MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 71
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 71

(Last week we ended with, “The same as the fourth grade Arhat’s Samadhi level who can go beyond the Threefold Realms (Triloka – the universe is divided into three worlds of desire, form and formless) and the six realms; who no longer reincarnates again, this is basic. Using our school system, you have just graduated from elementary school and attained Samadhi, to be called the 9th meditative concentration level.” )


Hinayana Arhat is also called the “improper nirvana diverges from the truth”, it is not the state of unconditioned truth. It is biased. The meaning of Nirvana is entering eternality and no longer has thought arising in the mind. However, Hinayana Arhat strayed from the intended line, he is not truly with no thought arising in the mind. He has not received for use. He sinks into the illusory nature of all existence and attaches to quiescence. Why? Because he has not eradicated the unenlightened condition. After the unenlightened condition is eradicated then it is useful and becomes true wisdom. For example, chanting (mindfulness) Amitabha. I believe everyone has heard of Amitabha and has chanted (mindfulness) Amitabha.

But how to chant so that you can eradicate the unenlightened condition?

This is important. Chanting it clearly and hearing your chanting clearly, after 3 days you will have received for use. Received for use according to each person’s natural capacity is not the same to have received for use.

What is called natural capacity? That is, you can let go of afflictions, attachments, and your erroneous thinking.

When the Sixth Patriarch listened to the Diamond Sutra:

The mind is not bound by any tie, so the mind initiates naturally and uses freely. 

Instantly he became enlightened. His way is exactly letting go, he has let go of his erroneous thinking, attachments, discriminations and afflictions of infinite existence of world-periods. He has eradicated his unenlightened conditions. He let go 100% all at once. Today, we do not request you to be that way, only request you to let go of merely 1%. The modern man thinking remains in a hideous mess from morning to night, non-stop even in sleep.

If you chant (mindfulness) Amitabha to suppress one or two of delusional thoughts, you feel more effortless.

If you have an hour to chant (mindfulness) Amitabha very relaxed and feel no more burdens, and experience one hour as if it is one minute, the congratulation to you, it has a bit impact.

If you experience 6 hours of chanting Amitabha as one minute this is called the start of major cleanup in the body and mind slowly dispelling toxins of delusional thoughts and attachments of your inner world. This process requires at least 6 hours which is only 1/4 of a 24-hour day.

If you can follow this process to chant Amitabha 12 hours, you still must rest but do not want to sleep. You will eat less and find that other desires diminish too. For matters that you unable to get over, or unable to be disillusioned with at first; you will naturally have a solution. No need to ask others and no need to study Sutras, naturally you will have answers.

If you do not arise one delusional thought within 18 hours, you are moving closer to normality. Every day looking at the sphere of the life outside, your own family members, and your own inner world, all become more and more clear as if the separation of oil and water, and the oil is automatically vanishing.

If you are without one delusional thought within 24 hours, it does not mean your delusional thought has been cut off it has just been subdued temporarily for 24 hours without delusional thoughts, attachments and discriminations. You have graduated from the kindergarten. In this stage, walking every day is also very easy, whether you are overweight, slim or skinny like the shape of a bamboo pole; it does not matter. Why? It has nothing to do with the physical body. Your body and mind are in crystal clarity. Yourself knows your mind illuminates, there is no need to sleep much, roughly eating one meal a day and the meal consists of drinking a bit of water and a couple cookies will suffice.

For a person with better efficacy requires nothing, one’s mind enters a state of intense concentration for a whole day. This state of intense concentration is not merely sitting in a meditation pose; do not be mistaken. That state of intense concentration is one’s mind completely without burden and pressure.  One still goes to the office or school and takes care of kids. Going to the office and interacting with the public is entirely without hindrance and discrimination. You get along well with all types of people. Conduct business dealings with full clarity, all the wrongs or rights, and successes or failures, you do not put in the mind. With full clarity, one has no attachment.

What is the benefit of merits? This is Important to recognize is it not wonderful, the blue sky turns out to be an illusory image!  If you truly believe the sky is an illusory image. You need to have efficacy of chanting (mindfulness) Amitabha for 24 hours to unite with Amitabha in every thought. After uniting with Amitabha to have this kind of absolute pureness, equality, enlightenment and compassion; this is the teaching of Buddha.

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(五 )     慧海圓融

(上星期講到: 四果阿羅漢「第九次第定」,出離三界、六道,不來輪迴,這是最基本的。講小學,就是小學剛畢業得到的定,叫「第九定」。)

小乘阿羅漢他叫「偏真涅槃」;真,不是一真,是偏了。「涅槃」的意思,是進入永恆,不再起心、不再動念。他是偏,他不是真的不起心、不動念,他不受用;「沉空滯寂」的。為什麼?因為沒有破無明。無明要破了以後,有用。無明破了以後,是真智慧。 舉個例:就像念佛。我想在座每個人都聽過阿彌陀佛,也念過阿彌陀佛。但是怎麼念,能夠破「無明」?








如果十八個鐘頭不起一個妄念,人接近正常人,接近了。每一天看看外面生活境界,跟自己家裡的人,跟自己內心的世界越來越清楚; 好像油跟水分開,油自動消失了。

如果二十四小時沒有一個妄念,不是斷掉,是伏住 – 暫時壓制住,二十四小時沒有妄想、執著、分別,這個人就是幼稚園畢業。這個階段性來說,每一天走路也很輕鬆,不管你是環、肥、燕、瘦都沒有關係,是大胖子也沒有關係,是瘦的像竹竿一樣也沒關係。為什麼?跟身體沒有關連。身心清清楚楚,自己也曉得心裡面很光、很亮。睡,不太需要。吃,一天大概吃個一餐;一餐就是喝一點水,吃兩塊餅乾就可以了。


功德利益是什麼? 這重要,「妙哉青天成幻影」。你要真的認為虛空都是虛幻的,你念佛至少得二十四小時成片。「打成一片」這種清淨、平等、覺悟、慈悲,這是佛法。

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