MASTER SHEN-LONG | Grasping Flower with Subtle Smile (The Flower Sermon)
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Grasping Flower with Subtle Smile (The Flower Sermon)

Explanation of Master Shen-Long: 

Master Shen-Long, Grasping Flower with Subtle Smile (The Flower Sermon) 拈花微笑 , Canvas 6’ x 9’ (Set of 3).

This is a well-known Zen historical story.  At the time, Shakyamuni Buddha was lecturing with thousands of people gathered, he did not say a word; instead, he picked up a fresh flower from the display.  Everyone stared at his action and no one could comprehend his behavior.  Only his disciple, Mahakasyapa, with a smile on his face, showed his full understanding of Shakyamuni’s teaching.   

This painting contains two meanings:  

Firstly, I pay tribute to Jesus Christ’s “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci.  

Secondly, Buddhism removes the last phenomenon of interference and allows you to see your true self as the Buddha-nature within, also known as enlightenment power (ability).  

One is the story about Christ and the other is a story about Buddhism philosophy. These two stories with two different forms of representation both share the same truth.

In Christ’s last supper, Christ knew he had finished his last teaching in the human world. Carrying the cross, walking on the long pathway before the crucifixion is representative of his message “I am the life. I am the way (truth).” He is passing on this important message to mankind. 

Shakyamuni Buddha sat under the tree one night. Looking up at the bright stars in the sky and became enlightened. His enlightenment is that all beings have Buddha quality, and everyone can become Buddha. Everyone has the way, and everyone has the life. 

The mask with the smile on the face, if you utterly understand this painting then you will smile like the golden mask. It reflects yourself and reflection of the painting. If human beings recover their enlightenment power, they will smile upon all their surroundings with a genuine smile. He would know that all beings are from enlightenment. If people ask him, “what is eternal life?” He will pick a flower and show you.  If you can comprehend his action, then you will smile as he does. It means you know, I know, and everyone knows. 

Inscription (shapes as a Cross):













Grasping Flower with Subtle Smile, Ultimate Last Latecomer in Comprehension.

Grasping with the fingers is not the purpose of his coming from the West,

Flower and the smile also were not what Shakyamuni transmit.

Subtle and deep meaning that everyone has, 

Smile to watch passively on actors playing a walk-on part at the stage. 

Ultimate extremely was non-religious originally, 

Last to start many expedient means to enlightenment. 

Latecomer each one with great talent, 

Comprehension and achieve enlightenment to return to one’s origin pure nature in perfection. 

                                 Shen-Long writes within the Infinite Light

Year of Infinity