MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 31
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 31

(Last week we ended with, “Therefore, after recovering your Dharma Body, Transformation Body and Bliss Body, the way of living in these kinds of days can only be represented by one phenomenon like the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land. As a matter of fact, the Bliss world of Amitabha Pure Land is the world described in the Flower Adornment (Huayan) Sutra, which is the world after the Three Bodies (Trikaya) are recovered.  The “world” refers to the environment”).


In fact, after you become Buddha, do you depart from here? No.

Do you not depart from here? The answer is also no.

After becoming Buddha, your body and mind has purified without defilement, and is with full accessibility to handle human affairs and earthly matters with no hindrance. This is the reason why Ananda (the Buddha attendant) followed the Buddha and entered the Buddhist monastic system. In the Surangama Sutra stated that Ananda was also the Buddha’s cousin.

Shakyamuni asked Ananda: “Why are you following me into the Buddhist monastic system during that time”?

His reply: “I have seen Buddha with 32 distinguished marks and 80 notable           physical characteristics; I was extremely envious and that was why I left home”.

Buddha asked: “You only pay attention to outside appearances; do you know what the Buddha teachings are all about”?

He replied: “I do not know”.

Ananda had the ability to look over something once and never forget. Sutras expounded by Buddha throughout his life was word for word memorized into Ananda’s head, during that time there was no computer, his brain was the computer.

The Surangama Sutra states very clearly that if you want to become Buddha, you must let go. Let go of what? Let go  of your basic affliction of “greed, resentment, ignorance, arrogance, and suspicion”; all must be abandoned.

It is the same of the worldly, if you do not let go of “greed”, you suffer daily. “Resentment” is  when you get angry not reaching your voracious desire for the object, you feel very unwell too. “Arrogance” is pride, with egoism and arrogance that is, exalting yourself and deprecating others or being treated the same way by others in return. The most painful suffering is your old enemies and creditors are assembled in one location. Other people said: “It is easy to encounter past enemies on a narrow road or an inevitable clash between opposing factions”, which is the truth. From our previous and past life experiences, “destiny will make enemies meet”, is it not so?  “Suspicious” is having doubt. If you have this kind of mind-set, the best job to do in the world is to become a spy. However, the more suspicious and doubtful you are, the more you will suffer than just having “greed, resentment, ignorance and arrogance”. Being overly suspicious is trouble. This is mental torture like having the same enjoyment of Hell.

Why call it Hell? It is a sturdy prison.

What is a study prison? It is sturdy thinking in your head, and this thinking pattern will torture yourself all day long, without any way to resolve it. This is ignorance.

Therefore, these five basic afflictions of “greed, resentment, ignorance, arrogance and suspicion”; if you do cultivation practice and are unable to remove these five basic afflictions, then your cultivation will be in vain and will end up being tormented.

Basically, I feel the will of people has one problem that is discrimination. The Chinese character “人 (ren)” has two slanting downward strokes representing “gain and loss”. If you want to become a Buddha, you cannot have the notion of gain and loss. The gain and loss must be fully removed. After removing it completely then the head is clear called “wisdom”.  In addition, we think about when the manifested body of Shakyamuni Buddha was here and leaving so many scriptures and Sutras to us including, the 5,000 volume Tripitaka (the Buddhist Canon).

What are the contents inside the Tripitaka?

Huge and voluminous; where should we start?

How shall we learn?

How to learn can we then finish within this life?

If you learn for quite a while and cannot accomplish this throughout your life, it is no good then. For instance, Mi-Le Bodhisattva (Maitreya), if you want to go to Bodhisattva Maitreya’s Pure Land you must cultivate the Ten Samadhi Consciousness-only Meditative Stages, where one Samadhi Meditative Stage takes up to 50 years, and completion of the Ten Samadhi Meditative Stages will take 500 years; there are not enough years in your life to finish this. There are other methods to enlightenment which one practices cultivation for entire life will not be succeeded. In general, full cultivation practice would require a period of three asakhyeya, three infinite existence world-periods. One unit of time is 1,344,000,000 years. Asakhyeya means infinite and boundless. India has figured out that it at least requires “Three Great Asakhyeya”, because India is so tremendously advanced in Mathematics and Astronomy.

Has any person have Buddha attainment in a short while just like ride a rocket? No, there is none.

The ordinary method to enlightenment does not have this, it is impossible. Think about it, a common person chants Amitabha’s name and goes to the Bliss world of Amitahba Pure Land, all those Maha-Bodhisattva are startled.

They say: “We have done cultivation practice for countless existence of world periods, merely to attain the Absolute Universal Enlightenment stage (Samyak-Samadhi) as Guan-Yin Bodhisattva (Avalokitesvara) and Da-Shi-Zhi Bodhisattva (Mahasthamaprapta). You, a common person can go to the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land an instant, this is unfair”.

They are unaware of the awesomeness of planting the “cause”. At their causal stage of cultivation, they merely want to become an Arhat, or only to exit the Threefold Worlds (Triloka – the universe is divided into three worlds of karmic rebirth as desire, form and formless), or to become Bodhisattva. They did not pledge a vow to become Buddha. Even if they pledged a vow to become Buddha, they want to use methods of progressing gradually and slowly through countless existence of world-periods.

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心經     卷(二)   法、化、報三身  

(上星期講到: 所以恢復「法化報」以後,這種生活、這種日子,只能以一個現象代表,就是極樂世界。其實極樂世界就是《華嚴經》的世界,就是「法化報三身」恢復以後的世界。「世界」就是環境。)



成佛以後身心清淨,一塵不染,對人、事、地、物無不通達,沒有障礙。所以阿難才會跟佛出家。阿難是佛的堂弟 -《楞嚴經》裡不是講過。






《楞嚴經》講的清清楚楚,要成佛,你必須要放下,放下什麼? 放下根本煩惱 – 「貪、瞋、痴、慢、疑」,一定要放下。世間也是這樣,你不放下「貪」,每天很難受。「瞋」,就是貪不到生氣,也很難受。「慢」,是驕慢、我慢,我瞧不起你,你瞧不起我,就這慢。最難受是冤家、債主聚會一處,人家講冤家路窄,真的是。我們以前的經驗、過去生的經驗,不是冤家不聚頭,是不是!「疑」,是懷疑;懷疑在這世間做什麼最好 -情報員。可是你越懷疑,比「貪、瞋、痴、慢」還要難受。疑神疑鬼,麻煩;這是精神折磨,有如到地獄道去享受。



所以五種根本煩惱 – 「貪、瞋、痴、慢、疑」,如果修行,你不能把「貪、瞋、痴、慢、疑」拿掉,就是白修。修了變魔。


基本上我覺得人心,有一個問題就是分別。「人」兩撇,得失。如果要成佛,不能有得失。得失一定要拿得乾乾淨淨。拿乾淨了,腦筋清楚,叫「智慧」。而且我們想釋迦牟尼佛化身在我們這裡,留下這麼多經典 – 五千卷的《大藏經》。





如果說學了半天,不能一生完成,不是白搭。譬如說彌勒菩薩,要去彌勒淨土,要修「唯心十定」。一「定」 要五十年,十「定」 要五百年,你歲數還不夠就再見了。其他法門,修行一輩子都不會成功。一般講要「三大阿僧衹劫」,這要命。一劫是十三億四千四百萬年。






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