MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 83
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 83

We continue to talk about the title of the Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra. Last time we summarized Prajna and hope everyone has opportunity to still use it in your daily life. If you do not exercise this in your daily life routine and do not polish and forge it, then you only know the meaning of this Buddhism terminology which is of no use because it turns to Buddhism knowledge instead of learning the Buddha’s way. All of you think, the knowledge of Buddhism is precisely to delve into Buddhism terminology, one cannot receive this to use for a lifetime. We often listen to people state how useful Prajna is and how useful practice of giving is, but you have no feeling of it. Why? You have not used it in your daily life.

If you can repeatedly study the past five chapters we explained before, even just this word Prajna can be used for a lifetime. If you can recognize the artistry and the knack of it, it is precisely hearing a way and your whole life will change.

In my Sutra explaining, there is someone who takes notes. Regarding taking notes, it is very good for the beginner when one is afraid of forgetting. Furthermore, there is a practiced saying that doing it this way can concentrate the mind, this is right. After a long while, you must turn this phenomenon around, to become “hearing the Sutra explaining with mental focus to the state of selflessness”. To be selflessness is hearing without initiating discriminations and attachments.

Chinese is sharp at using words, where each word has deep implications rare in the literal expression of Western countries. Since it is the language of wisdom, then you shall use the wisdom way to hear. That is precisely to “hear with mental focus to the state of selflessness”; which is not using discrimination and attachment to hear the Sutra explanation. Not only hearing the Sutra explaining this way, but also apply hearing to ordinary communication language. Hearing the sound is also the same way without discrimination, without attachment; the mind has purified of defiling illusion, but one hears everything in full clarity. Exactly like chanting the name of Buddha – Amitabha, you hear it and chant clearly without a burden in the mind. Every word is focused, ears listen to the sound without attachment.Using this method to chant (mindfulness) Amitabha, one is surely able to receive for use and certainly can unfold your wisdom. To use this method in your daily life is also the same, it will surely turn on your wisdom.

For instance, we encounter many miscellaneous matters in our daily lives. Today’s society is not as simple as the ancient times, one can shut the door to be:

Minding only, one’s own business and not to meddle in other people’s affairs.

 Nowadays it is impossible. We are certainly related with the society, no matter what you must be connected even until your death. After you die, the law does not allow to keep the dead body at home.  The police and hospitals need to be informed, and the body also needs to be examined; moreover, someone handles your estate and there are more things to take care of.

How does one be without pressure when you live, if one is going to be happy, this is the basic requirement.

This basic requirement society cannot do it now. It is not easy to do.  Why? Because there are too many miscellaneous and distracting thoughts in the mind.

The most important purpose of today’s Sutra explaining is aimed at our society. Therefore, after you are capable of hearing with mental focus to the state of selflessness, then you produce a useful function of using without intention. No attachment to any methods and all can be used. After using, there are no after-effects, no pressure, no troubles, and no regrets. This is how it works.

Focus when using, all is perfect and successful, not only the self in perfection that others are also in perfection. This will be to everyone’s delight and satisfaction.

Therefore, when mentioning Prajna, we need to talk about the function of Prajna in our daily life. What is the function? It is Paramita.

Paramita is the Sutra title Prajnaparamita. Paramita is a Sanskrit word, when translated to Chinese means ascending to the other enlightenment shore. It is from this shore of suffering, afflictions, delusional thoughts, and attachments to ascend to the other shore of liberation, purity, equality and enlightenment.

In this case, by using what to ascending that enlightenment shore?  It is wisdom.

By using wisdom to ascend that enlightenment shore, then it generates a phenomenon which closely connects with our daily life; there are six categories:

  1. The perfection of Generosity (Dana-paramita)
  2. The perfection of Taking Moral Precepts (Sila-paramita)
  3. The perfection of Tolerance under Insult (Ksanti-paramita)
  4. The perfection of Unadulterated Progress (Virya-paramita)
  5. The perfection of Zen Meditation (Dhyana-paramita)
  6. The perfection of Wisdom (Prajna-paramita)

These are the Six Paramitas. Paramitas, refers to how can you cross over to the nirvana shore?

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(六)  布施波羅蜜

繼續講《般若波羅蜜多心經》的經題,上次「般若」已經做了一個總結,這個總結希望大家有機會還是要拿到日常生活來用。如果在日常生活沒有用它,如果不磨鍊它,只知道名相上的意思,沒有用; 變佛學, 不是學佛。各位想一想,佛學就在佛學的名詞當中鑽研,一輩子不得受用。好像我們常聽人家講,「般若」多麼有用,「布施」多麼有用,可是自己沒有感受。為什麼?沒有用在日常生活。






基本要求,現在社會都做不到,不容易做。為什麼?因為我們心裡 – 雜心、雜念太多了。

今天講經,最重要就針對我們社會。所以「無聽而聽」的時候,你就產生一個作用 – 「無用而用」。不執著任何方法,都可以用。用了以後,又沒有後遺症,沒有壓力,沒有煩惱,沒有後悔。這是「無用而用」。



「波羅蜜多」就是經題《般若波羅蜜多》。「波羅蜜多」是梵語,翻譯成中文是登渡彼岸。由苦海的、煩惱的、妄想的、執著的岸,登到另外一個彼岸,就是對面那個岸 – 解脫的、清淨的、平等的、覺悟的。那以什麼登渡彼岸?智慧。


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