MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 56
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 56

(Last week we ended with: This is not easy to explain in ancient times, there was no nominal definition like this. I mentioned it last time, there were no names for this, no terminology, only modern science has this term.  Ancient eminent monks were truly capable.)


I have seen many Transformation bodies of Buddha and Bodhisattva. The Transformation Body is wonderful. They come here with provisional manifestation to become like everyone, aggregation of ions and gathering of ions in the air. It is also composed of skin, bones, flesh, tendons, arteries and veins, and brain; this image is a combination with different equations. When this image is formed, people are confused and think that the image is true. He becomes our colleague and performs with us. After the end of his performance, he leaves. The so-called leaving refers to “Parinirvana” or perfect extinction. The meaning of “perfect extinction” is energy transfer, this is normal life. A normal life is to have Six Supernatural abilities, that is normal.  We are not normal here; why is it not normal? Unsure of life and death. We are not sure about tomorrow; we do not know about the next second; this is not normal. Therefore, only then is there an insurance system, only then is there life insurance and health insurance.

You look at these enlightened people, do not misunderstand people who are enlightened are not limited to those who have left home to become monks or nuns. Nowadays there are many fake monks and nuns. Really “leaving home to become a monk or nun” is for one to exit from the home of afflictions; it is not just changing the external appearance, make no mistake about this. Exiting from the home of affliction means there is no more affliction called to renounce the secular life.

This phenomenon looks at how the enlightened one roams for pleasure: we see him in Taipei, in Los Angeles, we see him here, and hundreds of places simultaneously. Different appearances, languages, and bodily forms. Also, in the animal world, as birds and beasts; he wants to help all of them. To help all living beings is very simple. How to help?  By showing them, no afflictions, no worries. If one is envious, tell one the method; this is to help one.

Unsuccessful? If it does not work, we would not help. Just like we are not sure about doing things now, but even being not sure, give it a try. There is no such thing, the enlightened one is without this kind of mindset of giving things a try. Each word and deed, every movement, all exist one’s impact. When this effect disappears in the crowd, then the enlightened one has left. This is called the Transformation Body, where one does provisional manifestation. Just like Shakyamuni Buddha in India 3,000 years ago, a total presence and the general representative. There are too many other Transformation bodies, but the common people with earthly vision sees nothing at all.

Basically, looking from the insight of all as the absence of inherent existence, all beings are equal, because you no longer have attachments to the existence. Now people on earth are obsessed with materialistic things; the car is real, house is real, people are real; male and female, old and young are all real. Thinking about it carefully, is it true? All are the composition of cells.  Cells go through metabolism. Not taking a bath for 3 days, there is a layer of filth and sweat on the body. What is that?  The corpse of dead cells.

A person begins to deteriorate after the age of 40 or 50 years and say goodbye at the age of 70 or 80, and then decay. It is the cycle of “formation, continuance, decline and disintegration” or “birth, aging, sickness and death”. Same as a house and car. After taking apart the components piece by piece, is it still called a car? No, all that is left is a bunch of car components. Further analysis of the car components, after grinding it to powder form, does it not become ions?  In the end, the ions disappear without a trace because of the chemical reactions.

We did not have this education since childhood called the “analysis the insight of all as the absence of inherent existence” – analysis of the phenomena about illusory nature of all existence. This is not wisdom yet, but it is the preliminary. After this analysis is complete, your life will start an impact of optimism and you will continue to forge ahead.

Ordinary people have misunderstood this; thinking after everything is fully analyzed then nothing is there, what is the meaning of living then? They are wrong, because none of them have ever followed this path. If you see things clearly, then playing cards can be very interesting.  You go to Las Vegas and play slot machines, clearly knowing ahead of time whether you win or lose. It does not mean you are unable to do things, do not be mistaken; the phenomena of game play is clearly knowing how to make money. But the phenomena of fame and wealth are no longer of any use to you.

Why? Because when you want fame you will have fame; when you want money or benefits, you have the money and benefits. How to get it do you know?  It is unmoved, the mind is fixed and undisturbed by any phenomena and money comes naturally.

Before the venerable Buddhist Master Guang-Qin built a place for teaching and learning enlightenment, there was no need for him to beg for alms and solicit contributions. Wherever he went, his pure energy penetrated through local people’s minds, and the place of enlightenment was naturally accomplished. What does he need fame for? What does he need benefit for?  Money is no use to him, it is just like the filthy earth, something of little value. The people of the world are completely opposite, are we not?

The secular people need to have big houses, good cars, do nothing but travel high and low to enjoy the sights of mountains and rivers. Die a natural death, have an extravagant and polished funeral portraying the likeness of the deceased as though they are still here.

The truly enlightened one needs nothing, without even a penny in the pocket. His enjoyment as the whole universe isn’t much of his playground, he will be where he wants to be and in addition, he has no rebirth and death phenomena.

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(四 )     空、假、中三觀


(上星期講到: 這事情古代不好講,沒有名詞講。上次也提過,古代沒有名詞,現代科學發展有這個名詞。古代像這些高僧大德,他真有能力。)







我們因為從小沒有這個教育,這叫「析空觀」 – 分析空的現象。這還不是智慧,不過是初步。這樣分析完了以後,人生起了一個作用:樂觀進取。

一般人誤會,什麼都分析,都沒有了,活的有什麼意思。搞錯了。因為他從來沒有這樣做過,如果你把事情看得清清楚楚,打牌就有意思了。去賭城 – 拉斯維加斯,吃角子老虎一拉,你就知道。不是不能做事,不要搞錯了;遊戲的現象是怎麼賺錢一清二楚。名利現象對你毫無用處。






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