MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 34
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 34

(Last week we ended with, “It is hard to think of quantities as much as the sand of the Ganges River. This indicates many have no understanding of Buddha teaching. No understanding then it generates reincarnation phenomena.”)


What is reincarnation? It is like the wheel of a car rotating continuously. It shows the stubborn attachment ways of thinking, looking at things, saying and doing. Not only does It influence oneself but also others. The entire society enters instability. Look around at our current society; is it not so?

Let alone war or formerly mentioned, “global warming” disasters, is it not so?

We need to think about our mind. There is nothing happening around us and yet strangely, why does it clang like 15 buckets in a single well and we feel uneasy every day?

I suggest to everyone, if you truly want to learn about Prajnaparamita (the perfection of wisdom), you ought to be clear about the original meaning of the teachings of the Buddha. This is very important.

What is the original idea of the Buddha teaching? All living beings can recover the wisdom-illumination of enlightenment, and no longer be dominated by the reincarnation of life and death. One can truly enjoy living and being the master of yourself completely with freedom at will; this is called “Buddha teaching”. If you have this concept, practicing cultivation will then be pleasant.

What is cultivation? It is to amend your erroneous ways but without great effort.

Seeing all phenomena daily, you have already known that it exists only for the time being.  From then on, your mind and body will detach from two kinds of feelings: the feeling of oppressive pressure, and the other is affliction. If you slowly detach from these feelings, wisdom will manifest. When wisdom manifests, it is hard to describe and explain; you become omniscient. When it is not in use, the body and mind are absolutely purified without defilement entirely. When in use, your clarity is beyond X-rays and able to penetrate forth. You have no need to confirm things through the inquiry of others, seek the help of the Divine, or ask another divine power to forecast the future. There is no need to learn from others, and no need to look for answers while being fatigue traveling by car and boat also. Whether you still work daily or in retirement, regardless what kind of profession, your life is precisely the Buddha’s way of living by that time.

At what time, will you transmigrate?

At what time, will you detach from the six realms of reincarnation?

At what time, will you enter the infinite and boundless bright energy field?

All of them are with clarity.

At what time? It is precisely now, right at this moment. There is no need to say to wait after death. It is the same way for you to go and be born to the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land, there is no need to say that it only happens after death. When you truly chant (mindfulness) Amitabha is disillusioned with all and can let go of all, you connect with that mighty and luminosity energy and you are in the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land now. Your enjoyment, your own experience and wisdom employment is the same as the Amitabha in the Bliss World. Others have no way of knowing and they still think you are an ordinary person. That is right, because of your good disguise.

Why? They are unclear.

However, your inner being is fully free from affliction, living daily without past, present and future; there is no restriction on time and space which is not a fairytale.

Today we talk about the three Bodies of Buddha – The fundamental essence of Dharma, Transformation and Reward. Remember, it is accomplished by means of Prajna wisdom, there is no other method available. If without the precondition of Prajna, then the three bodies – Dharma, Transformation and Reward cannot manifest, and also the formerly mentioned Four Wisdoms cannot manifest. This is also to say that your cultivation of Buddha teachings cannot advance and you can only cultivate in petty ways by doing small good deeds, like repairing bridges and paving the road but it cannot get you to become Buddha, it is not Prajnaparamita.

Paramita is to ascend to the other enlightenment shore by using wisdom to detach from suffering into eternal wisdom radiance. If you truly want to detach from suffering and reincarnation, you must let go of life and death—this is wisdom.

Remember this well as I am mentioning this again, “wisdom” is to letting go of afflictions and being disillusioned with universe’s facts. From then on, your mind is composed to having the purely natural way of behaving in harmony with the true nature of all things. It can also be called, there is nothing left undone. When the mind no longer has any afflictions, it also means having the purely natural way of behaving in harmony with the true nature of all things.

Hanging up the official coat and dropping the arch of both arms, doing nothing, governing the country naturally and effortlessly.

This is the statement of Chinese philosophy. With regards to this, everyone should truly think about:

What kind of life do you want?

Do you want a life with heavily afflictions, or do you want to have a life with “wisdom, purity, radiance” and without any repercussions?

You need to make your own choice.

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心經     卷(二)   法、化、報三身  

(上星期講到: 像恆河沙,那多少,那還得了。就表示對佛法並不了解。不了解,產生輪迴的現象。)

什麼叫「輪迴」?     像車一樣不停地迴轉。就表示堅固執著的想法、看法、說法、做法,每天不僅影響自己,也影響別人,整個社會都進入一種不安。我們現在這時代是不是這樣?

不要說戰爭,或者是我們上次講global warming,是不是?


我建議各位,你真的想要學「般若波羅蜜」,應該要把佛家 – 就是佛法的本意是什麼一定要搞清楚。這很重要。









今天我們講「法化報」:法化報的「本體」,記住,是以般若智慧而成就,沒有任何別的方法。如果沒有「般若」的先決條件,「法化報」三身無法現前。 就是前面講的四種智慧也無法現前。也就講你在佛法的修行道路上,是無法再進一步,沒有辦法。你只能修些小法,就是很普通的 – 做做好事、修修橋、鋪鋪路,可以;但不是成佛,不是叫「般若波羅蜜」。

「波羅蜜」,登渡彼岸,以智慧脫離苦海,進入永恆的光明。如果你真正的想要脫離苦海、脫離輪迴,就要把生死放下 – 這是智慧。



你到底要個什麼樣的人生?我是要煩惱重重也好,還是要個智慧、清淨、光明沒有後遺症? 你自己要選。

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