MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 75
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 75

(Last week we ended with, “In addition to Shakyamuni Buddha, there are innumerable Transformation Bodies of Buddha on Earth, many more than our population of five billion.”)


All Transformation Bodies are helping all beings, only we do not know this. Our bodies and minds are too heavy, the secular way of thinking is too serious, and we have blocked ourselves like entire blood vessels clogged by cholesterol. Jin-Shan Living Buddha came to this world to contribute to the needs of the community but only lasted a few decades. Those beings who had predestined affinity with him all received his aid. He behaved this way:

When you have illness and appeal to him, it is possible he suddenly gives you a punch, and instantly your illness would be gone.

His most famous notorious acts are his bathing water and mixing his nasal mucus in rice. Regarding bathing water, he did not take any baths in his life because there was no need. Speaking about his nasal mucus, it was for curing illness. Somebody commented that the nasal mucus was so dirty, so he spat a sputum into a bowl. After one drinks it their illness would be gone and they would be well again.

This is precisely from all beings having severe attachments:

Nasal mucus: How can I eat it; sputum, it is horrible.

These have cured countless dubious or hard-to-treat cases. I just spoke about his bathing water which does not exist any bad smell, instead there is a sandalwood fragrance, to drink it and one’s illness is cured. How come? If all beings have sincerity, utmost sincerity is without any doubt. Even if you drink air, your illness would be cured.

Because, the utmost sincere mind of ours has vanished. A sincere mind is called “not a distracting thought arising in the mind”.

Zeng Guo-Fan (曾國藩) recorded in his Study Notebook: What is the utmost sincere mind?

Not a distracting thought arising in mind is called sincerity.

We speak about the way one treats people is also about sincerity, you need to reach “not a distracting thought arising”, then it becomes surpassing at once, regardless of doing what matter all will be unimpeded.

The only difference between the Jin-Shan Living Buddha and us are where? His mind is without attachments and erroneous thinking. Therefore, the secretion that comes out of his body cells is “purity, equality and enlightenment”. You are taking in his “purity, equality and enlightenment” to your body, so is not your illness well at once.

It is strong energy, this energy goes to your body to reassemble your cells, so you are not ill. The reason is as simple as that. Reading his biography has given us a lot of inspiration. Why can we not be like him? He lets go all so thoroughly and completely.

When he worshipped the Buddha at the top of the pagoda tower, he carelessly slipped from the top of the ancient Giant Wild Goose Pagoda of Xi -An from over ten floors high to the ground. He fell as if it was nothing at all. Normally people falling from such height would have broken bones; instead, nothing broke. He stood up and cleaned off the dirt on his clothes and then walked away. The average person thinks it is a miraculous act, but it is not; because their mind does not have this situation emerge; therefore whatever situation emerges, he does not have phenomenon, and is completely without phenomena of “birth, aging, sickness and death” and, also without the phenomena of “creation, duration, dissolution and state of being dissolved”.

Today, everyone is here to listen to the Sutra explanation, although each has one’s own needs; however, we all wish we can let go of “birth, aging, sickness and death” in order to live a better life. If you are unable to let go of it, even the best medication for you will not work. Rely on who to let go? You must rely on yourself.

Why do we want to explain the Sutra? It is very simple, it is to use the theory and methods of the Sutra, and learn from the ancient saints, former sages, and those Buddha and Bodhisattvas. They have set the principle examples to demonstrate the right path for you to follow. If you follow the method with full sincerity to implement, the effect is immediate.

I remembered before we barely learned the way of Buddha, seeing there are many non-Buddhist teachings, as so-called abandoning the pure mind in the search of the Buddha truth.  There are some religions that worship disembodied spirits and divinities, and they treat illness by using magic spells water, or incense ash. Why does it work sometimes?  It is not the work of the magic spell water or incense ash; it corresponds to the sincere mind of the follower.

Nowadays, people only listen to dishonest words instead of right encouragement words.  For example, to deceive one with such and such medicine that has effectiveness, then everyone purchases. After one brings the medicine and takes it, does it work? No, it is useless. You advise one: ” You are not sick; it is from your way of thinking.” Regardless of how one thinks of it, one is unable to understand.

Five Skandha – five compositional elements of our existence—the materialistic phenomena, feeling, thinking, mental formation and consciousness; all are the absence of inherent existence; where is the body?

Even the soul is all unreal; where is the spirit?

The body and soul both do not exist, where is “birth, aging, sickness and death”?

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(五 )     慧海圓融

(上星期講到: 除了釋迦牟尼佛是代表以外,無數的化身在我們地球,還有非常多,多過我們五十億人口。)












在佛塔上拜佛,從佛塔上掉下來,那幾丈高像古代大雁塔 – 寶塔十幾層樓高。他摔下來,一點事都沒有。人家摔下來粉身碎骨,他沒有,站起來拍拍灰,就走掉了。一般人以為很神,其實不是,因為他心裡面沒有這境界,所以再怎麼樣的境界,他都沒有現象,完全沒有「生老病死」的現象, 沒有「成住壞滅」的現象。



我記得我們以前剛學佛的時候,看到很多外道,所謂外道 – 心外求法,有一些鬼神教治病用咒水、用香灰。為什麼吃了有用?不是咒水、香灰有用,是信徒的誠心感應的。


「五蘊」 – 「色、受、想、行、識」,都是空的,那有身?



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