MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 79
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 79

(Last week we ended with, “The “genuine skill” is before the rising of greedy thoughts, the name of Amitabha has maintained uninterrupted, this is the importance!”)


You must not say, after a greedy thought arose, you then chant Amitabha; no such thing. Initially, of course, when a greedy thought starts you chant Amitabha; after one or two weeks later, chanting Amitabha must not cease and be continuous, to chant also in sleep which you chant automatically.  All of you there is no need to worry, I am going to sleep, unable to chant Amitabha what shall I do? No, one chants automatically, inside the subconscious mind there is Amitabha’s name.

Doing this way after a couple of weeks you will see the difference; after 3 weeks or 4 weeks to a month, your mind will be fixed. After your mind is fixed, your body then begins to transform, then it starts to take things less seriously. After being less serious to an extent, then this received for use will let you will strive to be more in motion. You should not care when you will eradicate the unenlightened condition or when to become Buddha; it is done by accumulation of the little details. There is a very important element you must pursue unremittingly, to pursue unremittingly is also the key.

What power lets you to pursue unremittingly? It is the blue sky turns out to be an illusory image. If you truly believe that the blue sky turns out to be an illusory image, then you can pursue unremittingly is possible.

Now we lack in effort and perseverance. Have the problem to increase perseverance because you are unable to be disillusioned with everything and letting go of all. If you have risen with perseverance, then I guarantee you chanting Amitabha surely has attainment. Therefore, the earliest key is so-called foundation; without a good foundation, you cannot be disillusioned with everything and let go of all, then all is empty talk.

After shattering the existence of open space (all doubt), you entered the sphere so-called “eradication of one grade of the unenlightened condition, to realize one grade of embodiment of the truth (Dharma Body)”.  Then it starts a phenomenon that is perfectly integrated in the ocean of wisdom.

The ocean of wisdom describes our wisdom like the ocean.  Our mentally and physically wisdom, the inherent Buddha-nature wisdom is the same as an ocean, which is inexhaustible in supply and always available for use. By then you attain the enjoyment of “One reality Dharma Realm -the inherent pure nature world of all beings”, to be called the state of being the master of yourself.

Currently, we are not being the master of ourselves, also are not pleased with one’s position. Speaking in general, finding amusement in one’s own way is very difficult. “Finding amusement” is getting from outside.  However, “being the master of one’s self” is not that way; it is the fundamental essence of our inherent Buddha-nature, we are inherently the master of one’s self. Inherently there exist the pleasing of tasting the teaching, originally there is non-rising and non-ceasing of all phenomena. We are developing the wisdom and being the master of ourselves in our body and mind.

You need to develop to what extent? Developing to be perfectly integrated.

Perfectly which is the complete eradication of 41 grades unenlightened condition to have Buddha attainment. Integrated refers you and all beings are without duality or distinction, manifold and without limit, being well versed in all universally, regarding all phenomena of mundane and trans mundane there is none unknown of. Why?  You have already eradicated all 41 grades unenlightened condition. In this cognitive sphere, you can receive and lead all beings, this is called Perfectly integrated in the ocean of wisdom.

Therefore, what is the result of perfectly integrated in the ocean of wisdom? Being the master of one’s self.  To add another word of “great” to it, which means truly being the master of one’s self completely freedom at will. There are many Bodhisattva who have not eradicated the unenlightened condition and still unable being the master of one’s self. Even one has eradicated one grade of the unenlightened condition, one is being the master of one’s self, but imperfectly.

Here it speaks about perfectly integrated in the ocean of wisdom is truly being the master of one’s self, which refers to true perfection, it is precisely the situation of becoming a Buddha. In this sphere, the splendid nature of being the resultant person and environment of the ten states of existence, the Hua-Yan (Avatamasaka) All Buddha Assembly, are all manifested.  Not only you can be “eight stage of the Buddha life – descent from Tusita Heaven, entry into womb, birth, leaving hom, subjection of Mara, attaining perfect wisdom, preaching, nirvana”, to have Buddha’s power to reproduce yourself at infinitum and anywhere in infinite worlds also. It completes simultaneously and dividing the body the same time.

Remember this, it does not mean you appear in one place first and then appear to the next location, no such thing. It is simultaneously; you sit here, in the same time your infinite dividing body transmits the teaching of Buddha at infinitely boundless sphere of all beings.

What is transmitting the teaching of the Buddha? It is to teach and to enlighten all beings back to the right path, by reproducing oneself infinitely and anywhere to make offerings to all Buddha and Bodhisattva and all beings.

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(五 )     慧海圓融

(上星期講到: 真正功夫是你起那個貪念以前,佛號保持不斷,這個重要。)

不要說貪念起了,我再念佛,沒有這種事的。初步當然了,貪念一起念佛,一兩個禮拜以後,佛號不要斷, 連續,睡覺也念,自動會念,自動的。各位不要去擔心,我要睡覺了,不念佛怎麼辦?沒有,自動它會念,潛意識裡面有佛號。












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