MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 30
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 30

(Last week we ended with, “All of you should think this over, Prajna is the most important point in the recovery of your pure essence, and it should not be neglected.”)


We are lucky to be born in the human world. Buddha mentioned this before:

To become a human being is extremely difficult

But we have no awareness of this.

We say: “With so many people on the earth, who is not here to be human?”

However, compared to cosmic systems, this number is far too small. Currently the earth’s population is approximately 50 to 60 billion as calculated by statisticians. In the future, this number will grow to 100 billion. With so many people, you should do the comparison: compute the number of germs on this earth which is countless and boundless, in addition the beings of other plant are also countless and boundless. Thinking attentively again about the germs inside our bodies. Germs are life forms and they also have the ability to become Buddha.

Getting back to the subject, when your mind has purified of defiling illusion, then you will not get sick.

Why? You are purified, germs will not behave oddly, it also feels good. When your mind is pure, the inner world is very refreshing and very bright, there is no intention to act oddly.

Why? To act oddly is very tiresome, going to war daily is tiresome.

One example mentioned by Buddha indicated:

The ratio of chance to become human is equivalent to a tiny speck of dirt on a lion’s claws.

The portion of those who cannot become human due to not having good karmic reward or did not cultivate well is huge, like the volume of dirt on this earth.  Looking at this proportion, we are lucky to become human and able to hear the teaching of Buddha. If you were born as an American, one would find it quite difficult to enter the Buddha truth because they would not understand the Buddha teaching.

Why? Once it processes through translation, it becomes very difficult.

Where is the Buddha teaching from? It was translated from India. During that time, the translators were the Great Master Xuan-Zang and the Great Master Kumarajiva, both are the Transformation bodies of Buddha Bodhisattva. They both possessed wisdom and supernatural abilities, so their translations were positively accurate.

However, the average people has no knowledge about this and would ask: Were some Sutra scriptures translated correctly? The translation of the Surangama Sutra was not correct, or the translation of the Amitabha Sutra was not correct. These people were unaware that the translators of that time translated through their supernatural powers and abilities, and were not using the worldly written language; the written language was supplemental.

The Surangama Sutra is perfectly translated with the full title as:

The Supreme Teaching from above the Crown of the Great Buddha’s head, on the Esoteric and Profound Cause of Tathagata, through Practicing Cultivation to Realize the Truth to become Buddha in All Disciplines of Salvation of Various Bodhisattva – Surangama Sutra

Even just the Sutra title is remarkable. The full title emphasizes the central core of all Buddha’s teaching through practicing cultivation to be perfect harmony among all differences.

Therefore, the Sutra title is very important. Average people only read the scripture of Sutra, and do not pay attention to the Sutra title.

Why do they not pay attention to the title? They look at the inside content. As a matter of fact, the “Sutra title” puts forward the general outlines of the Sutra.

The script of the Surangama Sutra is very impressive and holds first place, whether in Chinese script or in classical Chinese. The explanation on the Esoteric and Profound Cause of Tathagata, through Practicing Cultivation to Realize the Truth to become Buddha, also holds first place. In All Disciplines of Salvation of Various Bodhisattva also holds first place. Lastly, Surangama also holds first place. The king of all Sutras is the Surangama Sutra, the best of its kind and can say nothing more!

In fact, the Flower Adornment Sutra (Avatamsaka Sutra of the Huayan School) has no script. Bodhisattva Nagarjuna (Long-Shu) went to the palace of the Bodhisattva of the Great Dragon and saw the volumes of the Flower Adornment Sutra, even a universe of 1,000,000,000 universes is too small to load it all. He could only bring back the table of contents from the Dragon Palace, which is precisely the Flower Adornment Sutra of current.

Where did Shakyamuni Buddha explain the Flower Adornment Sutra? It was over a period of 21 days in his state of Samadhi (an internal state of imperturbability, exempt from all external sensations) to the heavenly world, which ordinary and unenlightened people like us cannot participate. It does not like us to currently use language and words to explain, all other Sutras are conducted by language and words, but not the Flower Adornment Sutra.

Explaining the Flower Adornment Sutra in the state of Samadhi; do you know how he does it? It is done by radiating a light, radiating light to and all beings there that understand. It is not like the way we explain the Sutra now which is very tiring, everyone needs to travel back and forth, which can wear people out. After hearing the Sutra expounding then one goes home, does one enjoy it? I do not know.

Buddha explains the Flower Adornment Sutra to the Maha-Bodhisattva (who are at the level of 7th Stage or above, considered as the 47th grade of the 52 cultivation tiers or above), who only radiates a light and it is done. The Maha-Bodhisattva is not away from one’s base, and the Buddha does not need to move to their place.

The Flower Adornment Sutra discusses the perceptual state of Vairocana Buddha—as the Dharma Body of Shakyamuni Buddha, and the perceptual state of Rocana Buddha—as the Reward Body of Shakyamuni Buddha.Therefore, after recovering your Dharma Body, Transformation Body and Bliss Body, the way of living in these kinds of days can only be represented by one phenomenon like the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land. As a matter of fact, the Bliss world of Amitabha Pure Land is the world described in the Flower Adornment (Huayan) Sutra, which is the world after the Three Bodies (Trikaya) are recovered.  The “world” refers to the environment.

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心經     卷(二)   法、化、報三身  

(上星期講到: 各位想一想,「般若」就是恢復清淨本體的最重要的樞紐,這個不能忽略。)

今天有幸來做人,佛講過:「來做人很難」,我們自己不知道。我們說:「地球上的人這麼多,那一個不是來做人。」可是要跟宇宙來比,這個數目很少,我們現在五十億、五十多億 – 六十多億這麼多了,學科學的更厲害,將來變一百億。這麼多,可是你去比,把大地上的細菌算一算,無量無邊,還有別的星球的眾生無量無邊。你再去仔細想想,你身體裡面的細菌。細菌就是生命體,它們也要成佛,也有能力成佛。

話說回來,如果你心清淨的時候,就不生病; 為什麼?你清淨,它們不作怪。它也覺得蠻好的。心清淨,內心世界很清涼、很光明,不想作怪了; 為什麼?作怪很累,每天要打仗,很累。


為什麼?一經過翻譯, 很難。



《楞嚴經》翻的多好,《楞嚴經》是 《大佛頂如來密因修證了義諸菩薩萬行首楞嚴經》,這整個名字這還得了。整個名字就講出「一切佛法修證圓融」的核心。








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