MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 55
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 55

(Last week we ended with,“Some people ask: “how is it possible for a person to not activate the mind and without thought arising. How is it possible to be without attachments and without erroneous thinking?” This thought of impossibility is because of your habit-forming.”)


Now people are being trained to exercise their brains, there is nothing to play cards that is the mind activity and it is wrong. That is called “activity” and the “first five consciousnesses”, and at night your sixth consciousness fills with picture of all of the cards. One who is really powerful does the cultivation of Surangama-Samadhi when playing cards.

One of the fellow practitioners often says playing cards can help others. To play cards when helping others, you must have two skills:

  1. The Six Supernatural Abilities,
  2. You must have attained one grade of Surangama-Samadhi (an internal state of imperturbability, exempt from all external sensations) and not be turned by any perceptual objects.

Otherwise, when all spheres appear, your mind is chaotic. You are unaware of what the next card the counterpart will put forth; completely unclear about upcoming phenomena. If you have the Six Supernatural Abilities, you play without the attachment of playing, without the attachment of playing cards”. Your mind is without attachment and you roam for pleasure because you play into the condition of Samadhi. Therefore, every part of our daily routine in life is a good resource for cultivation practice.

Like taking a sip of water, most people drink have different tastes of sour, sweet, bitter and spicy; why? It is because of bad moods. In a good mood, drinking water is very happy; in a bad mood, drinking water is like drinking bitter medicine. A wise one has no attachment. There is no image of water, and no image of drinking, but it is clear with all. There is water, cup, people and places, clear but not one deluded. After attainment of Surangama-Samadhi, there is no delusion; never mind supernatural ability, it is merely supplementary. Where is the genuine great function of it? Your activity is not limited to the earth; it is beyond the universe.

The universe we have is 1% within our Surangama-Samadhi. If you attained one grade of Surangama-Samadhi, your scope of activity will be throughout all space and everywhere in the universe, completely without hindrance. All the energy of enlightenment is entirely in control. Our Threefold Worlds (Triloka) and the six realms are like chicken feather and garlic peels, something of little importance.

Our Milky Way galaxy consists of 100 Milky Way systems (the Galaxy) as one unit. If you attain Surangama-Samadhi, look at 100 Milky Way systems (the Galaxy) from your self-nature radiance, it is inferior to one grain of dust. Why? There is no attachment. Therefore, when you attain one grade of the principal Samadhi of Tathagata you can enter the cognitive sphere of the Hua-Yan World—the Buddha World as described in the Flower Adornment Sutra, then it is function. The 41 Mahasattvas (great beings as Bodhisattva) with Dharma body described in the Flower Adornment Sutra are from the 1st stage of Joyous of the Perfect Teaching School, the same level as the 1st grade of the Distinctive Teachings School, to the attainment of the Absolute Universal Enlightenment Bodhisatttva (Samyak-Sambodhi) – the 41 grades. You enter that kind of scene, that sort of phenomenon.

Because the people on earth have never touched this attainment, they live in this world filled with sensual pleasures and become slaves to wealth and profit every day. I see too much, and too much from birth until now. Either one is very busy with one’s lives or completely attached to the self-body and are inseparable from it. Nervous about dying soon. Why? Scared.

If you have no attachments to all phenomenal characteristics, even reducing by approximately 20% of attachments; then you will not be horrified by it. When you see death, you will feel that life has begun to change; it transforms in the equation only; that is precisely the supernatural ability. If you lessen the attachment by 40%, 50% or 60%, after lessening to 60%, you can transform as you wish. You would be able to go to outer space, go to the Buddha and the Bodhisattva’s world, or go to the places of high spiritual beings; you can be anywhere at any time. Why? Your body energy can penetrate all materiality and spirituality.

This is not easy to explain in ancient times, there was no nominal definition like this. I mentioned it last time, there were no names for this, no terminology, only modern science has this term.  Ancient eminent monks were truly capable.

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(四 )     空、假、中三觀


(上星期講到: 那有人就要問:「不起心、不動念,那不可能。不執著、不妄想,不可能。」不可能,是因為你是習慣性的。)




(一) 要有六神通;

(二) 要得一分《首楞嚴定》,不為境界所轉。




我們這個銀河系,一百個銀河系。你如果得了《首楞嚴定》,從你自性光明中來看一百個銀河系,一粒灰塵都不如。為什麼?沒有執著。 所以得一分「如來本定」,你能入華嚴境界,就可以用。入法華境界,可以用。《華嚴經》四十一位法身大士就是從「圓教初住」、「別教初地」到等覺四十一品。入那種場面,那種現象中。

因為地球人從來沒有接觸過,每天活在聲色犬馬中,不是「錢」的奴才,就是「利」的奴才。這我看太多,從出生到現在看太多。要嘛, 就是為生活奔跑,完完全全執著自己的身體,一分都離不開。馬上要死,緊張。為什麼?害怕。



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