MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 36
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 36

When explaining to everyone, the modern man does not understand Prajna (wisdom), let alone know about the mistaken wisdom and sharp cleverness of the worldly, only to speak about the ordinary intelligence and talents they do not understand and then not to mention about Prajna. Prajna is our original omniscient penetrative ability with crystal clear perception in our life essence, which is when your mind does not initiate thought, then all phenomena are perfectly clear and crystal clear.

This time when we explain Prajna, we are going to explain Prajna’s essence, phenomenal characteristics and function.

The first chapter explained the Four Wisdoms, and the second chapter explained the Dharma Body, Transformation Body and Bliss Body of the Buddha. This chapter will explain the essence, phenomenal characteristics and function of Prajna.

The essence of Prajna is a condition beyond disturbance and is endless as the state of tranquility and constantly having omniscient penetrative ability. When functioning with the omniscient penetrative ability, one maintains the state of eternal peace. Tranquility does not mean nothing is there. We hear people commonly refer to it being like the perfect rest—nirvana; it does not mean “dead”. Tranquility means one has entered an energy field that is eternal and immutable and is precisely, the non-arising and non-ceasing of all phenomena in our life essence.

What is the phenomenon that is non-arising and non-ceasing? It is our pure and radiant life essence.

Everyone needs to have this concept: we have explained Prajna twice already; today is the third time, which exactly explains the pure and radiant essence.  “Pure” refers to tranquility because it does not arise thought in mind, and under no circumstances can it be disturbed; therefore, it is named “the diamond indestructible”.

“The omniscient penetrative ability” is the function of Prajna, because your mind is unmoved therefore you have clarity on all phenomena.  Sutras often refer to:

Prajna is the ultimate wisdom of knowing all answers as omniscient.

Omniscient is using the omniscient penetrative ability on the phenomena of universal lives. One does not need to search for information, no need to study, also no need to complete traditional educational schooling, and furthermore no need to conduct daily research; all is unnecessary.   When you are not in contact, your body and mind is purified without defilement. The moment you connect then you will be clear about the four elements of “people, matters, places and objects” in all phenomena:

What is this person’s background?

What did this person do in the past?

What does this person do in this life?

What happens upon one’s death and after entering a mother’s womb in preparation for rebirth into this world?

You are very clear.


How was this place formed in the past?

What happened in this place before?

What will this place become?

All the things in this place, for example, the houses, mountains, rivers and the earth; what will it become in the future?

You are crystal clear.

You have a clear view of the “matter” occurrences and myriad phenomena that have taken place previously.

For example: When you visit a place and comment that the energy is not good, what has happened? No need to inquire, and also no need to go to the police station to research files.  When you look at the energy, you instinctively know what happened before. You will even know all thought movements of the germs there.

“Objects” refers to materiality, the phenomena of any direct “mental perception” taking shape by materiality. “Mental perception” refers to non-sentient objects, which does not imply feeling. Unlike our human world impacted by emotion, the materialistic world does not have that.

What kind of functions exists in the materialistic world? There manifests five phenomena: “ground-earth, water, fire, wind and space”. These phenomena, as we often talk about the four elements of “people, matters, places and objects”, are only one tiny droplet within our Buddha-nature Prajna.

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(三)      般若的體、相、用




「般若」之體,空寂無邊 – 寂而常照,照而常寂。「寂」,不是什麼都沒有。我們平常聽人講圓寂,不是死掉了。「寂」,是入到永恆而不變的能量磁場中,就是我們自己生命本體中那個不生、不滅的現象。


















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