MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 29
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 29

(Last week we ended with, “Just like The Bodhisattva Universal Door Chapter of the Lotus Sutra mentions: One should be helped by whichever form needed, Buddha Bodhisattva will take the material shape in whichever form.)



Dharma Body, Transformation Body and Reward Body are inherently provided with these three convenient phenomena in us.

Why does it say convenient? It is:

Returning to the primary pure condition that exists in non-dual ways, however the expedient means to the salvation and enlightenment all living beings are so many. 

What does this mean? We want to have ultimate perfect attainment, freeing our life from afflictions and attachments to reach pureness and brightness; this is returning to the primary pure condition. Non-dual ways refer to no other methods except letting go and being disillusioned with all. Expedient means to salvation and enlightenment all living beings are so many, expedient means refers to making things easy for people, and can help all kinds of people.

It is okay if one does not have time to do morning or evening chanting; where does one practice then? You can practice activating the mind with arising thought.

If you have the time to cultivate in the morning and evening exercise session, it is great. If you do not like cultivation either in the morning exercise and evening exercise session, or you do not like to practice each mind activation with thought arousal, then you can cultivate in other ways such as, repairing bridges or paving roads are also good. Any way will do it entirely, that refers to expedient means to the salvation and enlightenment of all living beings are so many. So many means are limitless and boundless up to 84,000 ways (metaphor for numerous), it teaches you to recover your pure and equality fundamental essence.

Formerly someone asked me: “How come we have chanted Amitabha for so long and Amitabha does not come to receive me?” We plead to him daily.

Others have also stated: “It is okay, I do not really care about this life, I will plead to Amitabha when approaching my end, Amitabha will meet and receive me then”.

These are all your delusional thoughts. Why? If you do not let go of your habits of “greediness, resentment, ignorance, arrogance and suspicions”, how is Amitabha to meet and receive you? The so-called “meeting and receiving” refers to associated. If you are unable to associate with this bright and pure energy, then this so-called meeting and receiving will not happen. “Meeting and receiving” is Amitabha energy removing your soul out of your body and merge into one.

The moment the light of the Amitabha illuminates you, your body and mind will initiate a kind of change naturally.

What kind of change? Refreshing and happy. Your memory is recovered and suddenly awakened.

Therefore, other people state: “Life is but a dream.” Within the dream there exists the phenomena of “birth, aging, sickness and death”; after becoming awakened there is nothing there. The Great Master Yong-Jia has stated:

As if dreaming yet there were clearly six realms of reincarnation, and after awakening, all phenomena is the illusory nature of all existence and there is no boundless universe.

The universe (the great wide world), what is boundless universe?  It is the Milky Way Galaxy, the cosmos; it all vanishes, it is a dream. Therefore, I say:

If you have the feeling that life is a dream and further perceive the universe is a dream, then your chanting of Amitabha will correspond with Amitabha soon.

If you cultivate Esoteric Buddhism, your mantra chanting will quickly correspond with your specific worship of Buddha.

If you study and explore Dhyana (Zen), soon you will be into the state of: There is not a single thing originally, where can any dust be provoked.

Today the source of our problem is our stubbornness to attachments, being firmly stubborn and unwilling to let go.

Some people would say: “I do not know what to let go?” This is ignorance.

If you recover the three bodies of Dharma, Transformation and Reward, then you are a normal person. A normal person will have four kinds of wisdom as I previously mentioned:

  1. The Great Perfect Mirror Wisdom,
  2. Wisdom to regard all things equally and universally,
  3. Wisdom of profound insight observation, and
  4. Wisdom of perfecting the accomplishment of self-welfare and the welfare of others.

These fundamental Four Wisdoms have the overall name of Prajna.

Let us hypothesize that we have already recovered the wisdom, what would we have to do? With respect to the “Self-enjoyment Body”, we are the master of ourselves and completely have freedom at will as described in the “eight free conditional states of I, ten fearless forces, and infinite compassion Samadhi”; this is precisely the sphere of the Realization of Tranquil and Extinction of All Phenomena of Tathagata’s attainment. “Tranquil” is being still and unmoved, purified of defiling illusion, “Extinction” is complete cessation of thought; so, you are purified of defiling illusion and are unmoved, it is the state of complete cessation of thought then functions with omniscience penetrative ability (wisdom illumination), to have clarity in all situations yet being eternal still and unmoving. “The omniscience penetrative ability” is the wisdom, “Extinction” is the essence. It does not mean death as inflexible and cannot function. No, it is not that way.

Where should we apply this notion? It is in our daily routines.

After the Sixth Patriarch attained enlightenment, he used it in his daily life, in addition he stayed with a group of hunters for 15 years. In these 15 years, he underwent various experiences to refine his mind, to slowly remove his remaining bad habits, his habitual movement, his habitual way of thinking, and his habitual behaviors. After removing all, there was nothing left; that is the state of being the master of himself completely freedom at will.

All of you should think this over, Prajna is the most important point in the recovery of your pure essence, and it should not be neglected.

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心經     卷(二)   法、化、報三身  

(上星期講到: 就像《普門品》裡講:應以什麼身得渡,即化現什麼身渡他。)



這話怎麼講?我們要究竟圓滿,把我們的生活從煩惱、執著中解脫出來,達到清淨、光明,這叫「歸元」 – 歸到原點。「無二路」,就是沒有別的方式,只有「放下、看破」。「方便有多門」,「方便」就是給大家方便,什麼樣的人都能夠幫。


有時間做早、晚課,這有時間做。如果早、晚課,起心、動念都不喜歡修,修別的也可以 – 修橋、鋪路也可以。什麼方式都有,就是「方便有多門」。「多門」就是無量無邊八萬四千的方法,都教你恢復清淨、平等的本體。

以前有人問我:「我們念佛念了半天,怎麼阿彌陀佛都沒有來接 我?」我們每天求他。






連「大千世界」,什麼叫「大千世界」?    是銀河系、宇宙;沒有了,是夢。











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