MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 91
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 91

(Last week we ended with, “In fact, the more one has this way of thinking, the less likely your close relatives and family members can help you cross over to nirvana. They are emitting the light right next to you, yet you have no feeling; this is where the problem is at.”)


Think about it, all beings reincarnate life and death for infinite existence of world-periods. They have already formed an energy field trusting the self only and have no faith in others. Teaching one to have faith in Amitabha is even harder than reaching the sky. Although we cultivate the practice of giving, trying to encourage others to chant Amitabha, others will have doubt. This is an old problem, but it needs to be resolved. If this problem does not get resolved, then one will always rotate within the Threefold Worlds (Triloka) and six realms.

Basically, our close relatives and family members who went to be born to the Amitabha Pure Land are around us 24 hours without even a thought away from us.

Think, people go to the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land have the divine sight – all things are open to it; the divine hearing – to hear everything with penetration, the awareness of the mind of others, and unimpeded bodily action; the Ubiquities of the Six Supernatural Powers are the same as Amitabha, how could they not know your thought arising in the mind?

Then why do they not present themselves? It is simple; you are not ready yet.

How come you are not ready yet? Your secular way of thinking is too serious.

Wait until the day you become enlightened, the feeling of staying in this world will be tedious and willingly to go and be born to Amitabha Pure Land to recover your pureness, equality and enlightenment, then their Transformation body will manifest before you.

All of you chant (mindfulness) Amitabha, and all have been chanting Amitabha for infinite existence world-periods. Many of your past close relatives and family members have already gone to Amitabha Pure Land, and they are also here to listen to my Sutra explaining today, but none of you see them. Why can you not see them? Your secular way of thinking is too heavy, you have not let go of this “self-I”.

Those who have already gone to Amitabha Pure Land constantly keep their family members of our Saha Land in mind, not merely just the Saha Land but also all the living beings with predestined affinity of the ten directions of the universe are always on one’s mind. While we are reincarnated over countless existence of world-periods; thinking about the period of our reincarnation how many practitioner fellows and relatives had already gone and born to Amitabha Pure Land, it was countless and only us remain to live aimlessly and be mixed up in this Saha Land. Many of our close relatives and family members after they gone and born to Amitabha Pure Land, it is not that they do not manifest, it is us who have hindrances. We are the ones who have hindrances and cannot communicate with them. This truly happens every day.

Amitabha has the power to reproduce infinite and boundless Transformation bodies.  Those past close relatives and family members have gone to Amitabha Pure Land, also become Amitabha. In the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land, all beings have the same appearance as Amitabha; furthermore, they were already Buddha ages ago and now they are coming back to help all beings. We cannot recognize them and are completely without any reaction. Why no reaction? All beings attach to phenomenal characteristic, attach to outward appearance, attach to the body image, attach to the mark of the objective world, attach to the condition of karmic action, and attach to all. Once one attaches to phenomenal characteristics then forgets, one does not remember.

Everyone needs to consider from the purified mind in its natural state, we need to talk about how does the purified mind in its natural state practice of giving in perfection?

This is very important. The only way is encouraging to chant Amitabha does the practice of giving in perfection, it is “the practice of giving in Buddha teaching, the practice of giving in wealth, the practice of fearlessness giving” are all completed. There is also one more very important aspect about the practice of giving: has everyone ever thought about practice of giving your own affliction away?

We all should discard our afflictions and throw it out, the practice of giving away.  Practice of giving to where? Practice of giving it to the air.

Has anyone thought of practice of giving your discrimination or practice of giving your attachments away?

This practice of giving is very important. “Wealth, Buddha teaching and Fearlessness”, are the three basics: but first, you need to resolve your afflictions within your mind. Only after the afflictions of your mind are resolved, physically and mentally has purified, then these three practices of giving in “Wealth, Buddha teaching and Fearlessness” are in perfection.

The ancient discourses of Buddha’s story talked about: The Story of Shakyamuni Buddha and how he sacrificed his own body to feed the tiger. This is the practice of giving. Some people read about this practice of giving were startled, and think whether they would feed my body to a tiger in future when they run into one?

The discourse of the Buddha mentioned many stories about the practice of giving, as it was difficult to achieve during tough situations, but they still did it; even though some conditions were hard to endure but they endured it.

If you truly let go, let go of this body is real and not simply a compound of the five skandhas (five composition elements of our existence), no longer have the attachment to this body, then it is fine; but it is very difficult.

You ask all beings to practice of giving in wealth, in small amounts is okay, but more, they get irritated. It feels like one is cutting off a piece of your flesh, how could this be possible?

In the ancient stories of the Twenty-Four Tales of Filial Piety (dutiful stories considering Chinese ancient tradition), one of the stories mention one filial piety guy who slashes his own flesh and offers it to cure his mother’s illness; this kind of behavior cannot be achieved by an average ordinary person. Why not? Because one has not become Buddha.

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(六)  布施波羅蜜

(上星期講到: 其實越是有這種想法的人,家親眷屬也渡不了你。他每一天放光在你旁邊,你都沒感覺,是個大問題。)

你想一想,一切眾生無量劫來輪迴生死,已經形成一個磁場 – 就是只信自己,不信別人的。教他去相信阿彌陀佛,比登天還難。就算我們修布施,勸他念一句佛號,他懷疑。老問題,不過這老問題一定要解決。不解決的話,常在三途六道輪轉。



為什麼沒準備好? 因為世俗想法太嚴重。






很重要。唯有勸念一句佛號是圓滿布施- 「法布施、財布施、無畏布施」全部圓滿。「布施」還有一層很重要,各位有沒有想到要把煩惱布施出去?










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