MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 57
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 57

(Last week we ended with, “The truly enlightened one needs nothing, without even a penny in the pocket. His enjoyment as the whole universe isn’t much of his playground, he will be where he wants to be and in addition, he has no rebirth and death phenomena.”)


Everyone thinks, in life if you truly study to become enlightened, and truly understand the truth of the universe, you will not be pessimistic and absolutely be positive, optimistic and aggressively keep forging ahead. Why? You want to help all beings. Naturally it will trigger a feeling of help.

What kind of feeling is this? It is compassion.

Other people say:  “Compassion cannot come out.”  This is because they hold the concept of the ego too seriously. Thinking of “I” every day, therefore compassion cannot come out. When everything is self-centered, it feels unwell.  Oneself gives the self too much pressure, oneself feels bad. Oneself must fight every day, and every day this “I” has desires:

  1. Maybe money is not enough, so one gets irritated;
  2. Maybe the time and place are not right,

3.The various kinds of opportunity are unable to have attainment and one becomes very annoyed.

These are the afflictions of one’s own self. There are other afflictions from family and society extending to the country. The affliction of war between countries, the threat of war every day.

Fighting with yourself every day because we do not understand the true phenomena about the universe. After you understood, knowing the true phenomena about the universe as it turns out:

All phenomena come forth from nothingness, within the mode of existence to appear the illusory nature of all existence. 

It manifests that the characteristic of all things is unreal as they are composed of elements which disintegrate to show you. All phenomena come forth from nothingness, whatever you get is also no more than the right to use that is all; in fact, you do not have the right of ownership. The people of this world think that if they buy a house, they own it which is totally wrong. When you buy a car then you own the car, this is also another mistake. Even you cannot control your body; do you own the body? The body changes by itself; there is nothing you can do about it. Whenever it decides to die, there is nothing you can do.

This is a fatal problem for us modern people. An awfully rich one who dies by the age of 40 to 50 years, there are too many in Western society. Reading news reports there are people with billions of properties, billions of assets, and will still die in their bed at a ripe old age; then the people close to them will fight for the estate. The enlightened person looks at this phenomenon, and it is a joke, a deluded dream; everyone enjoys the pain in the dream, and it is called enjoying the hardships. Especially in western society, western society is still unaware of it! Go anywhere and look around whether they enjoy the pleasure of taking pains. Otherwise, one just lives confused all one’s life —this is Western society.

The wisdom of the Chinese is different from western society, the highest wisdom level of western society is called “knowledge of the worldly and sharp-witted eloquence”. Chinese wisdom is “action without intent, let things take their own”.  The Buddha wisdom from old times from India states:

The absence of inherent existence and the mode of existence are non-duality, the real and unreal exist simultaneously.

That is true wisdom. “Action without intent” of Chinese wisdom, it has not yet eradicated the unenlightened condition, and they still retain piles of illusion and temptation through the immense variety of duties in helping all beings. The most remarkable attainment is Pratyekabuddha – the phenomena of who seeks his own enlightenment; after cultivating for 10,000 world-periods of existence, he then turns from the teaching of Hinayana school to the Mahayana school and started to follow the path of the Bodhisattva. You can calculate how many years there are in a world-period, which is 1,344,000,000 years multiplied by 10,000. The founder of Daoism, Lao-Zi, was equivalent to the cognitive sphere of Pratyekabuddha. In the Daodejing written by Laozi stated that:

The Dao (the source of the universe) itself that can be expressed in language is not the true Dao

This statement was awesome before Buddhism was transmitted to China.

While one realizes into the source of the universe is nothingness as mark-less; so the truth (the source of the universe) is nothingness then the right path is everywhere”.

It is very close to Buddhism, but it is not the same.

Later when the Buddha teaching was transmitted to China; the Chinese are very awesome, they completely remembered the teachings of Buddha – the method to enlightenment, and also carried it forward and brought it to great heights of development. All cultures have been carried forward to China, and they all began to stay. The same is true in the future. In the future, the Buddha teaching, especially the methods to attain Wisdom, will be brought to great heights of development. Why?  It is needed by all people.

People live in a pile of afflictions all day long, they want to be free but cannot find a way.  The Buddha teaching is useful, but:

Buddha teaching without correct explanation by enlightened one, even one has wisdom still unable to understand the true meanings of it.

If no one explained to you the Buddha teaching; then one is unable to go in. Therefore 3,000 years ago, Shakyamuni Buddha left us 5,000 volumes of the Tripitaka (the Buddhist Canon), what does it talk about? Wisdom. If your head is clear, listening to my explanation once your mind will be fixed. After your mind is fixed and undisturbed, it is easy in four cardinal behaviors—walking, stopping (abiding), sitting and lying down every day. The sense of responsibility and pressure slowly fades. Not only is the pressure gone, but the pressure of responsibility is gone. People become relaxed and after becoming relaxed, you can truly be responsible, and there is no pressure in responsibility.

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(四 )     空、假、中三觀


(上星期講到: 真正覺悟者不需要,口袋沒有半毛錢,但是他的受用,地球算什麼,想到那裡就去那裡;而且沒有生、沒有死。)


那個感覺是什麼? 是慈悲。


一, 也許錢不夠,煩惱。

二, 可能時間、地點都不對。

三, 很多種因緣不能成就,很煩。






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