MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 35
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 35

(Last week we ended with, “What kind of life do you want? Do you want a life with heavily afflictions, or do you want to have a life with “wisdom, purity, radiance” and without any repercussions? You need to make your own choice.”)


The purpose of today’s Sutra explaining, the Sutra title has already stated clearly that to become Buddha one must use Prajna (wisdom) as the precursor. Precisely, Prajna is our eyes that watches the road for us, the other Five Paramitas follows after Prajna altogether.

If in an ordinary moment there nothing is up, I offer a method to everyone: Do not think about matters of the mundane world. After all things that need to handle are finished, then compose your mind. Examine what is piling up in in your thoughts?

If you can remove all of them, this skill is wisdom. You must do this.

After the skill reaches a certain efficacy and matures, then you will be capable of foresight and know how to handle everything. Furthermore, whatever you do, it will be right. Everyone should truly practice this.

If you interested, I give you a method for enlightenment:

It is simple. Perform introspection on yourself, what are you doing after all?

Besides your proper business in mind, what do you hide there during mind activation with thought arises?

If you have discovered things that are all nonsense, throw it away. Later, they will activate again, but do not worry because you can chant (mindfulness) Amitabha.

How to chant (mindfulness)? A(a¯) —Mi—Ta—Bha. Listen clearly to each emitted sounds, chanting each syllable clearly.

As time passes, your afflictions will gradually fade away. If you can realistically exercise this daily, after 3 days you will be changed. This is not a joke. The transformation will result in greater clarity and you will discover your body and mind are without defilement completely. If you maintain this chanting for 3 years, then you will see the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land, precisely you can perceive that energy.

How big is its energy field? It is the whole universe. The entire universe is only one drop from the big ocean of the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land.

What kind of world is the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land? Esoteric Buddhism talks about the Pure Land of Vairocana —The Lotus World, which is the world of merits accomplished by all enlightened ones together. Its extensive scope is unimaginable by us, it is the innermost world of all Buddha. Therefore, all of you should go to try this out.

I feel that to do this is very simple and very convenient; all you need to do is to chant (mindfulness) Amitabha. Reciting Mantras is the same way, but recite all clearly.

The Mantras:

“Hom, Ben-Za-Ha-Sa-Hom”; recite it clearly.

“Om, A-Mi-Ta-Fa-Sei”; recite it clearly.

“Om, Da-Lei, Du-Da-Lei, Du-Lei, Suo-Ha”; recite it clearly.

The School of Dhyana (Zen) Buddhism teaches that instantly your body and mind become pure without defilement entirely because nothing is there. This is a good method to enlightenment.

The Prajna (wisdom) method is omnipotent, all things are achievable.

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心經     卷(二)   法、化、報三身  

(上星期講到:  對於這事情,各位自己真正的要想想:你到底要個什麼樣的人生?我是要煩惱重重也好,還是要個智慧、清淨、光明沒有後遺症? 你自己要選。)









這東西你一看很無聊,丟掉它,不要了。不要了以後,它會起來; 起來沒有關係,念阿彌陀佛。

怎麼念?阿 – 彌 – 陀 – 佛,聽得清清楚楚,念得清清楚楚。





「嗡!邊喳哈薩吽 (ㄏㄨㄥˋ)。」清清楚楚。

「唵!阿彌搭哇誰 (ㄙㄟˋ)。」清清楚楚。

「唵!達咧、杜達咧、杜咧梭哈 (ㄏㄚˋ)。」清清楚楚明明白白。



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