MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 52
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 52

(Last week we ended with, “How does the “Adamantine Transcendent Wisdom come?  What is the fastest way? The fastest way is chanting Amitabha to go to be born in the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land.”)


All of you need to think about the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land is right here, it is a powerful energy magnetic field that is very imperceptible. Your mind is fixed and undisturbed to a certain degree, and you correspond to it. When corresponding to it, you recover the essence, phenomenal characteristics and function of your self- nature pureness and radiance. This is not a superstition, there is a scientific basis. What kind of science? Normal vibration response to a normal energy field. This is science. Pure vibrations respond to pure energy fields. Radiant vibrations respond to radiant energy fields.

True pureness and radiance, there is no affliction in mind, no attachment. Shakyamuni Buddha explained the Sutras for 49 years over 300 assemblies; he taught you how to apply the indestructible and enriching diamond wisdom of the Buddha to recover your pure self-nature essence. This matter, if you have the concept, you will start to listen to the Sutra explaining from now on and will grasp intuitively somewhat; the terminology that you do not understand will slowly understand, and the cognitive sphere that you do not understand will be as if you are knowing. Permeation this way for 2 to 3 years, your body and mind will reach a certain degree of purification. By that time, life roams for pleasure, truly roaming and truly having pleasure.

What is roaming? It is the absence of a set teaching explicable.

What is pleasure? It is being the master of yourself.

What we are asking for is recovering the substantial nature of self-nature radiance, our living is being the master of ourselves and being greatly unhindered. This kind of condition has no obstacles, and also knows that one will not die. How happy it is!

You will never die; how can pureness and radiance die? This first lift–dead devil is cancelled- you will not die. No aging and sickness; born at the appropriate time whenever. You can assume manifold other forms of appearances, or not be born at all. Having the predestined affinity, you can assume appearance in human form to help. If you are without any affinity, then you stay in the state of Samadhi of Eternal Tranquil Light, in the state of Surangama-Samadhi to enjoy the unfathomable joy of tasting the Buddha teaching. This kind of life would be delightful!

So, I took my learning through experiences and told you without any reservation today. I hope you return home, really think about it, reflect on it, ask yourself what kind of life you want to live after all?

Buddhist scriptures give reference; the sphere of the scriptures is the sphere of our life. The scriptures and we are in nature the same. It is not that the Sutra tells it, I see mine, this is incorrect. Again, let go and be disillusioned with all, sincere chanting (mindfulness) Amitabha, and equal attitude towards all beings; this is the Prajna’s essence, phenomenal characteristics, and function called Vajra-Prajnaparamita (Adamantine Transcendent Perfection of Wisdom).

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()   般若的體、相、用  


(上星期講到: 金剛智慧怎麼來?怎麼樣最快? 念阿彌陀佛,往生極樂世界最快。)






自己永遠不會死的,清淨光明怎麼會死亡?這第一個解除,死魔解除 – 自己不會死的。沒有老,沒有病,生也隨時生。可以「化身」,可以不生。有緣,來化身。沒緣,自己在「常寂光」中入定,在《首楞嚴定》當中享受不可思議的「法喜」,這個生活多愉快!



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