MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 85
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 85

(Last week we ended with, “Closer to the election day, the more exposed the wounds are between each other. In today’s modern society this happens every day as reported in the daily news; this is a kind of phenomenon of the period of degenerating and extinction of Buddha teaching.”)


The true teaching of Buddha has gone. What is the “true teaching of Buddha”? The concept of just and honorable no longer exist.

The concept of now is wanting to defeat the strong with little effort, to put in a little to get a lot out. All people at all levels of society have this same idea. This kind of problem will get worse and worse, and eventually it will become the Calamity of War. Last time I talked about this before, the Calamity of War is extremely disastrous. It is not only just killing or famine, in addition fire will burn. After burning, then will come huge flooding. After flooding, the wind will blow again, blowing all the way to the 3rd Meditative Concentration Heaven in the Realm of Form. That is extremely disastrous, our Milky Way galaxy system will be ruined. The ruin of our Milky Way galaxy system is caused by the power of piled up karma of all beings.

We just talked about the practice of giving leading up to this, you need to think about this; originally it was good intention to practice giving to help all beings. Especially the practice of wealth giving, we see pitiful people and we need to solicit contributions and do charity work to help them.  It is very good on the surface. If you are greedy, your good intentions turn to future karmic retribution of hell.

Therefore, the most important of doing good deeds is that you must have a purified mind of defiling illusion and without any greedy thoughts. Without greedy thoughts to do good deeds is true goodness by means of pure thought to do good deeds. What is pure thought? It is the mind of tranquil and radiant and compassionate to do good deeds; this is very good.

How to do this then? To save both, to save their lives and their wisdom life.

Therefore, the Buddhist Monastery used to have two missions before: during times of famine, the Monastery ordinarily farmed and fed themselves, so they took their accumulated rice and vegetables to relieve disasters to save lives. Also, the Monastery saved people’s wisdom life by explaining Sutras and expounding teachings. This practice of giving brings in perfection the practice of giving in Wealth, Buddha teaching and Fearlessness.

What is called the practice of giving in Fearlessness? It is to let all beings to detach suffering and obtain happiness, to be far apart from cognitive distort and fantasizing, and to stay away from panic and horror.

Before, the Buddhist Monastery the practice of giving in Buddha teaching, practice of giving in wealth and practice of giving in fearlessness, were accomplished once in all. Now it is no longer this way; currently it has become a charity business. Is this goodness true goodness? No, of course not.

I need to speak the truth, of course it is not true goodness, it is half goodness which moves and appeals to the greedy mind of all beings. The money from the practice of giving, one wishes to have good compensation in the future. What kind of good compensation? They want to be rich and to have honor.

If you ask those people who practice giving, do they have this kind of thinking in their head? Yes, but they will not admit this superficially; however, subconsciously they are all this way. Otherwise, what have they come to the School of Buddhism to practice giving for?

Are there any true philanthropists that practice giving? Yes, but very, very few.

Especially I just mentioned those names engraved on the pillars of temples, it deceives people. This has not only deceived others and deceived yourself, it harms others without benefiting oneself. Why? Because others model after you and put their names on the pole. Since I am wealthier than him, I donate more money so that pole should be bigger, and my name needs to be bigger. This continues in future like rolling a snowball, getting bigger and bigger. At the end, the Buddha teaching becomes a field of power struggle. This is the reason why Buddha teaching today does not exist the genuine Buddha teaching any more, and one of the reasons of how it has sunk into ruin and been misrepresented up until now.

Using the greedy mind to practice giving, then future retribution will surely end in the Hell of Avici. Why? After you practiced giving, others will follow your behavior and the whole group will go down.

Therefore, to do kind deeds is our inherent natural capacity, where one shall have no expectation of any return. If you have this intention, use your chanting Amitabha mind to dedicate it to all living beings and use your practicing of giving in wealth to all beings entirely to be “pureness, equality and enlightenment”; this is called the practice of giving.

We are only speaking of wealth, the practice of giving in wealth needs to be:

The absence of inherent existence of the person,

The absence of inherent existence of all phenomena or all teachings,

Non-existence of the idea of the absence of inherent existence.

The person is the practice of giving object; you need not be attached. The phenomenon is precisely to have no attachment to money. The person and all phenomena, you cannot have attachment, then your mind will truly be purified of defiling illusion. This way is called the practice of giving in wealth.

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(六)  布施波羅蜜

(上星期講到: 越接近選舉的時候,越互揭瘡疤。在現代社會每天都有,新聞報導每天都有,這現象就是一種「末法時期」的現象。)



剛剛從布施講到這個,你要想想,本來是一片好意,布施幫助眾生。尤其「財布施」,我們看到這些人很可憐,我們要趕快募捐,做慈善事業幫助他。表面上都很好。如果一起貪念, 你的這一番好意,將來變成地獄果報。

所以做善事最重要,要心地清淨,沒有貪念。沒有貪念做善事,真的善,以淨念做善事。什麼叫「淨念」?     心地清淨、光明、慈悲,做善事,很好。







有沒有真正的善人「布施」? 有,少,少。




我們只講財,「財布施」還要「三輪體空」 – 「人空、法空、空空」。人,就是布施的對象,你要不執著。法,就是錢財不執著。人、法你都不能執著,真正心地清淨了,這叫「財布施」。

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