MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 43
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 43

(Last week we ended with: You make the vow now that “I want to become a Buddha”, then the “cause and effect” is set and only it has not manifested yet. Waiting until your lotus blooms precisely, it will unfold now.  Therefore, the lotus flower represents Buddha’s merits. This is called: The Great, Omni-directional and Extensive of the Buddha’s Flower Adornment大方廣佛華嚴.  Adornment means glory, solemn. “


Generally speaking; how to genuinely listen to Sutra explanation? Let go of your body and mind to listen to Sutra. If there is still discrimination and attachments within thoughts, then what you heard are only names – that is the surface. If listening after letting go, there is no pressure; at the end when I explain the Sutra text, then you will land on the same spot and enteri the same cognitive sphere.

Why do I conveniently mention this? The phenomena of life are also the same.

Why is our cultivation practice not effective? We are affected by phenomenal characteristics, with attachment to emerging situations, and to the phenomena in that imagination. Therefore, we cannot attain result in cultivation that is to say “no merits, also no virtues”. “Merit” is purified of defiling illusion; “virtue” is the pure light effect.

The pure light effect, who gets to enjoy this first? Of course, it is oneself. If the self cannot enjoy this pure light, then this practice cultivation is false. Like many people who do wholesome deeds, doing it is very tired, mentally and physically.

You ask him: “I am doing this all for others, I am exhausted.”

This truly happens, one bears one’s cross. I have seen a true philanthropist perform good deeds. I saw her on the PBS channel in an interview. I do not remember her name but she was the Director of the Rockefeller Foundation at that time, a very famous philanthropist of New York nicknamed the First Lady of New York City. Her husband passed away and left her with three billion dollars. She used the money to work on various charities and lived to be over one hundred years old. Her way of living reflected the best qualities of human life; living a long life, having wealth, respected by both US political parties—Democrat and Republican, and government administration offices and military officials. She is gone now, inevitably all must go!

Buddha teaching is not like this, Buddha teaching shows how to release from the miseries of transmigration and enter into the fullest joy, expressed as changing one’s clothes.  Like a walk-on performer, after I end this performance of this show, then I prepare for the next show. The proceeding performance was in the play of: “The Third Aunt teaches the Child”, and now I will play another role with a different title: “Water Margin. Following your different predestined affinities to play different acting roles, and wearing different stage clothes is called:

Being the master of one’s self by following one’s predestined affinity.

To be this way is different and this disparity is far in comparison.  A moment ago I mentioned the female philanthropist cannot be this way because her fate of “birth, aging, sickness and death” time was up. She must say good-bye and prepare for being reborn in this world. When will she be back? Unknown, it is according to the individual’s own thinking behaviors to receive one’s own karmic-retribution.

The school of Buddhism is different. For Guan-Yin Bodhisattva (Avalokitesvara), has anyone ever heard of the death of Guan-Yin Bodhisattva?  No. She is the eternal energy of the universe, which is the energy of ourselves. Her performance is the performance of ourselves. But our performance is as if it we imagined it, yet we did not actually do it. We also desire to have her accomplishments, but we think that she is Guan-Yin Bodhisattva (Avalokitesvara) and we are just common people. We cannot think this way. The most important purpose for today’s explanation about the Prajnaparamita Sutra is to tell everyone that:

Everyone is Guan-Yin Bodhisattva (Avalokitesvara), everyone is Vairocana Tathagata, all are Amitabha. 

You have this kind of understanding, your practice of cultivation is true cultivation, feel relieved and free from anxiety, bring you and the radiance of the universe together as one. Let alone like Mother Nature, it is merely the chicken feather and garlic skin in the radiance of the universe.  We forever link with this endless and eternal radiance, he is you and you are him, Prajna has this effect. Today if you know how to use Prajna, you are being a Buddha.

Therefore, from the aspect of phenomenal characteristics to explain The Great, Omni-directional and Extensive of the Buddha’s Flower Adornment, is by means infinite merits just like the lotus flower which is too wonderful for words to glorify your living environment and the living environment of all living beings. This is called the “Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land”.

In fact, let me tell everyone, the highest level indicated in Esoteric Buddhism—the “Central Pure Land of Vairocana”—is the “Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land”, which is the Huayan (Avatamsaka) World (Buddha world or Lotus-Treasury world) of Vairocana. Different audiences uses different words to explain words; talking to people with different cultivation level to explain the cognitive sphere differently however, it is one thing. Vairocana Buddha is Shakyamuni Buddha precisely.

Vairocana Buddha is the Dharma Body of Shakyamuni Buddha.

Shakyamuni Buddha is the Vairocana’s Transformation Body.

Rocana Buddha of the “Lotus World (Buddha World)” is the Reward Body of Shakyamuni Buddha.

Amitabha is the entire control of the Dharani Body manifestation from all Buddha Bodhisattvas.

What is “Dharani”? The entire control. It can lay hold of the good so that it cannot be lost, and likewise of the evil so that it cannot arise.

What is having entire control? The phenomena of all teaching are already perfectly complete.

I make this clear, everybody then knows that all names of Buddha Bodhisattva are for all different beings to have different styles of encountering and receiving.

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()   般若的體、相、用  


(上星期講到: 你現在發願,我要成佛,因跟果就已經成了,只是還沒有起現行。現行就是說現在展現;等到你那蓮花開了,就是現在展現。所以他以蓮花做為「佛」功德之代表,叫《大方廣佛華嚴》。「嚴」,是莊嚴。)

一般講起來,真正聽經怎麼聽?放下身心聽經。 念頭中如果還有分別、執著,聽了是名相 – 就是表面。如果是放下來聽,沒有壓力,我講到那裡,你就入到那裡,就進入這境界。




真的有,很苦。我就看過真正做善事、慈善家,最近PBS裡面訪問洛克菲奧樂基金會 Rockefeller  Foundation一個女的非常有名的紐約慈善家,她有綽號紐約市第一夫人。她先生走了,留下三億給她。她來做慈善,一百多歲才走的,察理羅施 Charlie Rose 訪問她。我們講:人中極品,壽又高、錢又多、又受人尊重,美國黨、政、軍那個不尊重她。走了,還是要走,是不是!






其實我告訴各位,毘盧遮那「中央密嚴土」 – 這是密教講最高的佛土。「中央密嚴土」就是阿彌陀佛極樂世界,就是毘盧遮那佛的「華藏世界」。只是對象不同,說不同的話;程度不同,說不同的境界,是一個東西。毘盧遮那就是釋迦牟尼佛。






什麼是「總持」? 一切法究竟圓滿的現象。


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