MASTER SHEN-LONG | Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 94
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Explanation of the Title: Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, Part 94

(Last week we ended with, “So, he performed the “Chanting Amitabha Ritual from Morning, Afternoon to Night, 24 hours” non-stop to help these souls find peace! This is also a form of interaction to respond to people’s need. If this monk did not have disciplined efficacy in accordance to the Buddha-truth, then the hungry-ghost world would not come to him for help. This is also a form of the practice of giving.”)


Regardless of what trade or profession you are in, if your mind truly starts to be fixed and undisturbed, then you can help all beings.

You do not need to find things yourself and there is no need to climb up the social ladder. Where people need to do good deeds, you will go; or be volunteers to help people, you will go. The spirits of the nether world will then come to you, and those in the human world with predestined affinity will also come for you; your practice of giving is endless.

If you do not have radiance physically and mentally, how will you help beings of the hungry ghost world?

If you still cannot let go of this world, how can you help all beings worldly?

Di-Zang Bodhisattva (Ksitigarbha) goes to the Hell world is the practice of his giving. He practices of giving his infinite radiance, infinite nirvana merits to all Hell world beings, his way of enlightening all beings in Hell are exactly his practice of giving.

Thus, the levels and scope in practice of giving is infinitely boundless. The practice of giving of Buddha or Bodhisattva is truly to the end of the existence of open space and all over the universe, it is all pervasive and everywhere. Especially Amitabha, who Shakyamuni Buddha praised him:

The light emission of the highest revered one, the king of all Buddha.

Just his illumination is exactly the practice of giving. So long as all beings move, that illumination responds and there is no need to do special light-emitting. All Buddha emit light the same way, reaching all over the existence of open spaces and everywhere in the universe. When they do not emit light, their ordinary halo can be big or small. The regular halo of Amitabha already has the effect of reaching all over the existence of open space and pervades everywhere in the universe, let alone when he radiates a light. When Amitabha radiates a light, all Buddha will be vibrated; it is very distinctive. He cultivates the practice of giving, establishing the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land is precisely his cultivation in practice of giving.

Therefore, when we truly cultivate the practice of giving and learn the practice of giving, whom should we model after? We should model after Amitabha.

Amitabha cultivates the practice of giving, from his “fundamental cause” as Dharmakara Bhiksu (one of the incarnations of Amitabha). The Infinite Life Sutra clearly states:

He had contemplated this across five existence world-periods, reference all other Buddha’s worlds, regarding their successes and failures, or the advantages and disadvantages of each one with mirror-like clarity in mind, then he creates the Bliss World of Pure Land.

The Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land is outstanding to meet and receive all beings. Receiving the blessed reward for use is outstanding. The meritorious power generated through the practice of enlightenment is also outstanding. This cultivates the practice of universal giving, which is praised by all Buddha.

Therefore, in the universe practicing cultivation genuinely or practice of giving truly is by means of Amitabha to be the representation and model. We need to learn from him:  you chant Amitabha all day long, then cultivate the practice of giving, is this not fulfillment of the whole?

In the past, infinite and boundless Buddha have all appeared to the world, and all came to proclaim the Twelve Divisions of the Buddhist Canon. The Sutra spoken voluntarily and not in reply to questions or appeals is titled theBuddha speaks of Amitabha Sutra. All Sutras start with the Buddha Speaks, and all are spoken by the Buddha voluntarily and are not in reply to questions or appeals, which means that nobody has initiated the request and the Buddha is explaining spontaneously. Why? It is under favorable circumstances for all beings, Amitabha speaks out and does not wait for sentient beings to initiate the request.

The Buddha speaks of Amitabha Sutra is spoken voluntarily by the Buddha and the Infinite Life Sutra is also spoken voluntarily by Buddha. Why? It is the right opportunity of all beings to become Buddha, so the Buddha and Bodhisattva send out an illuminating ray to explain the Buddha teaching, so it can be passed on.

Since we are the disciples of the Buddha, we have the obligation and responsibility to transmit the theory and method of the Sutra. Besides chanting (mindfulness) Amitabha on our own, we also need to pass on the method of Chanting Amitabha to others. This way of passing on the method of chanting Amitabha is cultivating the practice of universal giving.

You chant (mindfulness) Amitabha to obtain benefit, if you chant Amitabha to have Buddha attainment, on then “verify into the state of nirvana”, your practice of giving just begins. It is after you have Buddha attainment then you will start the practice of giving; this way is a perfect cultivation.

So, where to get Buddha attainment?  You go to the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land.

To have what kind of attainment?  To have Buddha attainment in perfection.

By then one cultivates genuinely the practice of giving, to lead and return to the splendid nature of being the resultant person and conditioned environment of Amitabha Pure Land, this cultivates the practice of giving.

In the future, you go to the world where you have affinity with the beings, you manifest to become Buddha. Also, you need to explain the Twelve Volumes of Buddhist Sutra, and need to proclaim the Bliss World of Amitabha Pure Land. This is called the practice of universal giving.

Therefore, the school of Buddhism is inseparable from the practice of giving, to perform and spread alms and there is no missing.

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(六)  布施波羅蜜

(上星期講到: 他就去《三時繫念》去超渡。這也是感應,如果他沒有道行,鬼界怎麼會來求他。這也是布施。)







尤其阿彌陀佛, 釋迦牟尼佛讚歎他,「光中極尊,佛中之王」。

光是他那個光,就是「布施」。一切眾生只要有感,那個光就有應,不需要放光。諸佛放光都一樣,遍虛空、遍法界。不放光的時候,「常光」 – 平常的光有大有小。阿彌陀佛,平常「常光」遍虛空、遍法界,那不要說放光。放光的時候,一切諸佛都震動了,不一樣!他修「布施」 – 造極樂世界就是在修「布施」。














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