要嘛就睡覺,要不然就這個、那個。)





毘盧遮那的意思是什麼?遍一切處,光明遍照 – 講我們人的本體。既然本體光明遍照,我們身體也是光明遍照。

那光明遍照中,這身有多大?就是每尊佛成佛以後,他有個「報身」 – 受用身,在我們極樂世界講是「六十萬億那由他百千由旬」,這沒有辦法計算。佛的一個眼睛,他們勉強計算,就是我們這一百億個銀河系都裝不下。這他的報身。














我們就舉個例:我們到最普通的天界,最低的天界「閻摩羅王天」 – 四天王天,一天是我們這裡五十年。到那邊去參加一個party回來,這裡的人都已經再見了。更不要說一般講「忉利天」天主,就是天主教講的天主。有人說天主教天主階次更高,到「大梵天」。一天是我們這裡幾十萬年。那你見到他,我們這裡地球可能轉個邊了。更往上,那是不得了,沒有時空可以計算。像極樂世界,一天是我們這裡十三億四千四百萬年。可是它那裡成佛快,在那個地方大概三天半到四天就成佛。


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