MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 70
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 70

(Last week we ended with, “Where does this nature of lacking inherent existence appear? Everywhere, through mountains and rivers, the entire Earth, materiality, the ether (sky) and the system of vitality, continuously to the condition of “creation, duration, dissolution and state of being dissolved” and from the phenomena of “birth, aging, sickness and death” all inclusively.”)


When your mind can enter a state of intense concentration, generally explained as the condition of attaining “the eight meditative concentration levels of the four Heavens of both the Form Realm and Formless Realm” referring to the ordinary “composing of the mind” of the mundane world, there exists a phenomenon when “composing the mind” of the mundane world that it is unable to detach from the rebirth and death in the six realms of reincarnation. No, it is impossible. The highest attainment is the state of “having no perception or no non-perception (Naivasaminanasamjmayatana) – the last heaven of the Realm of Formless”. This power of composing the mind can last for 80,000 existence of world-periods; however, after the imperturbable stillness of the mind control is lost, one falls into the Three Wretched Realms (animal, hungry ghost and hell) because they have slandered the Buddha.

The existence of a world-period is 1,344,000,000 Earth years. So, with 80,000 x 1,344,000,000 Earth years, this kind of imperturbable stillness of the mind control we do not have as ordinary ones. During the past in India, Hindu and Brahman religious people had this kind of skill to attain concentration to the eighth meditative concentration level and reach the cognitive sphere of the fourth (the highest) Meditative Concentration Heavens of the Realm of Formless. When calculating the time of the human world, the life span of the Earth is too brief. After they enter intense concentration, the Earth has been through multiple phases of “creation, duration, dissolution and state of being dissolved”; but they still have not gone beyond the sea of suffering through birth and death. Why?  Because they unaware that the blue sky is an illusory image.

Unknown to them this is the reason why Shakyamuni Buddha came to India. He knew of many master followers of non-Buddhist doctrines who wanted to break through “the eighth meditative concentration Levels”.  Therefore, Buddha manifested:

To attain enlightenment under the Bodhi tree by staring at the night stars and gave the statement:

All living beings have the wisdom and virtue of Tathagata inherently; one’s inability to attain the truth is because of erroneous thinking and attachments. 

This statement is the primary core of the Buddha teaching.  It is also the central core of the Prajna Canon.

Why can we not attain PrajnaBecause of erroneous thinking and attachments.

Unfortunately, worldly people do not recognize that the thinking behavior is unreal and false. Particularly in the United States they believe everything is real which is totally opposite to Samadhi (the stillness of mind control) and Prajna.

Modern science has proven when acceleration reaches the upper limit to a degree attaining full stillness, this is using the machine. The Buddha is different. Buddha is the state of Samadhi – an internal state of tranquility, exempt from all external sensations as “two phenomenal characteristics of either movement or stillness are well aware of it and is unproduced (uncreated) in mind.” The phenomenal characteristic of “movement” does not exist, the phenomenal characteristic of “stillness” is completely without separation. The course of practice cultivation is through detaching from these six attachments:

Setting in movement, stillness, faculties, perceiving, non-existent and annihilation of existence.

To disentangle these six knots (the six diversities as above) one can transcend three immaterialities: immaterial of a self, immaterial of all things, and immaterial of all phenomena.” 

All of you who read the Surangama Sutra before know to “abandon the consciousness and use one’s true nature”. Last time I mentioned “abandon the consciousness and use one’s true nature” however an ordinary person is unable to accomplish this. Why are they unable to accomplish this? They totally do not know where is their true nature. They only know that there are eyes, nose, ears, and mouth which is the floating dust on the external appearance of six organ of senses, like dust floating on the water surface.

Since you need to enter a state of intense concentration, you must take the outside world out of your mind. How to remove? By turning your mind. It is not pressed, to suppress does not work. To suppress it when the moment comes you will lose your mind. To turn is very simple, it is essential to understand clearly that erroneous thinking is unreal, you can then turn. If you do not understand clearly your erroneous thinking and attachments are unreal, you are unable to turn. Therefore, I just talked about how everyone in modern society lives in a jail. Why? There are obstacles everywhere; in the physical body there are “birth, aging, sickness and death”, there are erroneous thinking and attachment in the mind.

Today explaining the Prajna is exactly by means of the Prajna wisdom to turn your erroneous thinking and attachments, to turn into the Three Bodies and Four Wisdoms. This is important. If after explaining the Prajna repeatedly so many times and you have not learned to use it, then you will be finished. Prajna is using at the thought arising in the mind of your daily life. Dribs and drabs, if you know, your careful observation of the phenomenon of the universe is that or spiritual materiality clings to things as real, to attempt vainly and it slowly intertwines to become form. When your mind is fixed and undisturbed by any phenomena, you may see the chemical transformation in it, especially the exquisite changes produced from the inner world of the human beings; this is what the school of Buddhism refers to as supernatural ability.

No matter what you are thinking or initiate what thought, a person who has the capability of composing the mind will naturally know. One does not need to conduct a special viewing or enter a state of intense concentration. If one needs to take time to exercise through intense concentration to view, then one does not have true supernatural abilities. True supernatural ability one knows the thought arising in the mind of all beings. Why? It is because one understands truth, that even the existence of open space turns out to be an illusory image.

After having this power of Samadhi (an internal state of tranquility exempts from all external sensations), at the minimum you have attained “the 9th meditative concentration level”.  The same as the fourth grade Arhat’s Samadhi level who can go beyond the Threefold Realms (Triloka – the universe is divided into three worlds of desire, form and formless) and the six realms; who no longer reincarnates again, this is basic. Using our school system, you have just graduated from elementary school and attained Samadhi, to be called the 9th meditative concentration level.

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(五 )     慧海圓融

(上星期講到: 不可思議之「空性」在那裡顯現?到處,從山河大地、物質、虛空、精神體系,一直到「成住壞滅」;從「生老病死」,全部都有。)


如果你的心能夠入定了,一般講「定」 -四禪八定,我們講是一般世間定。世間定有個現象,就是不能脫離六道生死輪迴。不能。了不起到「非想非非想處天」,一定到八萬大劫後,定力失掉以後,墮入三惡道,因為謗佛的關係。

一劫是十三億四千四百萬年。八萬,那這定力我們一般人是沒有。以前印度教 – 婆羅門教有,他們可以定到「第八定」到「四禪四空」這樣的境界。那我們人間來算,地球壽命實在太短。他們一入定,地球「成住壞滅」無量次,可是還是沒有出離生死苦海。為什麼?不知道「青天」是「幻影」。







為什麼辦不到?根性,在那裡完全不知道。只知道有個眼睛,有個鼻子,有個耳朵,有個嘴巴,只是「六根」的表相浮塵 – 好像浮在水面的塵埃。






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