MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 27
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 27

(Last week we ended with, “What is the self-confirmation aspect? It is yourself having verified the phenomena of the purified mind in its nature state free of obscuration. The phenomenon one sees and would not rashly let know to other people is called “esoteric”. It is not concealed and not to let people know or not to pass on. People should be very clear with this point.”)



Adding the word “profound” to esoteric practice is precisely the extraordinary refined phenomena of universal energy called Vajrayan (or Esoteric Buddhism, Tantric Buddhism). There exists absolutely no superstitions. You should not be mistaken seeing a person wearing the five-petal lotus hat and think one is the Dharma King, that is only a religious appearance -an external appearance. You really need to learn from his self-confirmation aspect in Buddha enlightenment; has he experiential entry into Buddha truth?

A minimally qualified one has attained the 4th fruition of Arhatship, one who has all illusions and temptation of things seen and thoughts abandoned is the attainment of the 9th meditative concentration (Samadhi) level. There are cultivation tiers and it cannot be you announcing that one is the Dharma King (Dharmaraja) and he becomes one, things do not happen this way. If you practice cultivation and have experiential entry into the Buddha truth, with one glance, you would know. Currently, 99% of Esoteric Buddhism is provisional practice.

How come they are provisional practice? That is in the religion name.

Why do I say this out loud? Currently there is no true Buddha teaching anymore. It is also the same in Exoteric Buddhism. All are busy with religious assembly, bustling with noise and excitement, using it to set up enterprises, or set up group corporations. There is already no teaching of Buddha.

Where is the true teaching of Buddha? The true teaching of Buddha must wait for the next-arrival of Mi-le Buddha (Maitreya) again from the Mahabrahma Heaven to seek the teaching of Buddha.

Now in this period of degeneration and extinction of the Buddha teaching, nothing is there. In this period of degeneration and extinction of Buddha teaching, all is for looking good. People see many splendid religious mountain groups occupied with many magnificent high-rise monasteries and temples, looking good externally. The meaning of the true Buddha teaching is gone, let alone the cultivation practices and self-authenticating, even the Dharma Body and Reward Body are not here, and need not to speak of the Transformation Body.

We often hear about how in Esoteric Buddhism, there are many “Dharmarajas—Dharma Kings” who are the manifestation of so-and-so past prominent master. If you do cultivation practice and are self-authenticating, taking one look and you would know they are fake. In past lives, he was a monk with some good karmic reward and due to his advantageous rewards and having this vow, only then did he transmigrate back. He is not a Buddha Bodhisattva. People should not be mistaken or confused by this.

The same way as we come to this world with karmic reward so that we can live in a nice house and drive nice cars, he must have affinity with this religion like many who become Pope or Cardinal of the Catholic Church who have this advantageous reward. You truly think that he is the transformation of angels? No, he is not. However, it has happened in the past such as, the Venerable Pope John Paul II, who was sent from Heaven. He was very clear about his life mission on earth. In addition, Mother Teresa is also the same. These people came from the Heaven world.

We need to talk about the Buddha world, it is not easy.

Are there any transformation bodies of Buddha Bodhisattva from the Buddha world? Have any of the Buddha Bodhisattva come? Yes, there are.

The population on earth is about five billion and there are about six billion Transformation Bodies of Buddha Bodhisattva here on earth. However, we are unaware.

Why? From their Transformation Body’s phenomenon, it is invisible for you tell.

From my personal observation, true cultivation depends on the self, it is useless to rely on others. Today, if you truly want to see the true facts of the universe, as just mentioned a moment ago, you need to compose your mind, and practice cultivation truly. To remove afflictions and attachments during each mind activation with thought arousal this is called “become enlightened” and “enlightenment”.

Buddha teaching is enlightenment, not a religion. Buddha teaching is not created by Buddha; everyone has this fundamental essence of enlightenment and all living beings can become Buddha.

In Western society, they do not acknowledge this. In Western religion, God is the almighty who creates everything. It is the same perspective as Brahmanism. In Brahmanism, all is created by Brahma, the followers even refer to themselves as the people of Brahma. In the Hindu religion, Brahma is pure, clean and unchanging. Buddha is not like that and he states:

All living beings can become Buddha.

Everyone can recover one’s fundamental essence and regain one’s inherent pure mind furthermore, to attain the state of being the master of one’s self. The Reward Body Buddha is the master of oneself.

Where does one live? One lives in numerous spatial dimensions.

Does one contact with us? Yes, one does contact with us. However, without moving to respond through feelings, you are unlikely to sense it.

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心經     卷(二)   法、化、報三身  

(上星期講到: 什麼是「自證分」?就是你自己證入法界的現象。這現象是什麼,不輕易告訴人家,這叫「密」。不是祕密不傳,不是,這要搞清楚)

那個密加一個「深」,就是非常細微的宇宙能量的現象,這個叫密宗。絕對沒有迷信的。不要看他外面戴個法王帽,又是這個法王,那只是一種教相 – 就是外相。真正要跟他學「自證分」;他有沒有證入?

最低要證四果阿羅漢,四果羅漢要「見思煩惱」全部斷光光 – 這是第九次第定。這有次第的,不是你說他法王,他就法王,沒有這種事的。你自己有修有證,你一看他就知道。現在的密教百分之九十九全是假的。





我們常看密教裡面有很多 – 某某法王,他是「化身」來的,怎麼樣怎麼樣。你自己有修有證,你一看就知道,假的。那是過去生,有一點福報的出家人,他有福報有這個願力,他才回來,不是佛菩薩。不要弄錯。












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