MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 68
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 68

(Last week we ended with, “This kind of “joy of tasting the Buddha teaching” one does not to eat, drink and sleep. Every day is without burdens, without any afflictions. You become this unrestrained in advance. After being this unrestrained, when looking at the world does one still have predestined affinity remain?  If there are, then you will stay for a few more years longer.”)


What is it to be called having predestined affinity? That means there are still people who are willing to accept the method of chanting (mindfulness) Amitabha. Also, there are beings who feels like escaping from the bonds and obtain freedom and have the desire to regain their self-nature tranquility. Thus, you will stay for more years. If there are none, very simply your human appearance will say goodbye and you will be gone. So long as there is still one being that you have a connection with, then they will stay.

I have seen a lot of this, the venerable teacher Lee Bing-Nan (李炳老)wanted to leave at the age of 77 but was earnestly requested by his followers and disciples to stay, so he left at the age of 97. The venerable Buddhist Monk Guang-Qin (廣欽老和尚)was the same way. He wanted to leave at the age of 67 and was earnestly requested by disciples and followers to stay, so he left at the age of 96. Both of them practiced the method of chanting (mindfulness) Amitabha. Can you say that they both do not know other methods to enlightenment?

The Great Master Ci-Hang (慈航大師), who we all know is the recurrence of the Bodhisattva Maitreya, entered Nirvana at age 60. Why? The Ten Samadhi of Consciousness-Only by Mi-Le Bodhisattva (Maitreya) is too hard to cultivate for people on Earth. He left early to bond with the affinity and then returned to the Tusita Heaven.

The venerable Buddhist Monk Xu-Yun (虛雲老和尚) lived to 120 years old, and he encouraged people with what? The method of chanting (mindfulness) Amitabha.

People have known him to practice Zen Buddhism, he held the chanting beads in his hand and people asked him: “Master, are you not practicing the school of Zen?”

He said: “You are mistaken, I chant Amitabha”.

He chants Amitabha and entered the sphere of Surangama-Samadhi; this is his manifestation.

Today we talked about the “fundamental essence, phenomenal characteristics and function”; three bodies of “Dharma, Transformation and Reward”; three insights of “all as no phenomena, all as unreal and, the middle way”; all are established upon the name of Amitabha. This name of Amitabha is the supreme Prajna. Therefore, I spend such a long time to explain this supreme Prajna. The Supreme Prajna is Amitabha, which is the Infinite Life, Infinite Light and Infinite Wisdom. From the content of Three Bodies, Four Wisdoms, “the fundamental essence, phenomenal characteristics and function”, three insights of “all as no phenomenon, all as unreal and the middle way”; all lead and return to this name of Amitabha.

If one truly makes a great effort, I mentioned a moment ago, to practice at thought arising in your mind and apply it to your mental and physical world, it will slowly transform all to become a bright world and this bright world does not decline. When you truly see the light emanating from a Buddha it will never decline, it is impossible to decline.  Why?  It is aided by the vow power of Amitabha.

The Power of Vow is all Buddha and Bodhisattva’s vow power.  All Buddha wish all beings can become Buddha as soon as possible. Using what method? Using the method of chanting Amitabha.

Chanting Amitabha is the “cause”, becoming Amitabha is the “effect”.

Therefore, if you want to talk about this ultimate Indestructible Prajna, it is this name of Amitabha. This name of Amitabha is truly inconceivable.  Realistically, it is inconceivable:

Because he is using all being’s inherent pure fundamental essence to be the “cause”,

Using the vow power of Amitabha to be the “strengthened cause”,

Using the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land to be the “personally related predestined relationship”.

Then on top of that:

From the expression of Esoteric Buddhism it is the “intensified effort (earnest endeavor)”.

From the expression of Exoteric Buddhism (open school teaching) it is “entering directly”. From the expression of Zen Buddhism it is “assuming responsibility at once”.

The eight Intuitional schools of Buddhism are entirely included.

Therefore, all the Buddha teachings are not away from the name of Amitabha.

This is extremely important.

Therefore, today we sum up the Prajna. I hope all of you go home and carefully think about this. If you are able to take action in accordance with reality and truly chant (mindfulness) Amitabha with full sincerity, you will naturally have it received for use. Your Prajna grows day by day, this is extremely important. We finish here today.

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(四 )     空、假、中三觀

(上星期講到: 這種法喜充滿,不用吃、不用喝、不用睡,每天沒有負擔、沒有任何煩惱,先得這個自在。這自在有了以後,看看世界上還有沒有緣? 有緣份,多呆幾年。)





他不是禪宗?手上拿個念珠,人家問他說:「師父你不是禪宗?」          他說:「你錯了,我念佛。」念佛入「首楞嚴三昧」,這是他示   現。

基本上,今天我們就講「體相用, 法化報,空假中」,建立在一句阿彌陀佛名號上。這一句名號是「無上般若」。所以我要花這麼長的時間來解釋,解釋無上般若。無上般若是阿彌陀,就是無量壽、無量光、無量智慧。從「三身、四智,體相用,法化報,空假中」;就是導歸一句佛號。







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