MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 77
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 77

(Last week we ended with, “The way of enlightenment leading to Nirvana” is “the way of enlightenment” is wisdom, “Nirvana” is the fundamental essence of the purified mind in its nature state. Using wisdom to develop the fundamental essence of the purified mind in its nature state.”)


If your mind is a little fixed and undisturbed today, you are more confident in the world and will have the taste of Buddha-truth even more. The places that other people do not wish to go; you will go there and have endless meaning. Just like Di-Zang Bodhisattva (Ksitigarbha) going to the hell world. The hell world I know you have not been, and also you are without opportunity to be there. Because why? Your karmic hindrance is not yet there, and is still not in that place.

There are only two kinds of people who go there:

The 1st one is your karma leads you there, living every day in serious defilement with afflictions, attachments and erroneous thinking.

The 2nd one, the Maha-Bodhisattva has eradicated the unenlightened condition, who can access the hell world at any time. To do what? To help the beings there. Just like Di-Zang Bodhisattva (Ksitigarbha) goes to hell world to help all beings.

Di-Zang Bodhisattva (Ksitigarbha) had eradicated all 41 grades unenlightened condition completely, becoming a Buddha long ago, but he retains one last grade of the unenlightened condition- the fundamental worry of his first thought activation of unenlightened and confusion.  Keeping this first confused thought, one can have the fertilization of the natural conditions which produces rebirth, he retains this last unenlightened condition. If he does not retain this last unenlightened condition, he no longer returns to this world and there is no more relationship with this world.

Many Buddha do not return to this world. Why? There is no circumstantial cause. One has completed the help of all beings that have predestined affinity with him across countless existence of world-periods; that is why they do not come any more. We do not have the circumstantial cause to meet with them; it is only after becoming Buddha then we all shall meet.

Di-Zang Bodhisattva (Ksitigarbha) is infinite merciful and infinite compassionate, because those who have the connection with him are many; particularly the hell world, especially our world here. Thus, he pledged the following vow,

If the hell world is not empty, I vow not to become Buddha.

It is his performance. With such infinite compassionate and infinite mercifulness to go to the place where no one wants to go. Especially going to the hell of Avici. Avici means “without intermission”, the suffering there is uninterrupted, precisely as we speak in general 18 layers of hell, certainly more levels of hell than that. He goes to help all beings there. It is incredible that while all other beings are being tormented for their retribution, however his body and mind are purified without defilements, has attained being the master of himself completely freedom at will. He treats all these beings that which are blameworthy and bring about bad karma, across-the-board from the king of the ghosts, subordinate servants, and these suffering individuals; to consider them to be Buddha or Bodhisattva, without exception and equal attitude towards all. Without a mind of equality, how can you go there. Regarding his equality can see from his pledged vow.

His students have already all become Buddha. When we explain the Sutra of the Universal Vows of Di-Zang Bodhisattva (Ksitigarbha), all the Buddha come; every time we mention the name of Di-Zang Bodhisattva (Ksitigarbha), all the Buddha arrive to pay homage to him. Why? Because all the Buddha are his students, the teacher still manifested himself as Bodhisattva body to help and enlighten the hell beings.

This kind of infinite mercy and infinite compassion is what we should learn. Do you know why he can be this way? Because he has already shattered the existence of open space (all doubt), has attained to the highest rank of shatteringthe existence of open space (all doubt) – the Buddha attainment of Eternal Peace and Tranquil Light Realm. This is the highest attainment of shattering the existence of open space (all doubt), by means of his infinite merits to salvation all the blameworthy and suffering beings of hell world.

These beings of hell are very interesting; for the countless existence of world-periods, Di-Zang Bodhisattva (Ksitigarbha) taught them to chant Amitabha to go and be born to the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land. Were there anyone able to go? Yes, very few.

Why? The hell beings are under tremendous unendurable pain that they have difficulty with retention. They are taught the name of Buddha and immediately forgot. Some individuals have gone through the difficult process of chanting Amitabha and exited the hell world; after entering a mother’s womb in preparation or rebirth into this world to be a human, for 3 days (very short time) one is back to the Three Wretched Realms, again back to the hell world.

Why? When they were in the human world, the karma that one has created leads them back down.

This kind of behavior repeats for how long? It can last innumerable to boundless existence of world-periods.

But the vow power of Di-Zang Bodhisattva (Ksitigarbha) which he says:

The number of all beings will be exhausted; however, my vow is infinite. I will wait until all beings become Buddha; I will manifest to become Buddha again.

If you can open your breadth of mind to develop as Di-Zang Bodhisattva (Ksitigarbha), you will certainly become a Buddha regardless. Becoming a Buddha considers a person’s breadth of mind as the primary premise. A person with a narrow mind cannot become a Buddha.  To have narrow breadth of mind who chants (mindfulness) Amitabha, only think about oneself, it is impossible to become Buddha.

All Buddha Bodhisattva of the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land have infinite mercy and infinite compassion. The additional word – “infinite” before mercy and compassion means boundlessness. People should not be mistaken about this so-called “infinite mercy and infinite compassion”, because all beings are Buddha in the mind of all Buddha and Bodhisattvas, who have not become Buddha yet are precisely equal to a Buddha.

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(五 )     慧海圓融

(上星期講到: 用道,「用」是智慧;「道」是法界本體。以智慧彰顯法界本體,以智慧開發法界本體。)


只有兩種人去:一個是你的業力叫你去的,每天活在煩惱、執著、妄想嚴重的汚染,到地獄去。第二, 破無明的大菩薩,可以隨時到地獄去。去做什麼?去渡眾生。就像地藏菩薩去渡眾生。





這種大慈大悲我們要學。你知道他為什麼能這樣?他因為「粉碎虛空」了,「粉碎虛空」到了最高的品位 – 佛的果地「常寂光土」。這是最高「粉碎虛空」的果位,以無量功德,攝受地獄罪苦眾生。








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